Thursday, 9 December 2021

Free Account For Netflix 2022

Free account for netflix - This time we will summarize for you a collection of free premium Netflix accounts 2022.


Free Account For Netflix 2022

Netflix is ​​a platform that provides movie viewing, various genres from domestic to foreign, the series also varies, for example.


Drama, animation, and various kinds of Netflix entertainment shows in it. However, to enjoy all the features and services of Netflix with a variety of movies on it, you need a subscription.


How to Use a free account for netflix

Before we log into a free Netflix Premium account, first take a look at the steps to use a free Netflix account below.


Steps to use a Free Netflix Premium account:


  1. Open the Netflix app or visit the website:
  2.  Enter the 'email' or 'username' that we will share
  3.  Enter password
  4.  Press the Enter button
  5.  Done


If the login steps are successful, please check the Netflix subscription status on the account tab.


There you can see the current status of your Netflix subscription.


If the subscription status is active, you can watch all the shows according to the subscription package listed as much as you like.


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So, if you understand, please enter your username or email and password from the Netflix Premium account list which we will share below.


Here is a list of free accounts for netflix 2022


1. Username:

Password: 7790


2. Username:

Password: 5578


3. Username:

Password: rahulflix9876


4. Username:

Password: 54% reward


5. Username: cedric77510@hotmail

Password: 010190


6. Username:

Password: declaration


7. Username:

Password: dancertn34


8. Username:

Password: Marianna


9. Username:

Password: rubicon2018


10. Username:

Password: 008249


11. Username:

Password: benyamin03


12. Username:

Password: netflixpass


13. Username:

Password: gatewaysTc


14. Username:

Password: substation232


From the list of accounts above, there is a premium netflix account that is still active, just try it if you are interested, hopefully it will be useful.