Sunday, 19 September 2021

Free Valorant account username and password

Free account valorant - Valorant players have found a way to earn free Valorant Points.

Free Valorant account username and password

The premium currency used to unlock skins and battle tickets, from Riot Games, and here's how you do it too.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to unlock the most expensive skins for free.

There's no way to do that, but if you only have a few Valorant Battlepass Accounts of the items you want in the shop then you can get VP for free, instead of having to buy another VP pack.

All you have to do is contact Riot Games support and ask if your account can be credited with the VP you missed.

You can only do this for a small amount of VP, usually up to 50, and only if you are short on item purchases. If you only find free VP, you will most likely not succeed.

Interestingly, once you've made the VP request you ordered from Riot Support, they'll call you back to let you know if it's possible to get free VP.

You will be given an assignment, you will have to create some original artwork in the Valorant universe and send it to Riot Support.

If they think your artwork is good enough, your account will be credited with free VP in the next few days, and you'll be free to buy what you're looking for.

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