Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Importance of marketing in business

Importance of marketing in business - Maybe many of you still interpret marketing as the same as sales, although it is closely related to business and customers, but actually marketing and sales are two very different things.

Importance of marketing in business

Starting from understanding, work processes, scope of work, priorities and different functions make sales and marketing not the same.

Definition of Marketing

In its own sense, buying and selling is the activity or business of selling products or services from the seller to the buyer at a certain price.

Marketing begins with the fulfillment of human needs which then develops into human desires Because it can be interpreted that sales or sales are more of an activity to sell a product or service, while marketing or marketing is a strategy carried out to increase sales in a particular business.

Marketing Function

The main goal of a company is to make a profit by producing goods and services needed by the community as its target market, therefore the marketing function cannot be company profits so that business goals can be achieved.

To be able to achieve business goals, marketing has an important function in the company which is divided into three types.

These functions are the exchange function, distribution function, and intermediary function. Each function certainly has different activities and implementations in the business.

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Here is a Importance of marketing in business

A. Exchange Function

The first marketing or marketing function is the exchange function, namely the exchange function so that consumers can buy products by exchanging them. Exchange here can be in the form of exchanging money for goods or goods in buying and selling, products that can be used alone or resold.

B. Physical Distribution Function

The second marketing function is the physical distribution function, the physical distribution of products is carried out by transporting and storing products from producers to be given or sold to consumers.

While storage is done by entrusting and maintaining the amount of inventory so that there is no shortage of products needed to meet community needs.

C. Intermediary Function

This function connects two other functions, namely the exchange function and the physical distribution function.

The Role of Marketing in Business

After knowing the functions of marketing, namely the function of exchange, physical distribution and intermediaries, you will more easily understand the important role of marketing in an organization.

However, in addition to knowing and understanding the function of marketing in a business, it helps you also understand the important role of marketing in a business.

A. As Sales

One of the main roles of marketing in business is as sales or sales, because we seem to know that one of the important things of a business is the profits derived from the process of selling an item or service produced from the business.

B. As a Promotion

Marketing also plays a role in promoting businesses and products produced by business actors, both in the form of goods and services. The goal is that the community as the target consumer of the business can get to know the product and increase business profits by increasing sales potential.

C. Research and Development

Besides acting as sales and promotion, marketing also plays a role in product research and development so that the products provided are always up-to-date and can meet changing market needs.

It aims to increase sales and company profits. Marketing must research consumer needs and make certain innovations to the company's products, as well as ascertain whether these products can meet consumer needs or need to be redeveloped.

D. Implementation of the Marketing Communication Concept

Marketing communication or marketing communication is a field in communication that stores communication strategies in communicating a product.