Wednesday, 13 October 2021

How to get Netflix free trial

Netflix needs a little introduction. It is the streaming service of choice for millions of people worldwide.

How to get Netflix free trial

With movies and TV shows in its catalogue, it is one of the cheapest and most comprehensive media streaming services available. It also costs money. If you want to get free Netflix, read on.

To be honest, Netflix isn't very expensive considering the many hours of entertainment it offers. For less than a few cups of coffee, you get access to some of the best TV shows, hundreds of new movies, making old ones, and new content on a regular basis.

I always pay attention to paying for content. This gives companies the funding they need to continue working on and developing original content.

This allows Netflix to invest more in movies, TV shows, the development of its service, and whatever else it takes to continue providing the kind of service we all enjoy.

However, this tutorial is titled 'How to Get Free Netflix'. So let's do that. There are two techniques that support you to watch Netflix for free. They're also not illegal but they're not good either.

One used a fake email address and a prepaid credit card to continue running the free trial while the other used a cashback scheme to pay for the legitimate Netflix service. 

Continuous free trial

Continuous free trial method, novelty. It has been used for Netflix and other subscription services for years and still works today. improvements to free and disposable email services over the past few years have made it easier than ever.

You will need a disposable email address and a prepaid credit or debit card. You will need a few of each as you will be using them every month. You can play each one again after six months but you need time to get it.

Prepaid credit or debit cards are widely available and some don't charge a monthly fee as long as you meet certain requirements. This page has a lot of information about the card.

How to get Netflix free trial

  1. Set up a disposable email address. You can use Gmail if you like, it functions pretty much the same.
  2. Sign up for a free trial on Netflix using your new email address and prepaid card.
  3. Cancel before the end of the free trial.
  4. You can extend the free month more if you don't talk to someone. 
  5. Ask nicely if they will extend it for a few weeks so you can get it. They will often give you an extra month just to ask.
  6. A quick note on credit card number generators. There are several websites out there that suggest using a credit card number to create a fake credit card to use when applying for a Netflix account. 
  7. Not only technically, most of the numbers generated don't work. This is not a habit I want every TechJunkie reader to do because it could end in tears. Use a prepaid card as. It's much safer.

Cashback method :

If you don't want to open an account, or get a credit card, you can get free Netflix using the cashback offer.

Some credit cards offer cash rewards every quarter to pay off your debt or pay more than the minimum payment. Some checking accounts also offer cashback to make you a customer. You can use this money to pay for Netflix.

I prefer this method over the continuous free trial and it's also easier because it's hassle-free. Banks can pay you something and Netflix is ​​also worth paying for.

  1. Shop around for a checking account or credit card that pays you.
  2. Sign up for Netflix using a card or account.
  3. Pay for the first quarter and use cashback for the rest.

I won't mention specific banks or credit cards here because offers change all the time and this tutorial will be released soon. Instead, I recommend visiting a site like NerdWallet when you're ready to sign up and see the latest offers.