Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Free Spotify premium account generator

As has become commonplace for netizens when they see people carelessly passing by in various posts to promote premium account merchandise.

Free Spotify premium account generator

One of them is a Spotify account. There are a lot of sellers, I guess, it's that easy?

Basically this Spotify Premium selling trick utilizes the trial feature. Especially the Family package so you can invite other people to sell. There are also pure individual packs, but they're rare because there aren't enough. ha ha

But the problem is the registration of the trial feature which requires us to use a credit card or VCC. In the past, using Jenius VCC it was easy to take advantage of this premium feature, in fact there are currently many obstacles, especially related to fines for those who forget to take CC data at the end of the trial period.

For that, we have to find a way to get CC/VCC data with the right BIN so that we can sign up for Spotify's premium trial feature without any problems. How to? wait a moment. read my explanation.

Spotify premium free - Spotify premium account builder for free

Last month, I successfully implemented this Spotify 1 month premium account creation method. All free, only requires a VPN and a few tricks. So until now I still enjoy this premium Spotify service.

I don't guarantee this method will continue to work, because if there are more users, the trick will definitely be easy for Spotify to find out and change the system and terms of the trial feature.

So don't get your hopes up, everything I share here is just for additional knowledge. Who knows it could be applied to other things too.

For the record, I got this method from depositors of premium accounts for different types of services. Her name is Ryandi Sundana.

How to Create a Free Spotify Premium Account 1 Month

In this article I provide 2 types of tutorials, namely text and video at the end of the text tutorial. This tutorial is done in a web browser, not through the Spotify application, later if you are premium, just login through the application.

1. Set up a Canada/US VPN

You can use any free VPN app as long as there are Canadian and US servers. If so, please just connect. In the video tutorial, the connection is after registering a Spotify account, because the most important thing is that the VPN is for CC execution. So for a safe line, just connect from the start.

2. Create a New Account on

Open a browser and go directly to Then enter random data as you wish, including email. But if you want to be a little more secure then use an active email that is idle, not an important email. Who knows there is a login problem, need a confirmation email, but there are rarely cases like that.

3. Create Credit Card data at

Well this is a kind of CC data generator. Although it seems random, in fact the CC data from this website is very reliable, and is the most important step. The last time I used translucent was only in 1 try. What is important in utilizing this Namso-Gen? related to BIN CC.

Open a new tab in the browser, then go to In BIN enter 45101560210xxxxx (for Canadian VPN). Or 406068x6xx2x02x8 (for US VPN). The month and year columns are just random. Empty CVV, and free quantity, just in case if the try fails, just enter 5 in Pipe format.

If so, please click generate, the CC data will appear.

4. On the Spotify web, select Menu Premium

Back on the Spotify web tab, please find the Premium menu and select the plan you want. For personal use select "Individual", for two select "Duo", and for multiple people select "Family". All are 1 month long.

5. Enter CC Data from Namso-Gen

If so, then you have to enter CC data from Namso-gen to activate the premium trial feature. Enter the CC data that was generated earlier. The security code is CVV (3 digits). Located at the end of the result. For zip code, just enter A1A1A1, or enter zip code from search result according to VPN country.

6. Use another BIN or CC data until it works

If you are lucky, then in one trial the premium features will be activated immediately. But if it fails, please use another previously generated cc data. If it still fails to generate, continue until you find one that does. You can also generate cc using BIN USA, don't forget to change VPN country too. Right now the easiest is BIN Canada.

7. Teacher Videos

That short. How to Create a Spotify Premium Account for 1 month for free. It works or not, please try it yourself, I last used it at the end of last month. And Spotify is still active until the end of this month.

Note, if it fails multiple times, try following the steps in the video, including the command to connect the VPN. I myself connected from scratch and it worked.