Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Android emulator for 2GB RAM PC without graphics card

Android Emulator for PC 2GB RAM - For fans of the Android mobile game series who have a low spec PC, this lightest and fastest Android emulator can be the best choice to play on a computer.

Android emulator for 2GB RAM PC without graphics card

Besides being compatible, the emulator can also run well, even though the computer has low specifications. Not only that, netbook-class PC platforms can run emulators well.

Each of the latest emulators that are popular today, it is not uncommon to set certain specifications so that a PC can run properly.

The problem is, it turns out that there are still many computers with low specifications that cannot be used to run emulators. As a solution, there are several android emulators for low spec pc that can be used below.

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Here is a list Android emulator for 2GB RAM PC without graphics card


Leapdroid is one of the best choice emulators for those who have a PC with minimal specifications. With a size of only around 271.2 MB, you could say this software is the lightest Android emulator ever made.

In fact, tech giants like Google are rumored to have hired the developers behind the emulator. In addition to the free price, this emulator also has a luxurious and elegant display design. 

I would be wrong if gamers made this emulator a solution for those with low spec PCs.

Using the highly stable Android Kitkat system, this Android emulator can run well on computers running Intel Dual Core or AMD Dual Core.

Leapdroid which is also a lightweight android emulator for netbooks, can be used on computers with 32 bit or 64 bit architecture. This emulator also supports popular games like Class 0f Clan, Clash Royale and other applications.


If you want to play Android games on an old school computer, there's nothing wrong with trying Windroye. This Android emulator made in the Republic of China is classified as very reliable and quite stable when run on computers with low specifications.

In some experiments, this emulator tends to be stable at 50 fps with computer composition settings using a single core and 2GB RAM (20148 MB).

Apart from that, the plus point of this tool is that it gives users the flexibility to try other more complex apps like Nova Launcher and Lspeed.

This emulator has also provided a complete Android system with Default Launcher. In addition, Windroye can also be used for free, aka free and without ads compared to popular emulators today.


Stable framerate performance and good connectivity make MEmu the best android game emulator for low spec PCs. With an Intel or AMD computer with 2GB of RAM, MEmu can be the right alternative for gamers who want to try an emulator on a PC with minimal specifications.

MEmu consists of two different OS versions, namely Kitkat and Lollipop. Unfortunately this emulator still has many bugs in the Lollipop series, so users are more dominant in using OS Kitkat. MEmu which has been equipped with RAM management features and File Explorer, is also very stable with minimal Force Close level.

Although it looks very simple, MEmu can be an alternative for gamers who want to play games on PCs with low specifications.

Droids 4x

One of the most reliable emulators on computers with minimal specs is Droid 4x. In addition to the low-level Force Close program, this Android emulator is also very stable when used, especially in games that have fairly heavy graphics.

Not only that, Droid 4x is also considered lighter and faster than other emulators such as Genymotion, BlueStacks, Andyroid and NOX.

In addition, the advantage of Droid 4x is a very fast connection compared to similar emulators. Although designed for PCs with low specifications, Droid 4x is also fairly reliable in the range of 40 to 60 fps.

Interestingly, during the installation process, Droid 4x does not include any additional programs to install like most emulators. In addition, Droid x4 which includes the lightest and fastest android emulator, also supports adjustable screen resolution options.


Equipped with many features and a lightweight size, making KoPlayer the best android game emulator that can be used on low-end PCs.

One of the emulators offers a feature that allows users to open multiple games at once on one screen.

In addition, the addition of a video recording mode feature while playing games, makes this emulator a good choice if you want to see the results of previous games.