Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Marketing is business and business is marketing

Marketing is business and business is marketing - Business Marketing Management is a program analysis, planning, implementation and control tool designed to create, build, and maintain profitable exchanges with target markets with the aim of achieving the company's primary goal of making a profit.

Marketing is business and business is marketing

According to Philip Kotler, management is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to produce desired exchanges with target markets to achieve organizational goals.

It strongly supports the design of organizations that offer in terms of target market needs and wants and use effective pricing, communication, and distribution to convey, motivate and serve the market.

Marketing managers must undertake planning, coordination, and execution control with the marketing functions of marketing research, product planning and development, pricing, advertising, sales and distribution for the purpose of satisfying the needs of consumers, business and society.

Business Marketing Management Concept

The marketing concept philosophy aims to provide satisfaction to the wants and needs of buyers/consumers. All activities in companies that apply the marketing concept must be directed to meet these goals.

By definition it can be said that the marketing concept is a business philosophy which states that satisfying consumer needs is an economic and social requirement for a company (Stanton, 1978).

Here is a Marketing is business and business is marketing

Important elements in marketing management, namely:

1. Market Oriented, oriented to consumer desires. Where consumers will become kings, producers will later provide various offers, starting from products to customer service methods.

2. Marketing Planning, preparation of integrated marketing activities. All marketing activities, from strategy, implementation, analysis, monitoring, and other activities related to marketing must be prepared in detail.

3. consumer goals, customer satisfaction. Consumer goals are only measured by product quality, but also by how the company's marketing strategy is carried out.

Business Marketing Management Function

The following are some of the important functions of marketing business management, including:

1. Product Delivery Function (Distributing)

The function of marketing management is very important with the aim that your product is known by the wider community. So, people will be interested to be interested. In the absence of this first function, how will the public know about your business product.

2. Buy and Sell Function (Trading)

The second management function is the basic essence of marketing management in order to provide benefits from the buying and selling process of the products it has. The buying and selling is the activity of product transactions, whether in the form of goods or services carried out by producers and consumers.

This principle can really be applied by marketing management, so this will provide benefits for companies and consumers.

3. Function of Provision of Facilities (Facilitating)

The third function is a function that deals with various aspects of displaying production. These aspects include aspects of warehousing, communication, and also sorting products to conform to standards.

4. Research Function (Research)

Marketing management must also conduct research on consumers about the goods needed by consumers. So that in the marketing process it will be accepted and sold in the market.

5. Processing (Processing) Function

Function is a process of changing an item to become an item that has added value. So that later it will increase the selling value of the item.

Marketing Strategy Planning

Marketing Strategy (Marketing Strategy) is the process of determining the target market with the associated marketing mix strategy.

1. Target Market, a homogeneous group of customers or markets that the company wants to serve.

2. Marketing Mix, the variables compiled by the company in order to satisfy the target market.

Marketing mix is ​​a combination of four variables or activities that form the core of a company's marketing system, namely products, price structures, promotional activities and distribution channel systems. The marketing mix of these variables can be used as the basis for taking a strategy in an effort to get a very strategic position in the market.