Saturday, 25 September 2021

How to get followers on Instagram without following

How to get followers on Instagram without following - Having a large number of Instagram followers is the dream of the average Instagram social media user.

How to get followers on Instagram without following

If you want to add a lot of Instagram followers, of course you have to follow a lot of people too so that they follow you, then your number of followers will automatically increase, and you don't want to have a lot of followers. .

Then how to add Instagram followers without adding followers?

How to add Instagram followers without adding a following is actually quite easy.

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Here is a how to get followers on Instagram without following

1. The first step you have to do for how

adding Instagram followers without adding followers is having to follow the sultanfollowers2 account first. Please look for the sultanfollowers2 account first.

2. Click "follow" sultanfollowers2 account.

3. Click follow all accounts followed by sultanfollowers2 or follow accounts. But remember, don't be too fast, because you can block your account later. You can give a pause of 2-3 seconds.

4. After you follow all sultanfollowers2 accounts, don't forget to follow all of these accounts again.

5. After waiting for about 30 minutes, it's time for you to repeat the method above, which is to follow all sultanfollowers2 accounts, then stop following again.

this way as often as possible, and your follower count increases, and followers don't grow.

Well, how does it turn out to be very easy and easy, how to add Instagram followers without adding followers.

But it should also be noted, don't be too quick to follow and unfollow the celebrity accounts above. Don't get your Instagram account blocked.

If your account has been blocked, your account can't follow and unfollow again for a while, some even up to 3-6 days the account can't follow and unfollow like my own experience which is very fast doing this trick.

Wait a few seconds to follow and unfollow again, at least give a 2-3 second break.

In addition to how to add Instagram followers without increasing following, there are still many other tips and tricks that you should try and pay attention to so that the number of followers on your Instagram account is large, and of course there are few followers.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to add Instagram followers without adding other followers:

1. Username

In order for the number of followers of your account to increase, the username or username deserves attention. Use a username that is easy for people to type and memorize, not a username that is difficult for people to spell and write. It's better if you just write your real name so it doesn't matter.

2. Create a neat ig profile

So that people want to follow you and increase your followers, don't carelessly write words in your bio, like the words alay and lebay. Write in your bio things that describe you, such as your hobbies, what you do, what department you're in, and a contact number you can call.

3. Profile photo

Now this is very important, if your profile photo is good and attractive, people will be interested in opening your profile. Don't forget to post a photo that clearly shows your face.

4. Content

You do not carelessly upload content on your Instagram account if it is not a news account. If your personal account uploads it according to your passions and hobbies, and doesn't interfere with things you don't like. If you like nature, you can upload photos of mountains, rice fields and other beautiful natural scenery.

5. Add Following with Description

Never upload a photo without writing a description, as this will confuse your followers. Write a clear description that describes the photo you're uploading, even if it's brief.

6. Hashtags

It is very important to add hashtags or hashtags to the photos you upload. Who knows, someone will like your photo and then follow you. If the photo you uploaded is a photo of rendang, you can add the hashtag #rendang #food #traditionalfood #masakanpadang and others.

7. Upload schedule

Don't upload photos in the middle of the night because people are sleeping, and don't upload them during business hours because no one will see your photos automatically, and there will be fewer likes. Upload when people are not working, such as during breaks and after dinner.

8. Diligently update

So that the number of your followers increases, you must be diligent in uploading. But don't upload carelessly, you have to upload good and interesting content.

9. Create viral content

The way to increase Instagram followers quickly is to create viral content. With viral content, people will like your content, they will automatically repost and refer their friends to see it too.