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White Ameraucana chicken egg color

Often we see egg shells have many differences. Not only texture, shape and taste, the difference in egg color is also caused by the chicken's lifestyle and the food it eats.

White Ameraucana chicken egg color

Basically all shells are made of the same material, as a result of the color chemistry that emerges.

In eggs, protoporphyrins precipitate as a layer on top of the calcium carbonate, so that the eggshell is only brown on top while the inside remains white.

While white shell chicken eggs can be seen in silkie chickens or cotton chickens and white leghor laying hens are adorable, "

The blue color of chicken eggs is caused by the absorbed bilirubin.

Blue shell chicken eggs usually contain variations of the Ameraucana breed, a cross between Araucana and Americana chickens.

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Ameraucana chicken egg white color

Ameraucana chicken eggs cannot produce white shell eggs because of the cross-breeding process.

"Breeding between hens has made a huge difference. When hens that lay blue eggs and hens that lay white eggs are bred, they produce green eggs,"

That's because, the pigments and protoporphytes change color on the outside of the egg. While other chemicals change color on the inside.

Egg white shell is made of calcium carbonate, has no color pigment.

If the color of the shell is blue, then the chicken has the pigment oocyanin that seeps into the shell.

About the American Ameraucana Chicken

This Ameraucana chicken is a chicken that comes from the area according to its name, namely from the Americas. Ameraucana Chicken This is the result of a cross between an American chicken and an Auracana chicken.

In 1984 the American government proposed to develop chickens like this that exist in several areas in America. The reason for the maintenance of this breed of chicken. The goal is to get higher quality results from children.

This ameraucana chicken has a variety of colors and is unique to look at

Chickens like this that have quite a variety of colors ranging from black brown to slightly red, blue, silver, and other colors. What makes chickens have very diverse color variations.Make people who see it become very interested. 

The characteristics that exist in this chicken are very prominent because of the feathers on their ears. And has a very long and prominent size. And this is one of the uniqueness of the chicken which has a variety of color variations that are very unique to look at.

It's Hard To Find Chicken Americana To Raise

Some of the many chicken hobbyists who are also looking for this type of chicken are generally indeed to be kept. 

However, it is very difficult to get this type of chicken in Indonesia. Even from the internet, it is still very rare that anyone sells this type of chicken compared to bangkok chicken which is very often traded on the internet.

Has Unique Color Variations

Ameraucana chicken which is a very rare chicken in its time. Chickens like this are very different from chickens that already produce colored eggs.

Chicken like this also has a uniqueness inherited from the Americana chicken. also has a tuft of feathers in the ear area and from the Ameraucana chicken which does not have a tail.

There are many color variations in this chicken. Among them are Lavender, Blue, Black-Red, Silver Duckwing, Blue-Red, Spangled, Cuckoo, and Black and White.

Chickens like this come from Chile, and breeders love chickens. This chicken was raised by an Araucanian Indian who kept this breed of chicken a secret. For reasons like this, especially within a tribe.