Friday, 24 September 2021

What is network marketing and how does it work

What is network marketing and how does it work - An online Ad Network can be defined as a digital platform, created with the sole purpose of serving Advertisements to registered publishers. Registered Publishers are owners of websites and Blogs who earn income from displaying Ads.

What is network marketing and how does it work

It is a simple concept aimed at advertisers with bloggers and website owners displaying such ads on their web.

In other words, “Ad Network” facilitates the relationship between advertisers who purchase available Ad space (Inventory) from a group of publishers in different geographic locations across different categories (Niche).

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Here is a what is network marketing and how does it work

1. Defining what an Ad Network is

Technology has advanced today with many functions that allow more ad optimization and targeting tools to reach more target audience.

However, there are always two important sections or groups in every advertising platform namely Advertisers and Publishers.

Advertisers are frequent or individual, they pay for them, create ads and submit those ads for approval by admins. Once the Ads are approved, they are shared on the publisher's web page.

Ad sharing follows a process and guidelines based on publisher preferences. When creating Ads from Adnetwork inventory, they select specific Ads based on their location, keywords and niche.


To avoid confusion, this ad network only covers online advertising and not traditional advertising media which includes television, print media and radio.

The most widely used Pricing Models are CPM, CPC or PPC, CPA, etc. AdNetwork like AdsTargets offers publishers the ability to create different Ad units like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, In-App Ads. In addition, publishers can choose their preferred device to publish their Ads.

2. Server Ad Network 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by newbies in the advertising industry. To clear up any confusion, we explain them below.

What is an Ad Server? Simply put, in a given campaign, any inventory, monitoring and management technology used by Advertisers, publishers and is used to run and deliver accounts on Ads. It is further categorized into two different types based on its users.

It is also a similar technology that offers almost all the functionality but is slightly different in accessing inventory and the delivery method of distributing Ads is different from the previous two.

It is another form of advertising technology but unlike ad servers, this technology is mostly used to manage multiple advertising campaigns which store advertising materials during media purchase transactions between publishers and advertisers.

The next complication after understanding this Ads and Networks server one will ask how it works which takes us to the next level.

3. How Do Ad Networks Work?


Ad networks gather multiple publishers to deliver the required inventory to potential advertisers on a premium or auction basis.

Advertisers use the Ad Network campaign platform to prepare Ads which are then automatically distributed to available publisher inventory.

Online advertising solutions offer advertisers the flexibility to create multiple campaigns and combine reporting on campaigns.

In addition, advertisers with affordable prices have the possibility to organize their campaigns based on desired clicks, impressions and actions.