7 Flower garden layout ideas

How to arrange flowers in front of the house can be said to be difficult, therefore a flower garden layout idea is needed.

Not all types of flowers can last long and are suitable to be combined with other types of flowers.

Before starting to plant various types of flowers in the garden, you should first create a beautiful flower garden design concept.

After creating a flower garden design concept, then you just have to apply the concept to your home garden.

Here are flower garden layout ideas that you can follow :

1. Long-lived Flower Combination

source: ctbetterhs.com

You can create a minimalist flower garden in front of your house by planting a number of perennial flowers or long-lived flowers.

Flowers of this type are usually more than two years old.

Some examples of these long-lived flowers include roses, gazanias, lilies, dahlias, and others.

To beautify the garden, make a plot with slightly curved sides.

You can plant grass in the part of the soil that is not flowering.

2. Minimalist Flower Garden in Front of the House in Narrow Land

source: hometalk.com

How to make a beautiful minimalist flower garden in a narrow area is actually quite easy.

Make a small plot in front of the facade of the house.

Then, plant the plot with colorful lilies.

Then you can also combine these flowers with other plants, such as betel ivory or waves of love.

3. A Flower Garden in a Flower-Shaped House

source: alternative.net.br

This flower garden design is suitable if you have a large enough land in your yard.

To make the garden look more attractive, arrange a collection of flowers into a flower shape.

How to make a flower garden like this, first you have to make a plot that will be planted with flowers.

Make a flower-shaped square.

You can plant a garden with begonias and combine it with greenery in the center.

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4. Green House Front Garden

source: homebnc.com

Prepare an elongated land in front of the house that will be overgrown with various plants.

On the land, you can grow various plants such as host or heuchera.

Then, mix it with some colorful flowers to make the garden look more beautiful.

5. Making Blocks from Stone 

source: ideas.wursttex.com

Stone blocks serve as a barrier to the area to be planted with flowers.

In the area that has been fenced with blocks, various kinds of colorful flowers have been planted.

You can also plant grass around the barrier so that the home garden looks beautiful.

6. Minimalist Flower Garden Design with Gravel Variations

source: gardendesign.com

The first step, make a square with a slightly curved shape on the sides.

Then plant some flowers in the prepared plot. Finally, place the gravel on the plot that is not planted with flowers.

7. Vintage Flower Garden at Home

source: homebnc.com

If you like classic designs, you can imitate this flower garden design. The vintage feel can be seen from the ancient wooden decorations.

Wooden elements can be used as pots or shelves for flower pots. Combine colorful flowers to add to the beauty of the garden.