How to prepare soil for planting flowers

Before planting flowers, the soil must be prepared in advance for the medium.

How to prepare soil for planting flowers

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One of the supporting factors for farming activities is the planting medium itself. The planting medium will determine the good or bad of flower growth which in turn affects production yields.

To make a good planting medium for flowers, soil elements, binders or water storage are needed, as well as nutrient providers. The raw materials used are top soil, compost, and husk charcoal.

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Here is a of how to prepare soil for planting flowers

  1. Prepare soil that looks loose and fertile, preferably taken from the very top.
  2. Next, sift the soil until it becomes fine grains. Make sure the soil is dry so it doesn't clump.
  3. Clumping soil will cause the ingredients to be mixed evenly.
  4. Prepare compost that is ripe, it can be of the usual type of compost, bokashi, or takakura compost.
  5. Sift compost or humus into a fine powder.
  6. Mix soil, compost, and husk charcoal in one container. The composition of the mixture is 2 parts soil, 1 part compost and 1 part husk charcoal (2:1:1).
  7. Mix well. Prepare a pot or polybag, put the dough into it. Flower planting media is ready to use.


The three raw materials can also be mixed with a composition ratio of 1:1:1 or 2:1:1. Which one is best for you, of course, depends on the type of plant and the availability of resources.

Planting media is very useful if we want to plant flowers in polybags or pots. This method is suitable to be applied in limited land or narrow land.