Friday, 24 September 2021

Unable to create account your advertising access is restricted

Can't get your ad access account restricted - This time I'm going to cover one topic that hurts me the most and most people.

Unable to create account your advertising access is restricted

The topic is about Disabled Account or most people say AME (Ads Manager Error). why for me? Because recently I got a call from the Singapore Facebook team stating that my Business Manager is one of the Business Managers with the highest number of Disabled Revenues. Simply put, my BM happens a lot AME.

This is one of the naughty players that got into my BM and my mistake is, I didn't know that in the last 1 month this kind of players flooded my BM, a very drastic occurrence.

As an outlet for my feelings, now I will write a multipurpose account, after I hope that similar incidents will no longer grow and develop in Indonesia. You destroy the community. You destroy your own business and the business of others. Please understand that.

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What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media service. I don't need to explain further, you understand. This is Facebook's mission.

I created this summary of Facebook's Terms of Service. There are 9 core things they serve. here's the text:

FB service to us

  • Provide a personalized experience
  • Connects you with friends and organizations you care about
  • Gives you the ability to express and voice what's important to you
  • help you find content or things you like
  • Combat things that are troubling society and make you comfortable interacting
  • Always using the latest technology for added security and better service
  • Always doing research to improve service to you
  • Providing unlimited experiences between fellow FB products (IG, WA, etc.)
  • Make FB accessible to everyone everywhere
  • Your commitment on Facebook

Based on the service, you will agree to the following:

Your Commitment to Facebook and Community

Your obligations

Using real and correct identity

Provide accurate personal information

Only have 1 FB account and use it for personal use

Not sharing Facebook account (sharing with other parties), providing passwords and transferring Facebook accounts

Your social obligations

You must not do:

  • Violation of community rules and standards
  • Create and share content that:
  • Breaking the law
  • Discriminatory
  • deceive (mislead)
  • Cheating (fraud)
  • Hijacking mistakes other people's copyright infringement
  • Don't upload viruses, scripts or code that can prevent Facebook from working properly
  • Do not attempt to access, collect or attempt to collect data from Facebook without permission
  • Pay close attention to the above.

This is why your account cannot access ads or is restricted

Things in Community Standards

Combating Crime and Violence

Facebook will detect violence/crime, and remove posts and content from Facebook

track personal/organizational accounts involved in violent acts, or linked to violent activities such as

Remove content that encourages hate and other criminals

Remove Content that regulates violence against others (humans, animals, the environment)

The issuance of goods related to goods regulated by law, such as drugs, firearms, sharp weapons.

Pay Attention to Security

Removing self-killing and self-destructing things

Eliminate child pornography and sexual exploitation

Remove exploits.