Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Android emulator for 512mb RAM PC

Android Emulator for PC 512mb RAM - Lightweight android app for pc with lots of options.

Android emulator for 512mb RAM PC

Which one do you really need? Below we have summarized 5 android applications for lightweight PCs that you can download and run on your PC.

Happy downloading and successful installation.

Then start having fun playing android games on big screen. You will feel how to run android games using a computer.


Here is a list 5 Android emulator for 512mb RAM PC

1. Koplayer

To run Android applications for this lightweight PC, you only need very little RAM, at least 512 MB RAM is required. Hardly comparable to its capabilities which are equivalent to many other android emulators that require high computer specifications.

Although the specifications are low, it does not eliminate its ability to run many Android applications and games. 

Minimum Specification Required For Android

VGA that supports OpenGL 2.0

CPU that supports VT-x or AMD-V virtualization, which can be opened in BIOS

Minimum memory required 512MB

Please provide at least 3GB of space on your hard disk to install KOPLAYER, and it will usually require 8GB or more.

Depends on what application you will install in the virtual machine

Then internet connection for installation and for updating

The resolution in this application cannot be lower than 1024 x 768

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2. NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is the best choice as a lightweight android application for pc. This android emulator has an elegant, neat and clean user interface. Besides, NoxPlayer support for most android control games.

And NoxpLayer app supports almost all top android games by giving full control. Of course it also supports outputs like joysticks and gamepads.

Minimum Required Specifications For NoxPlayer App

AMD-vt or Intel VT-x capable CPU


Free Disk Space Up to 1GB

OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Card

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3. BlueStacks

Bluestacks is a very popular android app for pc. So that his big name is also not in doubt. And this app is also one of the lightest apps for pc. The interface is designed with an easy-to-use design.

The Bluestack installation process is also very simple. Apart from that, this app also supports 90% of Android apps and games. The good news is that Bluestack is developed for the purpose of Windows based PCs and any OS.

Minimum Specification Required For Bluestacks

4GB HDD Takes Space


Updated Graphics Driver

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4 . Android

The following lightweight android application for pc is Android. With this emulator you can download almost all android apps and games easily and directly to your computer.

This way you have unlimited storage capacity. This means the storage space is much bigger than your android phone. Though your computer actually has its limits.

Minimum Specification Required For Android

Dual core AMD or Intel CPU support for Virutalization

3Gb RAM; Andy uses less than 1G GB when running the app

At least 10GB free disk space

GPU with OpenGL 2.1 . support

Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Ubuntu 14.04+ / OSX 10.8+1.

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5. Droid4x

To get the experience of running android with a wide screen, droid4x is the answer.

This application has advanced features that can record video in real time, perform button simulations, GPS simulations, and joystick control simulations, and much more that can be done by Droid4x.

Minimum Specification Required For Droid4x.

AMD-vt or Intel VT-x capable CPU


Free Disk Space Up to 20GB

OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Card