How to Make Scientific Articles for Lecture Assignments

In general, how to create an interesting article is not as difficult as you think. It just takes effort, like any other job.

The article itself is a short 300 to 1,000 word essay, which addresses a specific theme to convey thoughts about a particular fact, concept, or opinion.

For some people, how to write articles is easy, because they only need to put it into their heads in a piece of writing. But not a few also have difficulty when writing articles, especially as scientific works for college assignments.


As a student or student, assignments are never separated from articles. This is because to familiarize someone in writing scientific papers, theses, or how to make other articles.

Therefore, so that you can understand how to write a scientific article, follow the steps below.

1. Define Theme

The thing that must be considered when writing articles is that the theme of your writing must be specific. This means that the more specific your theme is, the more likely people will be interested in reading your work.

This is because most articles, especially those with descriptions and narratives, do not state the purpose of writing explicitly, but implicitly.

2. Formulate the main idea or problem

After determining the theme, the way to write a scientific article is to formulate the main idea in each paragraph. For example, you want to describe a problem in the first paragraph, then the example of the problem is in the second paragraph, the cause in the third paragraph, the impact in the fourth paragraph, and the solution in the fifth paragraph.

3. Make a Conclusion

In this one step, don't forget to include in the discussion you wrote in an article, namely the conclusion.

Of the three things, the thing that should not be missed in writing an article is that it must contain 5W+1H elements, be factual, and not offend individuals or groups.

If you are a person who likes to write, of course you continue to look for references that are good enough to be used as guidelines in making good and correct articles. Yes, right?

Therefore, let's learn together to create quality and useful content, by learning how to make good and correct articles like the following.

1. Minimize the distance between the reader and the story in the first paragraph

Not many people realize that the first paragraph in an article actually affects the attitude of the reader in reading an article.

Here, how to write a good and correct article is to write a short opening paragraph and to the point.

2. Shorten Paragraphs

Condensing paragraphs is indeed a challenge in itself, but this is intended so that readers can continue reading paragraph after paragraph without feeling tired.

If this is difficult for you, the way to do it is to leave some blank space by cutting a few paragraphs into sentences.

3. Make Articles Short But Still Sweet

Actually, to make a good and correct article, you only need effective sentences, not long-winded or long-winded sentences.

A sweet article by itself means it has an impact and still deserves to be shared with others.

4. Provide Valuable Content

Often we find articles that have no meaning at all alias only focus on viewers or site traffic.

Therefore, never write an article just a piece of content. But, write articles for the sake of meaning and understanding.