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How to change ad account on Facebook

It's easy to change your ad account on Facebook by using the account options menu in Ads Manager.

How to change ad account on Facebook

If you select a different ad account, the campaigns, ad sets and ads associated with the selected account will be shown in the reporting table.

Here's how to change ad accounts on Facebook

  1. Open Ads Manager.
  2. Select the account selection menu at the top left. You will see your account name, followed by the account id number in brackets.
  3. Select another ad account from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then click view More Ad Accounts from the drop-down menu.

You can view all the ad accounts and Pages you manage in Business Manager.

If you don't see an ad account, make sure you've selected the correct Business Manager account from the business account drop-down menu in the upper-left corner. 

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How to create a Facebook ad account

Before you can launch your first Facebook campaign, you'll need to set up your advertising account, including adding a payment method.

Here's how to add a new payment method to your Facebook ad account

  • Go to Facebook Ad Account Settings
  • Select Payment Settings
  • Next you can add a new payment method, By editing an existing method and see the next charge.
  • Then click Add Payment Method. Finished

That's a discussion about how to change an ad account on Facebook, hopefully it can help.

How to remove accounts from Facebook Business Manager

How to delete an account from Facebook Business Manager is very easy, namely by going to business settings then click accounts, then click pages and delete.

How to remove accounts from Facebook Business Manager

Only admins can delete Pages in Business Manager, for that the page must not link to other assets that are still in Business Manager.

Here's how to delete an account from Facebook Business Manager

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Click Accounts, then click Pages.
  3. Next you select the page you want to delete, then click Delete. Finished.

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If you choose the main page then the thing to note is that you can no longer manage it.

Once you delete a Business Manager page, you will no longer be able to access it from the main Facebook mobile app. To access it is to open the dedicated Pages Manager App.

If you go directly to the page by typing the URL, you will not see the administrator panel.

Thus the discussion on how to delete an account from Facebook Business Manager, may be useful.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

How to delete ad account on Facebook

Before you start deleting your Facebook Ads account, you have to take some preparatory steps.

How to delete ad account on Facebook

This will make it possible to recover your account at any time in the future.

Here's how to delete an ad account on Facebook

Step 1: pay off debt

First, pay off all debts per business. To do this, go to Ads Manager. If there is an outstanding balance in your account, you will see a warning as below.


Please note that in some cases, even if the debt is small, the deactivation may be successful, but the funds will be loaded onto the attached card within two working days.

Step 2: Complete the promotion

Once the promotional account is deleted, all active campaigns will be automatically canceled. This will mean a waste of money spent due to the wrong budget allocation.

There are two possible solutions in this situation: turn off the display yourself in Ads Manager, or wait for all campaigns to finish before proceeding with the removal.

Deactivating an ad account on Facebook can only be done through the official website, this option is not available in the mobile app.

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Here's how to deactivate an ad account on Facebook

  1. Go to the home page and click the inverted triangle in the top right corner.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click Manage Ads
  3. A new Ad Manager tab will open. Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner to navigate to the section you are interested in.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Scroll to the item select Disable ad account. Click this button.
  6. Then select one of the proposed reasons or set your own in More and then click Disable ad account

Thus the discussion about how to delete an ad account on Facebook, hopefully it can help.

Easy way to create multiple ad accounts on Facebook

How to create accounts on Facebook there are several requirements that must be met.

Easy way to create multiple ad accounts on Facebook

  1. Have a Fanspage
  2. Have an advertising account (personal or business manager account)
  3. Have advertising payment sources (CC, debit card, paypal, bank transfer, coupon)

What is the difference between a personal type ad account and a business manager account?

Personal ad account

– only consists of 1 ad account ID

– cannot share audience data to other ad accounts

Business manager account

– can manage multiple ad accounts

– can share audience data to other accounts

These 2 points are the most important apart from that almost all of the features are the same

The question is, which one is better? I'm still using these 2 types of ad accounts

But I suggest using a business manager account, so for those who don't have a BM account, I suggest creating one before the workshop

The first way is to login to

Easy way to create multiple ad accounts on Facebook

  1. Click create account
  2. Fill in your Name and Email
  3. Then login to using your main FB account

If the fb account used to create the BM account has already created an FP and there is an ad account, later in the dashboard you will see the same ad account as the FP that has been created.

The current example is an account that has never advertised and has never created an FP.

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I give an example of how to add a Facebook ad account

  • Click "add ad account"
  • Later there will be 3 choices like this

  1. Choose number 1 if you already have your OWN ad account but not on this personal FB account
  2. Choose number 2 if you want to request OTHER PEOPLE's ad account access that we want to manage
  3. Choose number 3 if you want to create a NEW ad account

If you already have your OWN advertising account on this personal fb account, you don't need to add an account

Because my cloned account doesn't have an ad account yet, I choose number 3

  • Ad account name = fill as desired
  • Click create ad account again
  • Just skip it
  • Click "close"
  • Click the 3 lines at the top left, then select Ads Manager
  • Click next
  • Payment settings view
  • Click Add payment method

 If you want to use paypal, the currency setting is USD.

That's the discussion about How to Create a Multi Ads Account on Facebook, I hope it helps.

Monday, 22 November 2021

10 How to Get Followers On Tiktok Without Downloading Apps

How to get followers on tiktok without downloading the application is actually not much different from other social media.

10 How to Get Followers On Tiktok Without Downloading Apps

In addition to requiring good content, it also requires the uniqueness of the uploaded content.

Of the many application platforms for creating and editing videos, TikTok is the most trending right now.

This app combines video editing and social media. So that it is not only video editing tips that many people are looking for, but also how to increase TikTok followers.

It is undeniable that the popularity of TikTok is currently on the rise. In fact, it almost rivals Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The funny, short and creative videos in it are indeed very entertaining.

Here are 10 ways to get followers on tiktok without downloading the app

1. By Following the Trend

TikTok is also now reaching a wider audience. Not only entertainment videos, but also useful videos, promotions and support. No wonder users are now also eyeing a large number of followers.


For those of you who are trying to increase the number of followers on TikTok, the tips below will be very useful. There are quite a number of tips that you can practice so that your followers quickly grow.

2. Full Account Profile

The most important thing you should do after creating a TikTok account is complete a profile. Of course you have to fill out a full profile. The reason is, the profile is a description of the user's character itself. Most likely, some people will be attracted to your followers because of their attractive and anti-mainstream profiles.

3. Take advantage of Hashtags

On any social media platform, hashtags are very important. Hashtags themselves function as a tool to facilitate the search for a topic, trending or profile.

Take advantage of hashtags that are popular on TikTok and are sought after by people. Videos with hashtags that are going viral are usually easier for people to reach and find. If they like your videos, they are more likely to follow you too.

4. Interact With Other Users

Because of the combination of video editing applications and social media, on TikTok we can also interact with other users. always try to reply to your followers comments. Everyone will feel happy when their comments are responded to and replied to.

Surely your followers will love positive interactions with you. That way they will become loyal followers and possibly attract other users to become your followers.

5. The Content Is Not Similar To Other Users

Apart from hashtags and positive interactions, the quality of video content is also very important. Create videos with unique, good content and cool packaging. Don't just make videos that people post.

A format that is too general and widely posted will not be unique. Boring and monotonous for most users.

But actually you don't need to think about content that is completely unique and new. You can create content that was previously ATM content. Yes, observe, imitate and modify by giving a differentiator, i.e. something unique from your own style to make your video look more attractive.

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6. Become a Follower of Other Users

Not only you, but all TikTok users want lots of followers. So feel free to follow other users and interact. Through mutual commenting and liking posts, for example. This will increase your engagement and engagement with other users.

In TikTok there is a give and take system, where if you follow someone's account he will follow you too. But if after some time the account doesn't follow you back, please just unfollow. This method of increasing TikTok followers is usually quite effective.

7. Collaboration with Other Users

Trying to collaborate with other TikTok users is also effective for increasing followers. Try friends who collaborate have quite a lot of followers or are loyal too.

If you collaborate with users who don't have a lot of followers, it won't be very effective in increasing your follower count.

8. Take advantage of other social media accounts

One of the conveniences of using TikTok is that videos are easy to share on various other social media platforms. If you also have accounts on other social media, try using those accounts.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are easy and effective social media for sharing TikTok videos. Especially if you have a lot of followers on social media. This will go a long way in increasing your TikTok follower count.

Because often your followers on other social media and also have TikTok will decide to be your follower too on the video application.

9. Define Your Target Audience

Determining the target audience is very important to determine what content you will create. Because videos that don't match the target audience will end up in vain. You have to know the demographics of your audience. Their age, place, education and occupation. Then create a video according to your target audience.

For example, if you use TikTok to promote, then your audience roughly matches the product you offer. And vice versa if you create fun content, like dancing videos. Make sure it also fits your target audience. That your audience on TikT should be the same as your audience on other social media.

10. Use the Web or Other Apps

This method should not be recommended but you can do it to increase followers. This method uses several applications such as Social Buddy, TokUpgrade, SocialViral, Media Mister, Pixel Feed, and others. This method will increase your followers in no time.

That's the discussion about how to get followers on tiktok without downloading the application, hopefully it helps you all.

6 How to get followers on TikTok fast

A quick way to get followers on TikTok is to have interesting content that other TikTok users follow.

6 How to get followers on TikTok fast

Here are 6 quick ways to get followers on TikTok

1. Interesting Content

Interesting content is very important to attract the attention of TikTok users. Avoid copying other people's content, try to share your creative ideas.

This can be done by always being up to date with the latest viral issues. That way, our TikTok videos can have the opportunity to enter the For Your Page or FYP page.

FYP is the start page on TikTok which contains various TikTok video content. The videos that appear on FYP are not from the TikTok accounts we follow. For that, if our videos enter the FYP page, the opportunity to add followers is even greater.

2. TikTok Challenge

Taking on the TikTok challenge can attract many people to watch our videos. The reason is, the TikTok challenge video that we do has the opportunity to enter the FYP page and open up opportunities for more people to watch TikTok videos.

Look for the latest and exciting challenges, then create creative video content.

Do something different from other people so it's not boring. Ultimately, people can be interested in following our TikTok account.

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3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags or hashtags are an important element in TikTok content. With hashtags, content can connect with TikTok users who are looking for content on a specific topic.

Of course this point allows us to reach potential followers. So, provide hashtags that match your video content. TikTok users also often pin #FYP, because people often search for videos using that hashtag.

4. Understand the TikTok Algorithm

The algorithm aims to record user tracks in using social media, in this case TikTok. For example if a user searches for the keyword "painting" then the content that appears will be related to "painting".

Factors that influence the TikTok algorithm include the initial image or thumbnail, the duration of watching the video, and the number of likes. By understanding the TikTok algorithm, a content will be distributed automatically by the TikTok system.

5. Find Pattern

Finding patterns in creating content is highly recommended if you want to gain a large following. With patterns, content can have a distinctive character.

What is meant by pattern here is how the content is created, what theme is chosen, the effects used, the music used, or even the tone of speech used. An example of a pattern that even went viral was the video pattern of a TikTok celebrity named Sisca Kohl.

6. Promote

If you want to increase TikTok followers, be diligent in promoting TikTok video content. Share videos across your social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.

That's the discussion about How to get followers on TikTok quickly, hopefully it helps

Sunday, 21 November 2021

How to Get 100 Followers On TikTok

You can get 100 followers on TikTok by downloading the list of applications that the admin will share.

How to Get 100 Followers On TikTok

The phenomenon of tiktok as a video-based social media network cannot be denied its popularity.

Tiktok has become a trending topic several times and is also widely used by the younger generation for fun

There are some users who drop out of Tiktok who become impromptu artists, indeed this is an application that is quite absurd but is in great demand, so don't be surprised if the number of followers or followers shows a lot of our popularity there and maybe also get an endorsement opportunity

Tiktok followers can generally be searched by utilizing creativity and uploading interesting video content, but not a few are looking for shortcuts using applications to add instant tiktok followers.

Here's how to get 100 followers on TikTok

1. Using Likes & Followers app for tiktok

This app helps you to get 100 tiktok followers, this app is 100% safe and you don't need to login to your tiktok account first.

Reach thousands of followers in no time, make your videos easy to find, auto like and comment every time you upload a new video


2. Using the TikBooster app - Fans & Followers & Likes & Hearts

Hit the TikBooster app and start getting likes and 100 followers easily. No need to pay and no points to collect

You just need to play games and watch ads, then the number of likes, followers and comments will increase automatically

You don't need to log in to your tiktok account, this app doesn't ask for a password and only uses the account username

Download TikBooster

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3. Using TikFans app - Get tiktok followers & tiktok likes

You can get 100 to thousands of profile followers for free without limit. You simply follow other users and automatically other users will follow your profile account. This is a mutually beneficial symbiosis

All accounts are 100% real, you can get lots of tiktok followers for free by exchanging star points from following other users. You can also pay to have your account promoted to the TikFans community

Download TikFans

4. Using Tikio app - Free Fans & Hashtag Followers

Tikio will give you thousands of followers and likes for free. You have to collect coins by following +2 other people's accounts or watching +8 videos

You can exchange 30 points for 100 followers, 150 points for 50 followers and so on.

Download Tikio

5. Using Followers and Likes For tiktok Free 2020

Do you want to get more likes and followers on tiktok for free? this app will help you get likes and 100 followers automatically

Followers and Likes For tiktok Free 2020 app has a user-friendly and comfortable interface design. They provide a unique way to get more followers. You don't need to login to your tiktok account before using this app and just need a username

If you are not satisfied, you can buy lots of active followers and likes to quickly get popular among other tiktok users


That's the discussion about How to Get 100 Followers on TikTok, hopefully it can help.

How to Get 200 Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes

 How to get 200 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes is very easy with just the help of an app.

How to Get 200 Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes

Here's how to get 200 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

Using the GetInsita app

GetInsita is 100% safe and clean. In its most secure system, your personal information will not be leaked and you can get IG followers without verification, survey or password.

All users on this app are active and posted within a reasonable period of time, so there is no risk your IG account will be blocked.

User can get 200 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes without limit in this app. All you have to do is like other people's posts or follow others to get free coins.

With this app you will get 200 Instagram auto followers for free, After you place order, followers will be sent automatically.

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Steps to get 200 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

Step 1. Free download and install GetInsita on your Android device. Then sign up for a free account with your email address and login.

Step 2. Inside the app, add the Instagram account you want to add followers to. If you have multiple IG accounts, you can also add them all as you can switch accounts to earn coins by doing tasks.

Step 3. You have to like 10 others posts then the coins will be sent to your account. Once you have enough coins, place an order by tapping the Buy button at the bottom, then you will get 200 to 1000 Instagram followers fast and free.

Thus the discussion on how to get 200 Instagram followers in 5 minutes, hopefully it can help you all.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Free Netflix Account And Password 2021 Today

Free Netflix account and password 2021 today,  the admin will share it with all of you.

Free Netflix Account And Password 2021 Today

Netflix is ​​an industry of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood and premium shows that you can access after subscribing to Netflix.

There are many providers available in the world, and one of them is Prime Video, which is authorized by amazon.

But Netflix has gained a lot of traction in recent years, due to its high-quality service and official shows.

Netflix provides subscription plans where you can subscribe monthly or annually.

In the basic Netflix premium plan, you will access movies and shows in SD quality and for 1 Screen only. This will charge you $9/month.

This plan is recommended if you want to purchase a premium Netflix account subscription. Here you get dual screen access with High Definition video quality, and it costs $13/month.

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If you want to subscribe to your family or friends group then this is the best plan for you.

In this package, you are allowed to access logins from 4 different devices, and the video quality will be Ultra HD, Superfine. The price for this Netflix premium account is $16/month. But don't worry, the admin will share it for free for all of you.

Here are free Netflix Accounts and passwords for today 2021

Free Netflix Account :

Password : kashyapboy87988

Account type: 4 Ultra HD Screen

Free Netflix Account :

Password : gulatichacha777

Account type: 4 Ultra HD Screen

That's the netflix account and free password 2021 today that admin can share, hopefully it can help you all, thank you.

grammarly premium free account username and password

Premium grammar free account username and password has taken control as the top professional solution for grammar and error checking.

grammarly premium free account username and password

Grammar Premium is a writing tool developed to correct all punctuation errors, provide correct sentence structure, offer word suggestions, check for plagiarism and many other fantastic features.

Grammarly has both free and premium versions available to users. And apart from the official Grammarly website, there's also a desktop version and a mobile app of Grammarly for users who want to easily edit documents while at home or on the go.

The Grammarly Premium service has helped more than 20 million freelance writers, bloggers, business owners, teachers and students around the world improve their writing and produce plagiarism-free content.

The Grammarly Premium package can fix more than four hundred different types of writing errors.

To enjoy full access to Grammarly Premium, users have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 29.95 USD but admin will share for free with username and password.

So, how is a Grammarly Premium account different from a regular free account?

Apart from being an efficient spelling and grammar checking tool, here are some other important features of a Grammarly Premium account:

  1. Give suggestions for vocabulary improvement
  2. Check out the genre-specific writing style
  3. Plagiarism Detector
  4. Readability analysis
  5. Run grammar & spelling checks in different contexts
  6. Give a detailed explanation of the grammar rules
  7. Can access documents remotely on various sharing platforms

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As previously mentioned, you can use this stationery for free but with certain limitations.

But don't worry, there is a way to use Grammarly Premium features for free without spending a dime.

Here is the grammarly premium free account username and password


password: techweb

Username :

Password: 20132013


Password: 20132013


Password: 20132013


Password: tech123

That's all for a free premium grammar account that the admin can share, to get another free account, you can check the admin's posts one by one, thank you.

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Crypto Interest Rates Comparison

A way to compare crypto interest rates is to use an interest calculator to calculate estimates in BTC, euros, and dollars based on the current Bitcoin price and all interest rates provided.

Crypto Interest Rates Comparison

Comparison of crypto interest rates aims to generate passive income.

It is possible that the provider uses a different market price (we use the average of all exchanges) or has changed the interest rate. Therefore, no rights can be derived from this estimate.

Crypto Interest Rates Comparison

You can easily compare Bitcoin / Crypto interest rates and also calculate estimated earnings very simply.

  1. In Amount you enter the amount of Bitcoin.
  2. In Period you choose how long you plan to receive interest.
  3. Click Calculate Interest and our calculator will automatically calculate the estimated profit.
  4. The Bitcoin interest table shows the approximate interest in BTC and its value in dollars and euros at the current Bitcoin price.
  5. The price of BTC can change, so can the interest rate!

How to receive crypto interest rates

They bring together BTC borrowers and lenders. If you want to borrow Bitcoin, you pay a percentage and this is paid to the Bitcoin lender. Not all of it, of course, because the platform takes a share of the profits to survive.

As the market is constantly changing and Bitcoin interest rates are market dependent, BTC interest rates are constantly changing. That's why comparing Bitcoin interest rates is always a smart thing to do.

Other platforms, such as Bitvavo and Binance, use such a P2P marketplace. Even though they call it Bitcoin staking, it is clearly lending your BTC. Because they have a lot of customers as an exchange and therefore can lend Bitcon large amounts, and apply very profitable percentages.

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What are the risks of lending crypto?

  • Companies can go bankrupt.
  • Bitcoin can fall in value.
  • Interest rates may also fall.

In addition, you lend your Bitcoin and they lend it again. Even if the party you lent pays off the collateral, it can always happen that they can't repay the loan. 

If the parties cannot repay the loan, the collateral is sold at an early stage. If the collateral value is insufficient, additional collateral is required. This is an automated process and in theory something is wrong here.

Therefore, only borrowing Bitcoin can be missed. If you still want to take a bigger risk, spread your Bitcoins to several companies.

What is the crypto interest rate?

You can calculate the estimated monthly or yearly profit based on the current interest and the current Bitcoin price.

Is it safe to lend crypto interest rates ?

Lending crypto interest rates is not risk-free and companies can always go bankrupt at any time, for example. Never lend BTC more than you can afford to pay.

That's a brief discussion about Crypto Interest Rate Comparison, hopefully it can help.

Binance Flexible Savings 7 day APY

Binance's 7-day APY Flexible Savings Account allows you to withdraw your deposits at an annual rate of return.

Binance Flexible Savings 7 day APY

Famous cryptocurrency exchange Binance It also allows you to deposit Bitcoins to earn annual interest. Binance savings account with 1.2% annual return (Interest yield is recalculated daily) or if you have other coins. There are many ways to deposit interest.

If you want more information about what is required for a deposit or investment? This post has the answer.

How much interest is earned on a Bitcoin deposit?

For depositing Bitcoin for interest the Binance way you will earn an average annual return of 1.2% at the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) interest rate, which can fluctuate at any time depending on your Bitcoin needs. 

Interest will automatically start being credited to your wallet from the 2nd day of your bitcoin deposit. Withdraw Bitcoin from your Savings Account anytime. Only the amount of interest to be received will expire on the date of withdrawal. and have to start counting interest again

While other Cryptocurrency Interest can be stored in the form of Locked Savings as well or as long-term interest deposits. With 7-day, 14-day, 30-day, 90-day options, the interest rate will be higher. but unable to withdraw money during that time. Including interest deposits in Locked Staking or similar deposits. DeFi Farming What coins do you keep? will receive a coin return which also has a high interest rate.

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Binance Flexible Savings 7 day APY

Deposit Bitcoin, earn interest on Binance, it's not as hard as you think!

  1. Select Transfer Bitcoin from your other wallet to your account.
  2. Select BTC Bitcoin coin and press deposit.
  3. Select the Network according to your wallet that contains Bitcoin. Available in BTC, BEP2, BEP20(BSC), BTC(SegWit).
  4. Fill in the address and Memo in the bag correctly. and select the amount of BTC to deposit to Binance

That's a brief discussion about APY's 7 Days Binance Flexible Savings Account, hopefully it's useful.

Monday, 15 November 2021

2 Ways to Earn Interest In Crypto

There are many ways to earn interest through crypto assets. Crypto-asset interest is interest earned on storage.

2 Ways to Earn Interest In Crypto

Starting from the most basic, namely buying crypto assets, trading, to mining.

You can also earn profit through crypto asset interest.

There are two ways you can earn interest on crypto assets. What are the ways that can be done?

Getting to Know Crypto Asset Interest

Maybe there are still many who don't know that crypto asset owners can get passive income. Interest on crypto assets is the result of passive income just holding crypto assets.

So, how do you get these flowers?

There are 2 ways to get interest from crypto assets, namely by staking and lending.

1. Staking

Staking is a way to passively profit from crypto assets by storing your assets in a wallet that has a staking service. The stored assets will then be locked into the blockchain using the Proof-of-Stake algorithm convention within a certain period of time.

The amount of profit you will receive depends on the price and amount of the crypto asset you lock and the duration you lock the asset. The parties that stake their crypto assets on the PoS blockchain are usually referred to as validators. Validators become unbalanced when they successfully validate a transaction.

Some define validation based on asset lockout periods or specify a certain minimum threshold. Based on validator rules and algorithms, PoS serves to perform actual validation and distribute imbalances for validators. Yield or interest is usually calculated based on the amount of unlocked assets.

For example, in a PoS blockchain that uses minimum threshold rules, nodes will deposit the required amount of crypto assets into the traffic lock network. If the node succeeds in creating a new block, then the validator will accept the imbalance. The larger the number of unlocked crypto assets and the longer the lockout, the greater the profit.

For the blockchain to work efficiently, validators must provide a stable service. One of the efforts to maintain PoS stability is to use crypto assets owned by legitimate actors who act fraudulently. This interest reduction is carried out directly by the blockchain.

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2. Lending

As the name implies, to lend means to lend funds. The loaned funds can be in the form of fiat currency or crypto assets. In order for a loan to be made, the borrower as a party who needs money must provide a guarantee.

Collateral submitted can be in the form of crypto assets, fiat currencies, or stablecoins. The lender will provide the crypto asset or fiat currency the borrower needs at an agreed rate of interest.

Difference between Staking and Lending

The main difference between staking and lending is the use of assets.

In staking, you will store your assets by locking them in the blockchain network. Meanwhile, lending provides space for your crypto assets to move to other users over a period of time. After that, the lender will return your asset at a predetermined rate of interest on the crypto asset.

In addition to asset utilization, the difference between the two lies in the efficiency of use. Lending has an easier process compared to staking.

Because loans only require lenders and borrowers of crypto assets. Then, the lender only needs to make sure the amount of assets owned is in accordance with that proposed by the borrower, then set interest.

It's different with betting. Staking requires an understanding of how the Proof-of-Stake blockchain works. So to do staking, users must go through a transaction validation process.

BlockFi credit card annual fee - Review

If you're wondering how much is the annual fee for a BlockFi credit card? BlockFi credit card No annual fee.

BlockFi credit card annual fee - Review

This is a great option for people looking for a low-maintenance gift card.

This gives you an imbalance over your purchases, but you don't have to pay an annual fee for the privilege.

There are no overseas transaction fees. This card is free if you make purchases through a foreign bank, or in a currency other than US dollars (USD), which is a great credit card to take overseas.

Needs fair credit or better. You will have a good chance of being approved if your credit score is above 600.

Pros and Cons

  • April purchases were lower than average.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Consider a fair or bad credit rating.
  • There are no overseas transaction fees.
  • Cardholders can get rewards for their purchases.
  • BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus.
  • Does not offer sign-up bonuses.
  • You don't get rewards for every purchase.
  • Does not include many credit card benefits.

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The BlockFi Credit Card itself is a gift card.

  • BlockFi Credit Card Rewards
  • Reward rate (all purchases) N/A
  • Maximum reward rate N/A
  • Annual prize limit N/A

Does BlockFi Credit Card have a signup bonus?

This card does not offer a cash sign-up bonus.

Do BlockFi Credit Cards offer an annual loyalty bonus?

This card does not offer a cash loyalty bonus.

What are the Benefits of a BlockFi Credit Card?

It provides the following benefits:

  • Fraud without obligation
  • Reports to major credit bureaus

What is the relevant APR for BlockFi Credit Cards?

According to the Federal Reserve Board, the regular April average is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for accounts with balances. It has a regular APR that is lower than average.

It has a variable purchase APR that ranges from 14.99% to 24.99%.

Does BlockFi Credit Card have an APR intro offer for balance transfers?

No, it doesn't come with an APR intro offer for balance transfers.

Does BlockFi Credit Card have an APR intro offer for new purchases?

This card does not offer April starting prices for new purchases.

How much does a BlockFi Credit Card cost?

The following fees apply:

  • No overlimit fees
  • BlockFi Credit Card Fees
  • the amount of costs
  • Annual fee $0
  • Overlimit Fee $0
  • Overseas Transaction Fee 0%
  • Refund Fee up to $37
  • Late Payment Fee up to $25
  • The card does not charge an annual fee, which is a smart choice for consumers looking for a cheap gift card.

Do BlockFi Credit Cards have overseas transaction fees?

This card does not charge foreign transaction fees. If you do this often, avoiding transaction fees abroad can save you hundreds of dollars in costs when you do activities overseas.

What is the email contact support for BlockFi Credit Cards?

The support email contact for BlockFi Credit Card is

How to rate BlockFi Credit Card customer service and user experience?

Overall, BlockFi Credit Card is highly recommended based on community reviews that rate customer service and user experience.

Does BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card report your account activity to the credit bureau?

BlockFi Credit Card making regular timely payments creditors who report to one or more credit bureaus will be responsible for your finances and can help improve your credit.

How to apply for a BlockFi Credit Card

Fill in the application form. You will usually need to provide general financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, and annual income.

Check the accuracy of your information and applications. If your credit score prevents you from qualifying for this credit card, check out our guide to the best credit cards for bad credit.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The most brilliant way to pay off your mortgage

The most brilliant way to pay off your mortgage is to pay off your mortgage debt ahead of schedule. This will save you money and eliminate large monthly interest payments.

The most brilliant way to pay off your mortgage

There are some of the most brilliant ways you can speed up the repayment of your mortgage loan debt.

Here are the most brilliant ways to pay off your mortgage

1. Make Payments 2 weeks + $200 per month.

Making automatic bi-weekly payments is a great way to save money on your mortgage without thinking about it every month. Be sure to check with your bank to make sure you are not paying extra for this service.

2. Paid an additional $500 per month

Pay $500 per month to pay off your mortgage faster. These extra monthly payments, especially early in the term of your loan, will greatly reduce high interest payments.

3. Use your mortgage extra bonus.

Using all of your extra bonuses on your mortgage can really add up and will quickly pay off your mortgage.

This method automatically transfers all bonuses to your mortgage. Better yet, set it up through your company as an electronic transfer so you never see the money and are tempted to spend it.

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4. Enter the Annual Tax Return

If you still get an annual tax return and maybe even thousands of dollars then all you have to do is put it in your mortgage and maybe even an extra full payment every year.

So the Annual SPT should not only be spent on family vacations anymore but to pay off the house first and then on vacation.

5. Mortgage Refinancing

The benefit of mortgage refinancing is that it saves tens of thousands of dollars from a 30 year mortgage to a 10 year mortgage. Of course, there are additional closing costs and costs associated with refinancing.

6. Turn refinancing into a 15-year mortgage

The way to make extra payments every month is to pay them off faster. Switching to a 15 year mortgage instead of a 30 year mortgage will likely only cost you a few hundred dollars more per month than your 30 year mortgage. So getting a 15 year mortgage could mean savings of around $100,000.

7. Start fixing the budget

Do a budget check and use the extra cash to pay your mortgage.

The benefit of prioritizing your budget is to find the extra cash that's currently available and then direct it toward your mortgage payments.

We hope the above information on the smartest way to pay off your mortgage has been helpful.

How to pay off a 15-year mortgage in 7 years

It's easy to pay off a 15 year mortgage in 7 years, you just need to pay off your mortgage early, it can help you maintain financial stability, save money and earn less interest.

How to pay off a 15-year mortgage in 7 years

Here are some ways to pay off a 15 year mortgage in 7 years

1. Restart Mortgage Financing

If interest rates decline, you may be able to reduce the amount of interest you pay by refinancing your mortgage. In addition, you can also choose to significantly reduce the term of your loan.

2. Reduce Mortgage Payment Term

Remember to tell your lender that your extra payments should be applied to principal, not interest. Otherwise, your lender may apply payments for future scheduled monthly payments, which won't save you any money.

Also, try to prepay at the beginning of the loan when the interest is highest. You may not realize it, but most of your monthly payments for the first few years go towards interest, not principal. And interest is compounded, meaning that the interest every month is determined from the principal amount of the debt plus interest.

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3. Immediately Make One Additional Mortgage Payment Per Year

Making an extra mortgage payment each year can significantly reduce the term of your loan.

The most budget-friendly way to do this is to pay an additional 1/12th per month. For example, by paying $975 each month for a $900 mortgage payment, you will pay the equivalent of the additional payment at the end of the year.

4. Collect Your Mortgage Payments

Another way you can help reduce the term of your mortgage significantly is by collecting. When budgeting your mortgage payments, round to the next highest $100 amount. Pay $800 instead of $743. Or $900 instead of $860.

5. Try One Month Dollar Plan

A one-month dollar strategy should be financially viable if your income increases slightly but is consistent over time.

Every month, increase your payout by $1. Just pay $900 in the first month, $901 in the second month, and so on. For a 30-year, $900-a-month mortgage with a fixed interest rate of 6% for a $150,000 loan, you can reduce the term of your mortgage to eight years.

6. Using Unexpected Income

Unexpected income This includes vacation bonuses, tax refunds, and credit card gifts. Using this money will not cut your regular monthly budget.

That's how to pay off a 15-year mortgage in 7 years, hopefully the information above can help you all.

Monday, 8 November 2021

4 How to pay off mortgage in 5 years calculator

How to pay off mortgage in 5 years calculator is very easy, here you have to be smart about managing your finances to pay it off.

4 How to pay off mortgage in 5 years calculator

Owning a mortgage isn't always as bad as having high-interest debt.

There are steps you need to take to make it happen and you need to know them.

There is a formula to pay off a mortgage in 5 years with a calculator, the trick is to make a schedule of payments that must be paid every month and stick to your payment schedule.

Here is a of 4 How To Pay Off Mortgage In 5 Years calculator

1. Schedule a Date

To Pay Off Mortgage Within 5 Years with a calculator by setting the actual date you will owe the mortgage. This method aims to make it easier to manage times that are difficult to remember.

Once you have a target date, you can calculate how much you have to pay each month and year.

Your lender may provide you with an amortization schedule, which shows how much of each mortgage payment is used for principal and interest.

You can also use a mortgage calculator to determine how much you have to pay each month or year.

2. Giving Advance

If you don't already have a mortgage, try making a 20% down payment. That way, you will have no trouble paying off the installments later. If you can't afford the 20% down payment, check your money before buying a home.

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3. Reduce expenses

To achieve or pay off the mortgage debt in 5 years is to reduce your expenses, for example for unnecessary expenses and others including you have to save in this case.

4. Save Budget

A budget or savings can help you avoid overspending and start budgeting now. This is useful for quickly paying off your mortgage debt in 5 years

Thus the discussion this time about How to Pay Off a Mortgage in a 5-Year Calculator, hopefully it can provide useful information for all of you.

Sunday, 7 November 2021

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Saturday, 6 November 2021

Free Pokemon Trainer Club accounts

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Free Pokemon Trainer Club accounts

How to Add a Free Pokemon Trainer Club Account

  1. First, you need to log into your Pokemon Trainer Club account.
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Free Pokemon go accounts level 50

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Free Pokemon go accounts level 50

Pokemon go Level 50 is the last level and you have to be a true Pokemon master to complete all the required tasks. For that you will need 30 million XP to reach that level.

Requirements to reach level 50 in GO Pokomen

  1. Make an incredible 999 throws
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Friday, 5 November 2021

Free Instagram Account For The Year 2021-22

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Monday, 1 November 2021

7 Flower garden layout ideas

How to arrange flowers in front of the house can be said to be difficult, therefore a flower garden layout idea is needed.

Not all types of flowers can last long and are suitable to be combined with other types of flowers.

Before starting to plant various types of flowers in the garden, you should first create a beautiful flower garden design concept.

After creating a flower garden design concept, then you just have to apply the concept to your home garden.

Here are flower garden layout ideas that you can follow :

1. Long-lived Flower Combination


You can create a minimalist flower garden in front of your house by planting a number of perennial flowers or long-lived flowers.

Flowers of this type are usually more than two years old.

Some examples of these long-lived flowers include roses, gazanias, lilies, dahlias, and others.

To beautify the garden, make a plot with slightly curved sides.

You can plant grass in the part of the soil that is not flowering.

2. Minimalist Flower Garden in Front of the House in Narrow Land


How to make a beautiful minimalist flower garden in a narrow area is actually quite easy.

Make a small plot in front of the facade of the house.

Then, plant the plot with colorful lilies.

Then you can also combine these flowers with other plants, such as betel ivory or waves of love.

3. A Flower Garden in a Flower-Shaped House


This flower garden design is suitable if you have a large enough land in your yard.

To make the garden look more attractive, arrange a collection of flowers into a flower shape.

How to make a flower garden like this, first you have to make a plot that will be planted with flowers.

Make a flower-shaped square.

You can plant a garden with begonias and combine it with greenery in the center.

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4. Green House Front Garden


Prepare an elongated land in front of the house that will be overgrown with various plants.

On the land, you can grow various plants such as host or heuchera.

Then, mix it with some colorful flowers to make the garden look more beautiful.

5. Making Blocks from Stone 


Stone blocks serve as a barrier to the area to be planted with flowers.

In the area that has been fenced with blocks, various kinds of colorful flowers have been planted.

You can also plant grass around the barrier so that the home garden looks beautiful.

6. Minimalist Flower Garden Design with Gravel Variations


The first step, make a square with a slightly curved shape on the sides.

Then plant some flowers in the prepared plot. Finally, place the gravel on the plot that is not planted with flowers.

7. Vintage Flower Garden at Home


If you like classic designs, you can imitate this flower garden design. The vintage feel can be seen from the ancient wooden decorations.

Wooden elements can be used as pots or shelves for flower pots. Combine colorful flowers to add to the beauty of the garden.

How to prepare soil for planting flowers

Before planting flowers, the soil must be prepared in advance for the medium.

How to prepare soil for planting flowers

Planting flowers is the fastest and right choice to decorate your home page.

Its varied colors can easily enhance the beauty of the page.

Not only that, the flowers you choose can also be preserved and resold.

Some of the flowers you choose can even make you money, like the Golf of Kinabalu Orchid.

One of the supporting factors for farming activities is the planting medium itself. The planting medium will determine the good or bad of flower growth which in turn affects production yields.

To make a good planting medium for flowers, soil elements, binders or water storage are needed, as well as nutrient providers. The raw materials used are top soil, compost, and husk charcoal.

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Here is a of how to prepare soil for planting flowers

  1. Prepare soil that looks loose and fertile, preferably taken from the very top.
  2. Next, sift the soil until it becomes fine grains. Make sure the soil is dry so it doesn't clump.
  3. Clumping soil will cause the ingredients to be mixed evenly.
  4. Prepare compost that is ripe, it can be of the usual type of compost, bokashi, or takakura compost.
  5. Sift compost or humus into a fine powder.
  6. Mix soil, compost, and husk charcoal in one container. The composition of the mixture is 2 parts soil, 1 part compost and 1 part husk charcoal (2:1:1).
  7. Mix well. Prepare a pot or polybag, put the dough into it. Flower planting media is ready to use.


The three raw materials can also be mixed with a composition ratio of 1:1:1 or 2:1:1. Which one is best for you, of course, depends on the type of plant and the availability of resources.

Planting media is very useful if we want to plant flowers in polybags or pots. This method is suitable to be applied in limited land or narrow land.