Friday, 24 September 2021

Your facebook account is too new to create a business account. try again in an hour.

Is too new to create a business facebook account. try again in an hour. - Over the last few years, we've seen an increase in Facebook ad accounts and across Business Managers without warning.

Your facebook account is too new to create a business account. try again in an hour.

Below will help you circumvent Facebook's ad tool blocking, followed by five additional steps to reactivate your account, sometimes in less than 24 hours.

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Here is a 5 Simple Steps to Recover Deactivated Facebook Ads Account

1.  Follow Facebook's advertising policies 

The most common reason an account is closed is due to a violation of Facebook policies. This policy is not as long as legal paragraphs as you might expect. While it's easy to read, it can hopefully be ambiguous, so do your due diligence.

2. Make sure the landing page is appropriate.

Compliance doesn't stop with your ads. It also extends to the page beyond the click. Follow the advertising policies on your landing page, including links to required legal statements and disclaimers.

This documentation often includes privacy, terms and conditions, an earnings disclaimer, and a wording that your site is not affiliated with Facebook. Consult a lawyer to ensure you are protected with

3. Frequently run engagement ads.

When that score drops too low, Facebook will disable it. classifieds that deliver value and engage your audience build a positive track record that reduces the negative feedback that more aggressive ads might receive.

4. Attempts to create a game system.

Robots are behind most of the accounts that regulate. They won't appreciate your brilliant idea of ​​bypassing the technical rules. 

Do not use bait or misleading bait and images.

Skip making claims (even if they are true), let them know and provide examples.

5. Clean your account.

Separate resources between accounts by removing accounts that no longer require access, and use separate payment methods for each account. 

Now, do you have a Facebook or Business Manager ad account? Here's a five-step process to get it back, even if you've received the message that the decision is final.

1. Understanding it may not be personal.

Remember, Facebook automates most action platforms. This encourages your ad to be served, but creates contradictions because the ad agrees.

2. Exaggerating.

Accounts are often closed due to frustration with customer service representatives. Imagine how often the support staff gets scolded. Who do you think they will do to help? Yes, people who apologize and appreciate.

Even if you are very upset, avoid the urge to vent to Facebook. Before you appeal to the account that wrote, write a letter and include all your frustrations - then delete them. With Facebook, avoid cues, such as full shouts or plain tones. Instead, say how much you appreciate the representative's efforts to help track your account.

3. Acknowledge full responsibility.

If Facebook doesn't tell you the reason for the shutdown, do your research to find out which policies you may be violating and are responsible for. Even if you believe it's Facebook's fault, don't make excuses or blame. 

4. Take precautions to prevent future violations.

Conclude your communication by describing the system you are using to ensure policy errors do not occur again.

5. Don't accept the "final" answer.

I've seen ad accounts take six months and over 20 appeals to support, and that's for misconstrued violations. If the data in your account is important, call once or twice a week until you can communicate with someone who can help.

Understand that most chats may not have direct authority to take action on your behalf, but always ask if there are additional actions you can take.