The Basic Rules of Correct Softball, Beginners Must Know

Softball rules for beginners - Basic softball techniques include holding the ball, holding the bat or bat, and hitting the ball.

The Basic Rules of Correct Softball, Beginners Must Know

Softball is a baseball game played on a smaller field. In softball games, players start the game by swinging the ball with a swing of the hand below and throwing it towards the bat holder or ball bat.

However, there are some differences from baseball or softball. For example from the technical details of the game. You are probably familiar with baseball technique. But, are you familiar with the following basic softball techniques?

Here are the softball rules for beginners that you should know

1. Ball Holding Technique

One of the most common basic techniques of playing softball is how to hold the ball.

Softball throwing technique is different from baseball technique. Softball is thrown from the ground up. Here, knowing the technique of throwing the ball is very important.

There are 3 commonly used ball holding techniques. For those of you who have large hands or long fingers, it is usually more comfortable to throw the ball with 2 fingers.

The technique of holding the ball is done by placing the index and middle fingers on the ball. The other three fingers support the bottom of the ball.

As for those with short fingers with small hands, it is recommended to use the 3-finger ball holding method.

Place your index, middle, and ring fingers on the ball. While the other 2 fingers are used to support the ball. This position can help you hold the softball firmly.

Another technique for holding the ball that is suitable for short-handed masters is to use 4 fingers.

You can use this technique if you are not confident with holding it with 3 fingers.

For the technique of holding the ball with 4 fingers, hold the ball with all five fingers around the ball. These handles tend to provide a firmer grip. This technique is also very popular among children.

2. Ball Holding Technique

In addition to knowing the basic technique of holding the ball in softball games, beginners also need to know how to hold the bat correctly. The technique of holding the bat in softball is divided into 3, namely the top grip technique, the middle grip technique, and the bottom grip technique.

You can choose the technique of gripping the bat according to your comfort. Make sure your grip is not only comfortable, but also strong, okay?

3. Hitting Ball Technique

In the game of softball there are 2 types of ball hitting techniques that are often used. The mash or bunt technique is a way of hitting the ball that can be done without swinging the bat.

The trick, just hold the ball direction using a bat. The goal, so that the ball can fall close to the bat. When doing this technique, make sure your feet are parallel to the direction the ball is coming from.

In addition to Bunt, there is also a Swing punch technique. As the name suggests, you have to swing the bat to bounce the incoming ball. The position before hitting must be correct.

Make sure the handle of the bat is directly above your shoulders. The right arm should have a lower position than the left arm. Focus your attention on the ball coming from the pitcher. After that, hit the ball with all your might.

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Basic Rules of Softball Game

  • Softball game is played between 2 teams. Each team consists of 9 players, can be all women or mixed.
  • One game lasts for 7 innings (rounds) and is divided into two parts, namely the upper inning and the lower inning.
  • Each team hits once in each inning before switching sides.
  • The defensive team (fielding team) consists of a pitcher, catcher, first base player, second base, third base, three insiders, and short stops.
  • A batsman must successfully hit the ball and run to the base as much as possible. After successfully returning to home base, players will score points.
  • A home run is done when the ball is hit into an area that can no longer be picked up. A home run allows the bat and all players in base to return to home base and score a goal.
  • Except for home runs, the fielding team can prevent the batting team from scoring by preventing the bat from hitting the ball, hitting one of the bases with the ball before the batting team reaches it, or hitting the bat with the ball while running between 2 bases.
  • The area between base 1 and 3 is the no-go zone. When the ball passes through this area before it hits the ground, play must be repeated with a new throw.