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HOOQ Working BIN 2021,2022

Did you know that working bin can be used to create a premium account for FREE?

HOOQ Working BIN 2021,2022

This is one of the most sought after and requested tutorials on the forums.

Well, today I'm going to tell you more about BINS including what it is, how to use it, and how to make it work.

In essence, we will cover as much as we can. By the time you finish the article, you will be more than impressed and knowledgeable about BINS. So stay here, relax and enjoy.

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Workplace Acronym

The following are some acronyms that you will come across several times in this article. Therefore, it is wise if you introduce yourself to them.

  1. BIN -Bank Registration Number
  2. ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  3. ISO -International Organization for Standardization
  4. NPO -Non-Profit Organization
  5. NGOs -Non-governmental organizations

What is a Workplace?

BIN is a unique starting set of 4-6 numbers found on any payment card, i.e. credit card, debit card, gift card, prepaid card or electronic benefit card.

In most cases, these are the first 6 digits of the card. BINS can also be referred to as the issuer identification number (IIN). This numbering system was developed by a non-profit organization called ANSI, which also sets business standards in the United States.

A specific set of numbers (prefixes) identifies a card issue, meaning that different institutions have different prefixes for card numbers.

However, the first digit refers to the network that produced the card, which is also known as the Major Industry Identifier (MII). For example, the MII for a visa credit card starts with 4, which represents the banking and finance category (Source: Investopedia).

Digits 2 through 6 provide an identifier for a particular institution while 7-15 is a unique personal identifier, which identifies the name of the cardholder. The last digit (16 digits) verifies that the card number is accurate and not incorrect. This is what we call card anatomy. (Source: Credit Card Inside r).

On the other hand, ISO is an international NGO that sets a set of standards for various industries around the world including finance, airlines, fashion and many more.

How the Trash Can Works

All payment cards listed above have a BIN number embossed on the front of the card. During online payments, customers are asked to enter their details on the payment page. After sending the first 6 digits, BINS as we know it today, merchants can choose a card issuer such as Mastercard or American Express.

Why is Bin so important?


BIN : 516989xxxxxxxxxx

I can't stress enough how important BINS is. From a merchant's point of view, this allows them to accept various payments as well as speed up the payment process. They can also specify the originating bank plus their address and contact details.

This is especially important when processing geo-restricted payments. For example, you can't pay for, say a Spotify subscription with the country set to the United States, with a card not issued by a US publisher.

I think you may have seen an error message like that that the transaction was rejected despite entering accurate card details and having sufficient funds on the card.

Because the merchant can determine whether the issuing bank is in the same country as the device used to make payments. Another important benefit of BINS is that they allow merchants to check and rate their payment card transactions. BINS can also help to confirm customer address information.

According to a 2020 report by the Insurance Information Institute (III), identity theft has been on the rise since 2016 and accounts for 29% of consumer complaints. In addition, 29.7% of the top 5 identity theft cases involved credit card fraud (source: Insurance Information Institute).

This is why the BIN numbering system is important in cases of identity theft or security breaches by comparing cardholder data with issuer addresses.