3 How to get rid of fruit flies indoors

Flies are one of the annoying little animals because they often reach for food or drink. Not only that, flies also usually present various types of diseases.

3 How to get rid of fruit flies indoors

Then how to get rid of flies from the room and make it never come back again?

While the use of chemicals is often a weapon to repel, but not effective.

Now there's no need to be confused anymore, the admin has a powerful way to take advantage of flies with simple tools or natural ingredients.

Quite a lot of natural materials around us that can actually be used to repel flies.

In addition to using natural ingredients, there are also other methods and materials that can be used to repel flies in the room, both large flies and fruit flies.

Here's 3 How to get rid of fruit flies indoors

1. How to Repel Indoor Fruit Flies with Pandan Leaves

Who says pandan leaves can only be used for cooking?

It turns out that these long and fragrant leaves can also be used to repel flies, you know!

Yes, it turns out that flies don't like the aroma produced by pandan leaves.

The method is quite easy.

You only need to provide a few pandan leaves which are then sliced ​​until smooth.

Next, place the leaf pieces on a plate or bowl.

If you have, keep a plate or bowl that already contains pieces of pandan leaves in a place where many flies are infested.

2. Repel indoor fruit flies with cloves

As we know, cloves or often called cloves have a distinctive aroma that is quite sharp.

It turns out that flies don't like the smell of this spice.

Therefore, you can use it to expel at home.

Then how to get rid of using cloves?

Easy and very simple.

Just soak enough clove seeds in a bowl of air.

Then soak the cloves in a place where there are a lot of flies.

3. Combination of Oranges and Lemons to Repel Flies from the Room

Not only delicious to drink, these two fruits can also function as fly repellents.

If you are going to use both of these fruits, you should also include the cloves.

Yes, oranges and lemons won't be able to repel if you don't add cloves.

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Things to do are:

  • Cut each fruit into four pieces
  • Plug 12 cloves into each piece of fruit
  • Keep everything in the corners frequented by flies.
  • Not only flies, the pungent smell of this combination can repel other small insects.

Those are some ways to get rid of fruit flies in the room, hopefully this information is useful!!