Tuesday, 21 September 2021

What is a good amount of credit cards to have

Good amount of credit cards to have - If you are curious, this is a recommendation for a reasonable and safe credit card number.

What is a good amount of credit cards to have

Credit cards offer many advantages when used wisely. However, having too many credit cards is quite another. 

For financial planners, having a credit card can help form a credit score (BI Checking). If you are more familiar with credit schemes and other banking products.

In addition, credit card issuers also often give greater discounts than cash payments. Other facilities, you can take advantage of the installment scheme which is one of the facilities.

ABC's Shark Tank entrepreneur and financial planner Kevin O'Leary said there's nothing wrong with having a credit card as long as you know your needs and how to use it. "(Ideal amount) at least two credit cards.

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Here is a What is a good amount of credit cards to have 

The first credit card, was a credit card with a very small limit. Kevin suggests using this credit card for online shopping. The goal is, if one day you are hacked by hackers, a small limit will not hurt your finances too deeply.

For example, for purchasing expensive items. The condition is, you credit the credit card number on the internet. Even though, one private credit card, the other," he continued.

Several credit cards offer point rewards programs to customers. The more you spend, the more you can redeem points for discounts or other facilities. Related to this, Kevin advised not to pay attention to it.

"Forget all about affinity points. You only get a very small amount of it. If you have one, exchange it for cashback," he suggested.