Friday, 8 October 2021

5 Rarest Chicken Breeds

For most people, chicken can be a source of animal protein. But for some people, this animal is an exotic animal.

5 Rarest Chicken Breeds

Chickens that are a favorite of poultry lovers do come from special breeds that are classified as rare.

Here are the 5 rarest chicken breeds 

1. Naked Chicken

Naked Chicken

This featherless chicken is a cross species created by Avigdor Cahaner, an Israeli scientist.

Chickens are a mixture of broilers and featherless breeds that are more efficient for cultivation in warm countries. In addition, this chicken can increase efficiency in the abattoir because it does not take time to pluck the feathers.

Unfortunately, roosters are also difficult to mate as they cannot flap their wings to maintain balance. Meanwhile, chickens are more susceptible to parasites, skin diseases, mosquito attacks, temperature changes, and sunburn because they do not have feathers that serve as body protection.

2. Silk chicken

Silk chicken

These chickens look cute, don't they? This is the silkie chicken which is famous for its soft fur like a kitten. According to Strange Animals, this chicken has black bones, beak and skin. But the fur can be colorful. Silkie chickens are usually kept as pets at home because of their cute appearance.

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3. Onagadori Chicken

Onagadori Chicken

Onagadori chickens have very long tails, making their overall appearance look exotic. Reporting from Strange Animals, this chicken comes from Kochi Prefecture, Japan. The length of the tail can reach 8 meters if properly cared for.

4. Cemani Chicken

Cemani Chicken

This native Indonesian chicken is famous because all parts of its body are black. Not only the fur and skin are black, the eyes, innards, and bones are also black. Even the blood of the cemani chicken is very dark, unlike chicken in general.

5. Dong Tao Chicken

Dong Tao Chicken

This type of Dong Tao chicken comes from the Khoai Chau District, near the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Previously only bred specifically for the consumption needs of the royal family. But now served in luxury restaurants whose customers are rich people.

This chicken does have a large and healthy body, with the color of the claws similar to the dragon's feet. A single Dong Tao rooster can weigh up to 6 kilograms.

But what makes these chickens so expensive is that they are quite difficult to breed.

Dong Tao chickens are very sensitive to changes in the weather. The number of eggs produced by the female is much less than that of ordinary chickens.

Meanwhile, Dong Tao's chicken feet are very large, making the incubation process difficult. So that not many chicks are trampled to death, the incubation must be assisted by humans.