Monday, 27 September 2021

The process of milking goats is good and right

Goat milking is the main product of dairy cows which is highly nutritious.

The process of milking goats is good and right

Goat milk protein is not inferior to cow's milk, goat's milk protein is 3.7% while cow's milk protein is 3.3%. Judging from the protein content is higher than cow's milk.

Etawa goat's milk contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, chemical elements, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are needed by our bodies. By not being too friendly with the stomach, goat's milk can be easily and quickly digested by the body.

The human digestive system takes 20 minutes to digest goat's milk and about 2-3 hours to digest cow's milk.

Goat's milk is obtained through milking goats, and the type of goat's milk that is commonly consumed is the type of Ettawa goat's milk.

A good milking process can produce good milk and vice versa if milking is done in a rough and unhygienic way it will endanger mastitis (goat inflammation) which can reduce the quality and quantity of goat milk production.

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The following is an explanation of the stages of good goat milking, from the preparation stage to the milking stage.



Workers wear clean clothes and are prohibited from using rings, bracelets, watches and other jewelry.

Before process

milking wash hands with soap until clean

clean the goat from dirt using a clean cloth that has been moistened with warm (lukewarm) water at a temperature of 370C

Dip the nipples in warm water

Apply the nipples using Vaseline or margarine so that the milk does not hurt or blister



do the initial milking by squeezing each nipple 3-4 jets (bursts) of milk

Stored in a black bowl or glass container

Pay attention to the state of the milk whether the milk is Normal or Cracked (milk color changes, the formation of fine granules or clots)

Throw away the milk



During milking, workers are prohibited from smoking, eating, drinking and sneezing into the milk.

Milking is attempted using all five fingers and should not be milked with a pulling massage because it can cause the nipple to feel hot for a long time.

Milking is done until the milk runs out, which aims to stimulate the mammary glands to actively produce milk again.

After finishing milking, the udder and nipples are rinsed using clean and warm water, then the nipples are dipped in warm water.

In addition to good milking techniques, another factor is personal hygiene that carries out the milking process, to prevent contamination of milk, the officers who influence must pay attention to the following things:

Things that must be done by the milking officer at the time of milking:

  • The milkman must be in good health
  • Wash hands with antiseptic soap before doing milking activities
  • Don't wear rings, bracelets, watches, happy milking
  • Wear clean clothes
  • No long nails
  • Cover the wound with a waterproof plaster
  • Don't smoke during milking
  • Don't cough/sneeze into the milk
  • Don't eat & drink safe milking process