Monday, 4 October 2021

How to start a vegetable garden in your backyard

In times of a pandemic like now, it requires us to minimize activities outside the home.

How to start a vegetable garden in your backyard

This of course often makes you bored because you don't know what activities to do. 

Gardening is the right solution to fill your spare time at home. You can create your own vegetable garden in your backyard.

There's no harm in trying from now on. You can start with easy plants like chilies, celery, leeks, radishes, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, carrots, or lettuce.

If you are confused what type of vegetable garden is suitable for the back of the house.

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Here is a 5 How to start a vegetable garden in your backyard

1. Vegetable Garden with Hydroponic System

So far what we know is to grow vegetables that are needed as media. But with the presence of a hydroponic system, you can take advantage of the soil. Basically this hydroponic system relies on air, oxygen, and nutrients for plant growth. According to research, the water content used in this hydroponic system is less than farming using soil media.

This vegetable garden with a hydroponic system is suitable to be applied to areas that have limited air. Some vegetables that can be grown with this hydroponic system are peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and various green vegetables.

2. Terrace-style vegetable garden

When you go on vacation with your family to the mountains, do you see the terraced rice fields? If you have, it means you have seen the shape of the terracing system. One of the functions of terracing is to prevent landslides. But in the following vegetable garden inspiration, the terrace can be a decorative element. 

To distinguish the level of the area, you can provide a barrier in the form of a wooden fence or bebetuan. Then also group vegetable plants by color. When it starts to grow at dawn, this vegetable garden is guaranteed to be more beautiful.

3. Hanging Vegetable Garden

Hanging vegetable gardens are a popular choice for owners of tight spaces. You can use pots, used cans, or used bottles as planting media. You can hang it on the wall or make a special wooden plank for this garden. However, keep in mind that these pots will be heavy with soil and air, so make sure they hang firmly.

To make it more beautiful, you can hang the planting media in a neat arrangement, or use artistic pots. If you're using used items like cans or bottles, you can decorate them with spray paint or beach paint.

4. Use Wire for Vines

To make your vegetable crops tidier, use a wire tool. Your plants will look beautiful and minimalist. You can grow some vegetables with creeper leaves, such as cucumbers and peppers.

5. Mini Vegetable Garden in One Big Pot

For small spice plants, you may find it difficult to care for them every day if they are separated in several pots. For example, you experiment with using large pots and then planting herbs next to each other.

When you want to water it, just once. Don't let the way you care for your plants go wrong, so they stay alive. Well, so you don't get the wrong direction when you want to pick and use it, you can use a small nameplate that is plugged in near each plant.