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Everything You Need To Know About Araucana Chicken

Araucana chicken - chicken that is still unusual in our latitudes because it comes from Chile. Initially, this is also to reveal an egg, very blue-green.

Everything You Need To Know About Araucana Chicken

Origin and history

At the end of the 19th century it was discovered among the Araucan Indians.

This chicken comes from a cross between two breeds, Collonca and Quetro. Over time, it has picked up some of the characteristics of this breed, including from the plumage and lack of a tail, as well as the color of the eggs in Collonca.

In areas where mountains do not belong to external conquest, races remain pure and still exist as in the Amazon Basin and the Andes.

The breed arrived in Europe in the 1920s, where it was highly regarded for its originality and strength, but also for its cavalier form and of course the color of its eggs! Lovers of originality are always happy today to have it in their chicken coop.

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Characteristics of Araucana

Chickens weigh between 1.5 and 2 kg, roosters can reach 2.5 kg. This breed is known for its strong character and strength. The roosters are also a bit more fighter than average.

wearing the beast is haughty, full of hope, in both men and women.

The body is matched, protruding at chest level, the feathers are slightly puffy especially on the wings and plastron. The absence and presence of earrings at the level of the ears of this breed well. The head is rather small and is moved by orange eyes.

Araucana eggs are turquoise in color with a pigment secreted by bile called "biliverdin". Araucana chickens are crossed with a mother hen that lays very brown eggs, producing offspring that will lay very green eggs.

Several parameters can make eggs look paler, such as strong sunlight, heat or stress.

Araucana begins laying eggs at 6 months of age, so you can expect around 180 eggs per year. Each egg weighs about 50 grams like most chicken eggs.

Araucana eggs have been targeted to produce little or no cholesterol, but research in America only changes the information.