5 Key Rules For The Sport Of Rugby

Rugby is a soccer sport that uses hands. This sport is played in groups where each group consists of 13-15 people.

5 Key Rules For The Sport Of Rugby

This sport uses an oval ball that is held to be carried by the player in any way.

Rugby is synonymous with violence because the game allows for physical contact between players.

After discussing the history of rugby, this time we will discuss the rules of the rugby game.

In the sport of rugby there are main rules that every player must obey.

Here are the 5 main rules for the sport of rugby

1. Kick Off

Kick off is the first kick to start the match.

2. Restart Kick Off

Restart kick off is a kick taken after a goal or try has occurred.

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3. Ruck

Ruck is a situation where the ball is on the ground and between two players in close quarters.

At times like this the player must not take the ball with his hands but must use his feet.

4. Maul

Maul is a situation where a player carrying the ball is successfully detained by one or more opposing players and a teammate who carries the ball is also detained, then the ball is prohibited from touching the ground.

5. Mark

Mark occurs when a player is on the 22-meter line. The player manages to catch the ball from the opponent's kick then the player shouts the word "mark".

If this happens, the opponent is prohibited from making tackles and the player may drop out.