Monday, 27 September 2021

How to Plant Lavender Seeds For Beginners

Lavender seedling - You must have seen lavender flowers with their beautiful purple color right?

How to Plant Lavender Seeds For Beginners

Generally this flower is known as a mosquito repellent flower. In fact, some insect repellent products also use lavender flowers as a base.

The scent contains linalool and linalyl which mosquitoes don't like. 

Lavender is a fairly versatile flower. Can be planted outside or inside the house using a pot.

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Here are 5 Ways to Grow Lavender Seeds in Pots

1. Choosing lavender flower seeds

Many people think that lavender flowers only have purple color, but this flower has other colors, you know, such as blue, white, and yellow. There are 25 types of lavender flowers!

Well, before you choose seeds, it's a good idea to know in advance the color you want and also its suitability to the environment where you live.

If you have determined the type you want, buy it at the store to get quality seeds. Don't forget to choose the seeds first, Moms! Choose seeds that are free of insects and have not expired.

2.  Different growing medium.

Lavender planting media itself consists of a mixture of soil, compost or rice husks, and sand in a ratio of 1:1:1.

For the container, prepare a pot or polybag with a hole at the bottom, and 5 cm thick Styrofoam. Don't forget to adjust the diameter of the styrofoam with the diameter of your pot or polybag, Moms!

3. Sowing lavender seeds

Seeding is the process of growing seeds into sprouts. In planting lavender flowers, this process is very important, you know, Moms. Many fail to grow lavender because they fail at this stage.

Well, so that Mama's sprouts grow well, follow these steps:

Place the Styrofoam in the bottom of the pot or polybag. Styrofoam will absorb excess moisture. 

Enter the planting media that Mama has prepared,

Make a hole in the center, then add one lavender seed.

It is recommended that one pot be planted with only one seed so that the chances of success are higher.

If you have done the steps above, water the lavender flower seeds and place them in a place that is exposed to sunlight.

4. Transferring lavender seeds

Generally, lavender sprouts will reach a height of 15 cm after one month. Well, this is the right time to move it to a wider planting medium.

However, an hour before planting, water and let the lavender sprouts sit first.

Well, in the new planting medium, you need to leave a distance of 30-45 cm between the sprouts so that their growth does not interfere with each other.

5. Lavender flower care

As mentioned above, lavender flowers do not like moist soil. Therefore, does not need to water this plant too often. 

To grow well, place lavender flowers in a sunny place, apply organic fertilizer, and remove annoying weeds.

Lavender branches also need to be pruned once a year to keep them tidy and stimulate the growth of new shoots.

That's how to grow lavender flowers. Pretty easy to try right? Come on, plant this flower so that your house is free from mosquitoes.