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Araucana Chicken Egg Production, With Blue To Green Eggs

Araucana chickens are famous for their unique eggs due to their blue to green coloration. This is a rare chicken whose reproduction is not easy, mainly due to the lack of this breed.

Araucana Chicken Egg Production, With Blue To Green Eggs


Araucana chicken egg production

This hen lays 140 to 170 eggs a year, which she ponders for 21 days, which creates a good layer and good brood.

Getting to know Araucana chicken

  1. Size: average
  2. Weight: 1.6 kg to 2.5 kg
  3. Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  4. Gestation period: 21 days

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The origin and characteristics of the araucana chicken

The Araucana chicken is native to South America, and more specifically to Chile where it was bred in the late 19th century by Indians named "Araucans", from which this chicken takes its name. He comes from Collonca and Queteros chickens.

The main feature of Hen Araucana is one of the genes that makes it very resistant to laying eggs and its shell has a different turquoise color.

Their unusual color comes from a pigment contained in their bile called "oocyanine". These eggs are known to contain no (or very little) cholesterol.

The Araucana is medium in size and has a round body covered with puffy looking hairs, more prominently on the sides that form a kind of wig. It also has a back which gives it an elegant and vibrant look.

bright red or orange and this chicken has a crest on its head that looks like a walnut. However, it does not have an exposed skin like most other chickens.

Araucana chicken also has a uniqueness that is not found on the buttocks like most of its makers, so it does not have a tail. There are several varieties that differ in color, from white to black, through blue, wheat or salmon.

How to care for your Araucana Chicken?

Araucana chicken is an easygoing chicken even though it has a fairly strong character. He tends to be a fighter in a cage, especially a rooster. The presence of other chickens can be difficult to manage. Hen Araucana is also strong.

It takes at least 1 m² of space in a chicken coop to grow and develop.

Araucana chickens are famous for their unique eggs due to their blue to green coloration.

Where is the Araucana Chicken Habitat?

Araucana chickens need and value fresh grass more than anything else. Therefore, if he lives in a cage, he needs to be moved regularly so that he can always provide it.

Like most chickens, Hen Araucana is afraid of heat, humidity and wind. It is therefore advisable to protect your chicken coop from this danger, especially by raising it to protect against wet ground lifts. It should also be equipped with a perch.

What food to give his Hen Araucana?

Like all laying hens, Araucana is a favorite cereal, including wheat and barley, but also corn or barley. This constitutes about 70% of his diet. Omnivores, also need protein in the form of rice, leftover ground beef, fish skin or cheese.

Araucana chicken health: what you need to know

The araucana chicken is tough, so it is easy to remove from a health point of view. Only reproduction is more complicated. Like all chickens, it is still susceptible to parasitic intestinal disease, the common cold and attacks of black and red ticks on its feathers.

Araucana Chicken Reproduction

Raising araucana chickens is quite difficult because there are no butts in this breed. This physical anomaly does not support the rooster to mate perfectly with the female and thus reduces the chances of a good fertilization. This is why the Araucana Chicken is becoming rare. In addition, the chicken has a gene (which gives it a crest on its head) that can cause the death of the embryo.