Sunday, 10 October 2021


BIN Netflix in the smartest way to Netflix Free and enjoy all the cool Netflix movies and TV Shows without paying a penny to watch anything fast.


If you come across this term let me tell you having a Netflix USA BIN account or Netflix BIN in your country will allow you to enjoy watching Netflix movies & TV shows virtually with a Netflix Premium account free for life.

Watch Netflix Free via BIN Netflix USA

In this article, I'm going to share a Netflix BIN trick with you and talk all about BIN so that once you're done reading, you can create your own Netflix BIN and enjoy Free Netflix whenever you want.

How Does the Netflix BIN Method Work?

BIN is widely used as a vulnerability or trick to get a premium account for free. 

The Netflix BIN method is known to give you unlimited premium Netflix accounts for free and it helps you to continue the free trial for as long as you want. Netflix BIN requires you to have a specific IP address & valid card info for it to work.

What is a BIN Number?

BIN stands for Bank Identification Number which is basically a 4 to 6 digit bank identification. This BIN is available at the beginning of your credit card which helps payment services to identify which bank your Credit/Debit card is from.

Netflix BIN

It also serves as a security system for credit card holders and online merchants as it can quickly identify whether you entered a valid card number or not actually initiating an online transaction.

How can I use BIN?

To use Netflix's BIN trick, we need to have a valid BIN number, card details and country IP. Which we can get by using the following steps

First, visit this link, select country, state, bank & card type to generate 6 digit BIN number.

Now, open the live credit card number generator. Kun CCGen or Namso Gen

On the Credit Card maker site, enter the BIN number Generated in Step 1 and you will have a credit card number, expiration date and CVV number to work with.

Using a VPN, connect to the same country you chose to generate the BIN for Netflix in Step 1
Now, create a Netflix account using the Netflix BIN & other details you just collected.

Do Netflix BIN Accounts Really Exist?

Claimed free Netflix accounts are available through various tricks. Some claim the Netflix cookie trick works and sells you cookies, some say old Netflix accounts work, but none of these tricks actually help you get a free Netflix premium account.

But, Netflix BIN account is 100% working. I just verified it today. So, you can use the Netflix BIN trick to get a free Netflix premium account.

This will give you a 6 digit Netflix BIN for the US only.

Now, visit the credit card generator and enter the BIN number to generate card details for the US.

Now, you can create a Netflix account using your Netflix BIN and any other info you get.

Similarly, you can choose other countries like UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, India, Pakistan, etc. to generate Netflix BIN and then credit card info to create a free Netflix premium account in your country.



CV 111 222 333


ZIP 10080 10000 10090

Latest USA Netflix BIN List – 100% Working

BIN Netflix USA Set 1

BIN – 340000xxxxxxxxxx
BIN – 370000xxxxxxxxxx
BIN – 370264xxxxxxxxxx

Netflix BIN USA Set 2

BIN – 370265xxxxxxxxxx
BIN – 379030xxxxxxxxxx
BIN – 340168xxxxxxxxxx

BIN Netflix US Set 3

BIN – 379031xxxxxxxxxx
BIN – 342787xxxxxxxxxx
BIN – 345827xxxxxxxxxx

Netflix BIN Paypal Account

BIN - 344678xxxxxxxxxx , IP - USA
BIN - 342580xxxxxxxxxx , IP - USA
BIN - 371695xxxxxxxxxx , IP - USA
BIN - 375090xxxxxxxxxx , IP - Germany
BIN - 372381xxxxxxxxxx , IP - Germany
BIN - 639034xxxxxxxxxx , IP - France
BIN – 504492xxxxxxxxxx , IP – India
BIN – 627278xxxxxxxxxx , IP – Bangladesh
BIN - 519357xxxxxxxxxx , IP - Portugal