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Plymouth rock chicken eggs for sale

Plymouth rock chicken for sale - Laying hens are adult chickens that are specially bred for their eggs and then sold.

Plymouth rock chicken eggs for sale

The type of chicken selected for the purpose of producing meat is known as the type of broiler, while for the production of eggs it is known as the type of laying hens.

The best types of laying hens for sale

Laying hens are the result of genetic engineering based on the characteristics of pre-existing chickens. Genetic improvement like this continues to be pursued in order to achieve optimal results, so that later it can produce eggs in large numbers.

One of the advantages of laying hens is that their egg production is higher than other types of chicken eggs.

There are 2 types of laying hens currently available for sale, including the Plymouth Rock

1. Light Laying Chicken

Light laying hens is one type of laying hens that is so named because this chicken has a light weight compared to other similar chickens. This type of chicken also has another name, namely white laying hens. The origin of this chicken is called white chicken because it is adjusted to the color of the eggs produced and the white feathers.

This type of laying hens is relatively slender or can be said to be thin, its eyes shine. It has a red comb and its fur is pure white. If traced from its origin, this type of chicken is a derivative of a pure strain (white leghorn).

Although the meat is little, this type of chicken has the ability to lay more than 260 eggs per year produced by the chicken coop. If you want to breed white laying hens, you have to be very careful. The reason, this chicken has a high sensitivity, so easily surprised.

If the chicken is shocked then its productivity will decrease. In addition, the temperature and noise level around the cage must be maintained properly so that the chickens remain productive.

2. Medium Laying Chicken

If light laying hens are named because of their light weight, then this one layer chicken is also named based on its weight or medium body weight. Medium means that the body weight of this chicken is heavier than light layer chickens, but not heavier than broilers. This type of chicken has the ability to lay eggs of high quality and in large quantities.

Not much different from light laying hens, medium layer chickens also have a name according to the color of their feathers, namely brown laying hens. This name is also taken from the color of the eggs produced by this chicken which are the same color as the name. The ability to lay eggs for medium laying hens is unquestionable, especially since the eggs produced are brown.

The quality of brown eggs is actually not much different from the white eggs produced by white laying hens. However, the price of chocolate eggs in the market is usually higher. This is because the weight of brown eggs is heavier and the level of production of brown eggs is less than white eggs.

One of the advantages of this chicken compared to light laying hens is that in addition to producing a lot of eggs, this chicken has meat that tastes good and is thick.

Based on the types of laying hens above, it can be concluded that bright white laying hens are easily surprised and sensitive, besides that they can only be used for their eggs.

As for medium (brown) laying hens, the characteristics or characteristics are calmer and also not easily startled. In addition, medium laying hens are also called dual-purpose, because they can produce eggs as well as meat for their keepers.

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Here is an example of laying hens that can be sold

1. Types of Plymouth Rock Laying Chickens (Barred Rock)

This chicken is very suitable for people who are just learning the laying hens business, because Plymouth Rock chickens tend to be easier to maintain. Plymouth Rock chickens have a strong immune system and are able to lay 200 eggs per year.

However, these chicken eggs are smaller than other types of chickens. Plymouth rock chickens have feathers that are predominantly gray with white stripes all over their bodies.

2. White Leghorn

Maybe some people are wondering, why is it called white laying hens? Of course, because these laying hens are indeed clean white feathers and eggs.

This laying hens are classified as lightweight laying hens because of their very small and petite body shape and this type is only intended for laying eggs, not for producing meat. This type of laying hens can produce more than 260 eggs per year.

3. Hybrid Coating Type

Hybrid chickens (Hybrid) are brown and the eggs produced are also brown. The weight of this laying hens is quite heavy, can reach 2 kg. Although it is not as heavy as a broiler, the meat can also be sold and the taste of the meat is better than that of a broiler.

Well, this is the reason why this chicken is included in the dual-purpose type, namely egg and meat producers. The largest egg size of this type of chicken which can reach 64 grams and this chicken is able to produce about 260 to 275 eggs per year.

4. Red Rhode Island

This chicken comes from the United States, Rhode Island Red is usually on the farm or raised for eggs and meat needs. This chicken is one of the chicken breeds that is quite famous for its extreme conditions and this chicken is able to produce relatively many eggs.

The number of eggs that can be produced by this chicken is 250 eggs per head. Contrary to their name, Rhode Island Reds have brown and black fur which gives them a slightly dark appearance.