Thursday, 14 October 2021

5 Ways to Get Free $300 Credit From DigitalOcean

How to Get $300 Free Credit From Digital Ocean - On this occasion I will share How to Get $300 Free Credit from Digital Ocean.

5 Ways to Get Free $300 Credit From DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is one of the best Virtual Private Server (VPS) service providers today. Why is it best? Because Digital Ocean uses KVM virtualization and SSD hard drives for their cloud server services which will increase the speed of data access faster than conventional hard drives.

Before using Digital Ocean Services, you must have a Credit Card or Paypal first, because Digital Ocean uses a credit card or paypal as a payment method. At the initial stage, Digital Ocean requires a minimum top-up of $5 for a leveraged account to be used immediately.

To register for Digitalocean and create a droplet, you need to prepare the following:

Twitter and Github accounts to take advantage of

Paypal account verified with balance amount for deposit payment. Even better if you have a credit card because you can make a deposit and at the same time strengthen your Digitalocean account.

If you have a Neteller card, both virtual and physical, it can also be used for verification and deposits as long as there is a balance of course.

Point is awarded if Digital Ocean requests leverage. generally the leverage process is not instant and you have to wait.

Digitalocean will perform manual verification of your data to prevent potential misuse/fraud, and if there are no problems then once approved you will immediately be able to create droplets for your project needs.

Those are all terms and conditions! Now is the time to process how to register a VPS on the newest DigitalOcean and immediately get a free DO balance.

How to get a Free $300 credit From DigitalOcean

1. Click this link to Register. Once opened, simply fill out the form and click "Sign Up"

2. Check your email inbox, then click the confirmation link from Digital Ocean to activate your account

3. After confirmation, make the first payment so that your account is active. payment can be made by Paypal or Credit Card with a minimum payment of $ 5

4. Done, Congratulations you got $10 from Digital Ocean
To get $300 Free Credit from DigitalOcean, go to "Settings > Referrals" menu

5. Copy the Referral Link and share with your friends, when your friends sign up for DigitalOcean with that link, you will automatically get a free $300 Credit from Digital Ocean.

That's the tutorial How to Get $300 Free Credit from Digital Ocean, Hopefully Helpful