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How to Create a Free Email Account 2022

Let's learn together about how to create free email 2022 on each service.

How to Create a Free Email Account 2022

Here's how to create a free email account

1. How to create a free Gmail email on Google.

  • Visit google email creation page
  • Enter your name
  • Next, enter the username you want.
  • For security, you can enable custom authentication for your Gmail account.
  • Next, select Next.
  • Optionally, you can enter an alternative mobile number or email address for account verification and authorization. Google uses this information to enable you to recover a lost password.
  • Enter your date of birth and gender
  • All fields are required.
  • Read the terms of service and click agree. Your email is done!

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2. How to create a free email in Outlook.

  • Open a web browser, go to the registration screen, and select Create a free account.
  • Select the drop-down arrow at the far right of the username field to change the domain from the default to Do this if you prefer a Hotmail address. Then select Next.
  • Enter the password, then select Next.
  • Select your country and region, enter your date of birth, then select Next. Outlook will set up the account and display a welcome screen.

3. How to create a free email on Protonmail.

  • Open a web browser and go to the ProtonMail registration page.
  • Select Register > Free > Select Free Plan. 
  • On the Create Account screen, go to the Username and domain section and enter the username you want to use for your ProtonMail email address.
  • This is the password you will use to log into your ProtonMail account.
  • Optionally, in the Recovery email (optional) section, enter an alternate email address. If you need help remembering your account name or password, this is the address where ProtonMail will contact you. Select Create Account.

4. How to create a free email on

  • Click the Free Register Button
  • Enter all required fields (First Name, Last Name, Gender
  • Type in the Email Address you want from the 200 available domains.
  • Choose a secure password (minimum 8 characters, mix letters, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, and use special characters)
  • Select Security Question and type your Answer
  • Verify registration by typing the number in the captcha image
  • Click Accept – Button below it

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5. How to create a free email in Yahoo Mail.

  • Visit the Yahoo Signup page.
  • Fill out the form with your first and last name, the username you want to use for your new Yahoo email address, password, phone number, date of birth, and gender.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select Send me Account Key or Phone me with verification code to confirm that you own the phone associated with that phone number.
  • Enter the key to verify that you have access to the phone, then select Verify.
  • Select continue
  • You will be redirected to the main Yahoo page. To access Yahoo Mail, select Mail located in the upper right corner of the page, or go to

6. How to create a free email on Yandex.

  • Go to the registration page.
  • Enter first name and last name.
  • Create or select a unique username, which you will use to log in to Mail and other Yandex services.
  • Create and remember a password to access your account. Passwords must be secure to prevent malicious users from accessing personal data.
  • Provide a cell phone number. You can use this number to recover your password and get notifications, as well as an alternative username. This can be done through the Mobile number page. If you don't want to enter a phone number, click I don't have a phone, select a security question and enter your answer. 
  • Enter the characters you see in the image (this is to protect against auto-registration.
  • Make sure you select the checkbox to confirm that you accept the terms of the User Agreement and allow personal data to be processed. Click Register.

That's the discussion about how to create a free email, hopefully it can help