Tuesday, 5 October 2021

How to catch koi fish in a pond with a net

If you complain about the pool, you can use a tight net.

How to catch koi fish in a pond with a net

The type of net used should be soft, so that the fins and scales of the koi get caught in the net, tearing it apart.

Koi are large fish that do not have very strong bones, so you have to be careful. When you are netting koi, there are special techniques for lifting and carrying the koi by hand.

I know it sounds weird, but the problem is that the koi will stand still and suddenly snap their tail.

If you don't hold them properly, they will slip out of your hand and eventually fall to the ground, possibly breaking their back.

For larger koi, such as those that are 24" and up, you should tuck the koi head closer to your armpit. Larger koi will create a stronger jolt to try and release them, and you will need to hold them better.

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How to catch koi fish in a pond with a net

It is quite difficult to pick up and carry koi by hand. A better technique is to use something called a sock net (this is what koi traders use). It is shaped like a short stick, coiled at one end, with a cloth tube.

You can slide the cloth tube (pouch) over the koi and lift it up. When you reach the tank to place your koi, they slide to the other side of the pouch.

That way, the koi slides through the sock. If you try and get the koi out of their way, they will catch the fins in the net and break them.

And like the clean bowl above, every koi owner is eager to have a clean net to handle his personal koi. It's just safer and easier to use one of them.

What we usually do is take their containers to higher ground, and load all the containers next to the pool. When picking up more koi, it's easy to swap the water with the airator in the container so the koi can have more fresh water.

After all the fish have been caught, don't forget to give oxygen to the plastic bag that we will bring in the vehicle, don't forget to give fresh water and airator when you arrive at the destination, so that the koi fish will come back fresh in their new place after we take them on a long journey .

If the weather is not too hot, you can transport large koi for about half an hour in a plastic tub.

To ensure you have the longest travel time, before you leave the pool, make changes to the air to have the most oxygen in it.

It would be better to drop the molten rock from the air pump into the air during the trip. Also remember that the more fish in the container, the less oxygen there will be and that means less time in the container.


How to Move Koi To A New Pond

Koi are very sensitive to changes in temperature and pH of the air. If they change too quickly, they will be shocked and may die. The best way I've found is when you get home, add the air to your pool to the transport container and wait about 10 minutes. Then add more water, wait, add a little more so the grit can be set more gradually.

Slowly add water into the pool until how much pool water is needed, hopefully it will be useful.