Sunday, 10 October 2021

How to use bin to create Netflix account

Let's learn how to earn Bins and how to use Bins to create a premium account.

The bin method is one of the reliable methods to create a premium account. You may want the premium features of some software or app but don't want to pay for them.

How to use bin to create Netflix account

You may be tired of searching for methods to create a free premium account but still can't find a reliable way. But now all your quests will be over.

I will answer today how to use the premium account trash can. 

Worry no more now because today i am going to tell you a method that works 100% every time.

First of all, let's talk about what bin means. Many people do not know what a trash can is.

The BIN is the lynchpin that binds the issuer to the card and its transactions. Knowing this alone won't get you anywhere near how to use a trash can or how to make a trash can, I know. So let's get into that topic.

An example of a trash can is given below

For example 540728

How to use the trash can?

Let's discuss the method how to use bins to create a free premium account now.

Search trash cans by country and bank.

I'll show you an example of how to use bins to create a premium account.

I will create a Scribd premium account using BIN. Hope this will make it easier for you to understand.

This is a working trash can for Scribd





ip : Usa

To a VPN location in the US. Free express VPN

Open a browser (Mozilla firefox recommended)

Go to site to generate CC from here

  1. Glue the trash can and get a CCFree credit card
  2. Go to the Scribd website from here
  3. Click try 30 days free. free scribd
  4. Sign up with free Premium email
  5. Paste credit card details free
  6. Click pay

Congratulations you have now got a Scribd premium account. Free

Congratulations you will now successfully use bins to create a premium account.

Use a similar process to create another site's premium account. Now you understand how to use the trash can with this illustration.

Note: You need different bins for different sites because the same bin may not work for other sites.


How to Get BIN to Work for Premium Accounts?

Before we start, now we have one thing, there are two types of CC Verification trial in Premium Account trial. 

The first is the Validity Test.

This type of trial only checks CVV CC EXP Validation and starts your trial

It's very easy to pass their verification
As an example. up and down

The second is the Authorization Hold trial.

This type of trial results in a 1 USD authorization hold on the card.

It also has a verification system to verify the cardholder's name if the card is a VBV.

As an example. Netflix

To Find Junk you need the following Required before start Working

Hard work
CC Generator
CC Checker
Good internet connection

VPN (Premium)

Now if you want to find the trash can for the second type Premium Account, you have to follow the following:-

Step 1: Goto Country/BANK to BIN sites like


Step 2: Select Any Country you want (Especially low security countries like OMAN, UAE and others)

Step 3: Choose Small Banks 

Step 4: Choose a BIN Debit card (not credit)

Step 5: Get CC with it

Step 6: Check with it

Step 7: Get one life

Step 8: Test it

Step 9: Start from Step 2 again until you start working

Attention: Don't Share your hard work with Others Or Patched

For type 1 experiments:

Select US, CAPITAL ONE Mastercard.

1) Choose BIN debit card rate (not credit)

2) Get CC with it

3) Check with it

4) Get one life

5) Test it

Don't forget to change your IP to CC Country IP

That's it then you get your own bin. Now you can easily get trash