Tuesday, 5 October 2021

How to catch fish in a garden pond

You see people catching fish in the air using only both hands?

How to catch fish in a garden pond

It's great and requires special skills but it's actually hard and you can do it easily without practice.

The fish they catch are fish that are frightened out of fear, not fish that are swimming. Fish that will be afraid everywhere and do not dare to move so they are easy to catch.

The hiding places they choose are usually holes, crevices and also moss or mud in the bottom of the water which allows them to camouflage or enter without permission.

If the pond is clean and there is no mud, panicked fish will appear in the corners of the pond or in the crevices they find.

You can practice how to catch fish in the air using only both hands or one hand without the aid of other tools. How to?

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Here is a How to catch fish in a garden pond

1. Find a place where there may be fish. Then stir the water or stir the water so that the fish run away.

2. Fish don't run, just around there. Then feel with your hand for cracks or cliffs in the water.

3. When your hand feels the movement of the fish twitch, then press your hand and catch the fish that is already yours.

Very easy isn't it?

This method of catching fish is called catching fish by hand with pond footage. 

Fish caught in this way can be eaten with the family for several days. 

But the fish are not too big, but only the size of a few fingers.