5 Basic Rules In Tennis

Tennis is a sport played by using a racket to hit a tennis ball.

5 Basic Rules In Tennis

Maybe for people who are playing for the first time will be a little confused in playing tennis.

Because every sport must have basic rules so that sports games can run smoothly, including tennis. There are some basic rules to know.

Here are 5 basic rules in tennis

1. Rackets and Costumes

In participating in a tennis match, don't use a racket carelessly, a tennis racket already has a standard length of 29 inches (73.66mm) and a width of 12.5 inches (31.75 mm). The racket must have a flat string area. .

In addition to the standard racket size, you must use the specified tennis costume. There are so many tennis court costumes sold in the market.

I recommend buying a costume made of a material that easily absorbs sweat.

In addition you also have to use special tennis court shoes.

Why do you need special shoes? Because special shoes that have been designed to play tennis at the same time will make you comfortable when moving and can protect you from injury.

2. Tennis Court

For a tennis court, the court must be level. There should be no bumps let alone holes, it will definitely disturb players.

For the size of the court and the size of the net, there are already standard sizes that have been set by the ITF federation which oversees tennis around the world.

3. Perform Service

The player who serves first, for example A must be behind the baseline when serving.

The serve is directed diagonally to the receiving player's court, for example B. The ball must bounce once before being returned by B.

In a doubles game, the pair receiving the ball may not touch the service ball until it has been hit by the receiver, for example player B.

The ball is declared in if it is able to pass through the net and without bouncing in its own area and the ball is declared out if it falls outside the field or does not touch the predetermined line.

4. Score Calculation

Generally International matches will be played in 3 sets, although sometimes men's doubles/singles will play 5 sets. In 3 sets, the player or team that wins the first 2 sets will be the winner.

If the score reaches 40-40 it is called a deuce in tennis terms. The player must win 2 more points to win the game. The player who enters the ball when the position is still deuce gets a superior value or the term 'Ad' or 'Advantage'.

However, if the player who gives the score is called 'ad in' and if the receiver receives the points it is called 'ad out'.

To win in a set, you must win 6 games by a margin of 2 (except using tie breaks). You can win the game by 6-4.6-3.6-2.6-1.6-0 but not by 6-5.

If the score reaches 6-5, additional games will be played until one of the players wins by 2 games and the score becomes 7-5.8-6.10-8.

The tie break system is used to prevent too many sets and generally uses a 12-point system. If the game reaches 6-6 the first player must reach 7 points with a difference of 2 points with the opponent to win the set and it will end with a score of 7-6.

In playing tennis, knowing the basic rules is very important so as not to get confused when following a tennis match.

5. Place Selection

Before the game begins, of course, there is a selection of the position of the game and who will serve first.


The same goes for tennis. The selection of these two things is done by the referee using coins or other tools owned by the referee.

Please note that at the start of the match, players will always be on the right on each side of the court.