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Types of Ugly Chicken From Different of the World

In different parts of the world, you can find many types of ugly chiken.

Types of Ugly Chicken From Different of the World

One of the most popular and unique that we know in everyday life is the chicken.

There are also many types of chicken, ranging from laying hens to ornamental chickens, which are very expensive.

Must believe that chicken is an animal that can only produce eggs and can be the main side dish when we eat in everyday life.

But make no mistake, for some people who understand the world of poultry, chicken can be sold at a very expensive price.

The weirder the shape or commonly called the ugly chicken, the more expensive the price that will be offered. The better the sound, the more expensive the price of ornamental chicken.

So, what kind of ugly chickens can you keep in your backyard? Instead of being confused, it's better for admin to help find out the types of ugly ornamental chickens from various parts of the world.

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Types of Ugly Chickens From Around the World

The uniqueness of this unique type of chicken can be said to be diverse. Starting from the shape, the pattern on his body to the facts behind the chicken. Surely you will not be willing to eat this ugly  chicken.

This type of ugly chicken also consists of various types of chickens scattered throughout the world, In fact, many local chickens are included in this list of bad chickens.

1. Ugly chickens Sussex 

Ugly chickens Sussex

H&W Nick or commonly referred to as Sussex chickens include chickens raised as laying hens and broilers. An average female is able to produce up to 300 eggs per year.

This type of chicken is quite tame and very adaptable to various environmental conditions. The combination of a slightly yellowish white color and a black combination on the neck, makes this chicken included in the list of unique chickens chosen by PetPi.

2. Chicken h'mong ugly

Chicken h'mong ugly

This type of chicken is one of the chickens originating from Indonesia. The meaning of the word cemani comes from Sanskrit which means jet black. Indeed, as the name implies, this cemani chicken is black all over its body.

This chicken has become exotic and rare because of its jet black color, so many people hunt it as a pet chicken.

From the information circulating, there are only 3,500 chickens left in the world.

3. Ugly Pearl Chicken

Ugly Pearl Chicken

The guinea fowl comes from a region of Africa called the Guinea Fowl. This type of ornamental chicken has physical characteristics similar to Dutch varieties of chicken. The difference is, guinea fowl have a smaller body size.

The uniqueness of this chicken is found in its feathers and posture which are very similar to other types of birds.

In addition, the name pearl can also be described through the pattern of white spots on each feather.

4. Orphington chicken is ugly

Orphington chicken is ugly

Orpington chicken is a chicken that comes from the plains of Europe, more precisely in England. The name Orpington itself comes from the name of the area in England there.

In the 19th century, William Cook bred these chickens in the Orpington and Kent areas.

Not only can it be used to eat meat or eggs, this chicken can also be a show chicken at that time.

Its golden color makes this chicken worthy of being included in the list of unique chickens from various parts of the world.

5. Ugly Ameraucana Chicken

Ugly Ameraucana Chicken

This type of chicken has a variety of colors, there are black, blue, slightly reddish brown and silver. This chicken is a cross between the American chicken and the Auracana, hence the name Ameraucana.

The uniqueness of this animal is found in its ears and cheeks. There are several long feathers that protrude between the ears and cheeks that give this chicken its special charm.

6. Ugly Batik Chicken

Ugly Batik Chicken

 This chicken comes from Great Britain there. The color is reddish which forms a slightly brownish motif at the end of the feathers, the batik chicken is not too big so it is suitable for you to make a pet at home.

One more thing that makes this batik chicken interesting is that it has agile and agile movements.

7. Ugly Bare Neck Chicken

Ugly Bare Neck Chicken

As the name suggests, naked neck means a bare neck, this chicken can indeed have characteristics that distinguish it from other chickens.

This type of chicken has a neck and head that has no feathers. This chicken from Transylvania has another name for the Turken chicken.

First appearing in central Europe in the 18th century, a study found a random genetic mutation in these chickens, which resulted in the excessive production of hair-removing molecular cells.