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Network marketing ads examples

Network marketing ads examples - Perhaps for most people, advertisements that are familiar are advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, or billboards.

Network marketing ads examples

Online advertising is an advertisement that uses the internet as a medium for delivering promotional messages, whether displayed on desktop computers or mobile devices. 

Before discussing the types of online advertising for different types of businesses, it's good to know the advantages of using online advertising. Here are the advantages you can get:

Online advertising makes it very easy for you to do analysis. You can clearly unify the effectiveness of your ads from the reach, cost and target of your ads. The ad platform already provides a variety of reporting data that you can analyze to determine your next ad target.

Online Advertising is More Various Formats

In addition to more, online advertising has the advantage of freedom in determining the type and format of the ad. Starting from images, videos, text, to a combination of the three you can use as needed.

Types of Online Ads You Can Use

After knowing the types of online advertising and the following examples of online advertising, it is hoped that you can grow your business. You can also find out which ad types are best suited for your business. 

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Here is a network marketing ads examples

1. Paid Search

Since the invention of online search engines, anyone can find anything in cyberspace, from scientific journals to household appliances.

The existence of Google's online search engine has also changed consumer behavior, where consumers can now search for products on Google first. Google calls this state a Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

According to Google, as many as 84 percent of consumers search for products on Google before making a search. You can use this opportunity to display your online advertisement through search results.

However, we will only discuss paid searches from Google because they have the most users.

Google provides paid search services through Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. Google renamed Google AdWords to Google Ads while maintaining existing features by providing new features such as Smart Campaigns.

A more complete description of the latest version of Google Ads will only be released around July 2018.

Google Ads offers a way of advertising through search results, display ads, YouTube ads, and ads in mobile apps.

Types of online advertising

The thing to pay attention to in paid search is keywords. You have to choose the right keywords, that is, the keywords that most potential customers search for to find your product.

When finding keywords related to certain products, potential consumers can find search results with advertising labels as above. Search results with advertising labels are referred to as paid searches.

For example, when someone searches for Indonesian hosting, Google will place a Niagahoster hosting ad in that person's search results.

2. Paid Social

In the first point, it has been explained about online advertising in Google search results. Not only in Google search results, you can also create online ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media is a strategic place in cyberspace to place your online advertisements. Based on APJII research, 87.13 percent of internet users in Indonesia access social media services.

Some of the popular social media that you can use are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads.

There are several differences to consider when choosing social media to place your ads on. The first thing to consider is the goals that each social media can achieve.

Facebook and Instagram offer the same three goals as they come under one corporate umbrella, namely Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

3. Email Marketing

You can also advertise via email. 

Email marketing is not only cheap, but also very effective. According to research by McKinsey and Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media like Facebook and Twitter.