Monday, 27 September 2021

How to care for newly hatched baby quail

Baby quail - After 17 days of incubating quail eggs, it's time for the quail eggs to hatch. The newly hatched quail is still wet and its strength is still very weak.

How to care for newly hatched baby quail

Here's How To Take Care Of Newly Hatch Baby Quails

1. New quail hatch

Just walking still staggering, waiting for the feathers to dry and have enough strength to run before being transferred from the egg incubator to the cage. This waiting period can be between 12-24 hours after quail chicks hatch.

2, Quail Mother Cage

Before the quail eggs hatch, we must have prepared the parent cage. The brood cage can be an ordinary cage but must be tightly closed from cold air from outside the cage. Quail chicks aged 1-7 days can not stand cold temperatures.

3. The Quail Cage Must Be Closed

To keep the cage warm enough, a heating device such as an incandescent light bulb should be provided. It is better to use a 5 Watt incandescent lamp but the number is multiplied than a 40 watt incandescent lamp but only one.

Try to keep the quail under control because at the age of 1-4 days is a critical phase of , usually the cause of die due to lack of heating/cold so is collected and trampled, enters drinking water, is destroyed with food/drink.

In an overlapping condition, the lower quail will have difficulty breathing and also be unable to support the weight of its sibling above. At this time there will be mass death in quail chicks aged 1-4 days.

4. Parent Cage / Box Cage

Quail cage mats use 0.25 cm ram wire and must be given a base in the form of old newspapers that have previously been kneaded so that the surface is not slippery, or you can also use cloth for footwear until the age of 7 days, only after that the mat is discarded only the ram wire separate only.

5. Quail Baby Cage Sacks

But of the two types of mats, I prefer to use plastic sacks that are used as rice sacks, sugar sacks or so on. This type of plastic bag can quickly absorb water from quail droppings. To keep the of quail feathers dry and clean. In addition, plastic sacks are easier to obtain and cheaper.

While the base of the newspaper must be changed every day because the newspaper gets wet quickly. If the newspaper is not replaced immediately, quail reeds will get wet and dirty and can cause death.

6. Where to Eat and Drink Quail

Baby quail are quite small so it is difficult to find a special drinking place for quail. The place to drink can use chicken drinks.

However, the quail drinking water reservoir must be equipped with gravel or marble so that it does not splash or get wet.

7. Drinking containers must be given pebbles

Day-old quail were fed starter broilers. But it must be mashed first, it can be by using a smoothing machine, crushed with a bottle, or ground.

Feed is given little but often, to avoid uneaten feed (wasted). How to feed the quail first, enough feed is sprinkled on the bottom of the cage, this is for introduction.

After 4 days old, feed can use trays made of wood or plastic. Put the feed into the tray then cover it with trimin wire or ram with a 1 cm hole.

This ram wire is intended so that the feed is not scattered because the quail likes to eat while scavenging with its legs and beak like a chicken.

8. Care after Quail Age 7-25 days

After 7 days, baby quails don't need to be too hot anymore, just 30-33°c. Feed no longer needs to be mashed and drinking water doesn't need stones or marbles anymore. However, drinking water should be placed outside the cage, only given a small hole for the beak when drinking.

9. Baby Quail with Heating Lamp

Age 7-25 days that must be considered is the density in the room because the growth of quail is very fast. At the age of 7 days, the mother's feathers have begun to grow to cover the quail's body.

In order not to be claustrophobic, separate the quail into another cage. At this age quail chicks are very agile and the mortality rate is greatly reduced.

10. Quail a week old

At the age of 25 days, the beak of the quail should be cut off to prevent cannibals and pecking at the reeds of their relatives. The type of feed has begun to be gradually mixed with laying quail feed.

At the age of 42 days, there are usually quail that lay eggs, but the size of the eggs is still quite small.