Easy way to create multiple ad accounts on Facebook

How to create accounts on Facebook there are several requirements that must be met.

Easy way to create multiple ad accounts on Facebook

  1. Have a Fanspage
  2. Have an advertising account (personal or business manager account)
  3. Have advertising payment sources (CC, debit card, paypal, bank transfer, coupon)

What is the difference between a personal type ad account and a business manager account?

Personal ad account

– only consists of 1 ad account ID

– cannot share audience data to other ad accounts

Business manager account

– can manage multiple ad accounts

– can share audience data to other accounts

These 2 points are the most important apart from that almost all of the features are the same

The question is, which one is better? I'm still using these 2 types of ad accounts

But I suggest using a business manager account, so for those who don't have a BM account, I suggest creating one before the workshop

The first way is to login to https://business.facebook.com/

Easy way to create multiple ad accounts on Facebook

  1. Click create account
  2. Fill in your Name and Email
  3. Then login to https://business.facebook.com/ using your main FB account

If the fb account used to create the BM account has already created an FP and there is an ad account, later in the dashboard you will see the same ad account as the FP that has been created.

The current example is an account that has never advertised and has never created an FP.

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I give an example of how to add a Facebook ad account

  • Click "add ad account"
  • Later there will be 3 choices like this

  1. Choose number 1 if you already have your OWN ad account but not on this personal FB account
  2. Choose number 2 if you want to request OTHER PEOPLE's ad account access that we want to manage
  3. Choose number 3 if you want to create a NEW ad account

If you already have your OWN advertising account on this personal fb account, you don't need to add an account

Because my cloned account doesn't have an ad account yet, I choose number 3

  • Ad account name = fill as desired
  • Click create ad account again
  • Just skip it
  • Click "close"
  • Click the 3 lines at the top left, then select Ads Manager
  • Click next
  • Payment settings view
  • Click Add payment method

 If you want to use paypal, the currency setting is USD.

That's the discussion about How to Create a Multi Ads Account on Facebook, I hope it helps.