Friday, 17 September 2021

How to Get Chegg 2021 Free Trial Account

Chegg free trial - Chegg's free trial account allows you to access all website features for 28 days although you will not be able to access Chegg Studies permanently.

How to Get Chegg 2021 Free Trial Account

To get a free trial, you must purchase or rent a book from Chegg Books. In other words, it's really only a good option for those who are already planning to buy or rent books.

The free trial will give you an idea if you really need a premium online study center like Chegg.

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Here's How to Get a Chegg 2021 Free Trial Account

  • Visit the Chegg Books page.
  • Find the book you want or an inexpensive book of your choice (we recommend renting a book to save even more).
  • New click add to cart proceed to checkout.
  • Once your book is confirmed, you will be given the option to 'Add a Free Four Week Trial'. Click the button.
  • New enter your payment details 

1. Sword

Slader has to be one of the best free Chegg alternatives out there, some say it's even better.

You can find textbook solutions from their huge database. Students and contributors around the world go on and upload solutions to the kinds of problems you'll encounter in high school or college.

They offer solutions for upper-level math, high school math, science, English language and literature, and more. If you're stuck on a homework problem that keeps you up at night, this is it.

2. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a platform that allows you to calculate answers and access the technology and basic data of their complex calculations. It is most popularly used among finance, science, math, and engineering students.

You can calculate complex integrals, visualize statistical problems for better understanding, and much more. You can basically search for a question and it will give you input options and generate a solution as output.

In addition, solutions are explained in detail to help you gain deep insights. It's quick, easy and you don't have to read textbooks for hours to find the answer.

3. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a valuable and must-have resource for college students and high school students. This website was started by a group of Harvard students in 1999 with the aim of providing study guides for literature, film, and philosophy.

Currently, this book contains more than 500 study guides including textbook examples and explanations. Its main focus is providing guidance on English language and literature, in particular the analysis of Shakespeare's plays. But you'll find study guides and sample solutions for all areas including Math and Science, Social Sciences, Film, Drama, and more.

4. Paul's Online Notes

I don't think I would have survived high school algebra or University level calculus without the help of Paul's Online Notes. In this Chegg alternative, you'll find detailed and easy-to-understand class notes for Algebra, Calculus I, II, and III, and Differential Equations.

In addition, Cheat Sheets are provided for each topic to make reviewing your session much more convenient.

Plus, there are practice questions and assignment questions to help improve your math skills. most of the problems given on this website are very similar to those you will find in the texts of most common Maths books.

Therefore, if you need a place to help you solve a difficult math problem, Paul's Online Notes is the perfect solution.