Thursday, 30 September 2021

6 Gardening Supplies That You Must Provide At Home

Gardening supplies - Gardening at home can be a fun activity at the same time done on the sidelines of busyness.

6 Gardening Supplies That You Must Provide At Home

The many types of plants in various colors are very interesting to explore.

Moreover, this one activity can provide many benefits, ranging from improving coordination and hand strength, maintaining brain health, to helping reduce the risk of disease.

In order for gardening activities at home to run smoothly and optimally, you need to prepare a number of special equipment.

Given the many types of garden tools, it's natural for you who are beginners to feel confused about what to use.

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Here is a list of Gardening supplies that you must provide at home.

1. Hoe or Shovel

Both hoe and shovel have the same function, namely to dig soil or other media in a new container, then close it again after planting. For example, if you recently bought a plant and brought it home, you would either move the plant to another pot or plant it directly in the soil.

A hoe or shovel is a tool that can help you dig and cover soil or other growing media.

The difference is, usually it can be used to grow large plants, while shovels for plants tend to be small. When buying a hoe or shovel for home gardening, it's best to choose one with a sharp tip.

this feature can make it easier for you to pry up solid soil or plant roots. Also choose a material made of stainless steel to make it more durable.

2. Gloves

Gardening at home means that you have to be prepared to get dirty with soil. After gardening, you can immediately take a shower to clean yourself. However, dirt that enters the nail is usually difficult to clean.

Therefore, use gloves when gardening. Choose special gloves made of elastic and soft material. In addition, wearing gloves can also protect your hands from plant thorns and rough grass.

3. Water Hose or Sprinkler

Plants need to be watered regularly to grow healthy. To make the process easier, you'll need a water hose or plant sprinkler.

For those who choose air, you should choose a long one and is equipped with a special spray at the end. That way, the range of your spray can be further and even.

While the plant sprinkler usually resembles an air kettle. There are various sizes, you can choose according to your gardening needs.

4. Plant Pots

Who says gardening at home can only be done by those who have large land? For those whose land area in their house tends to be limited, the use of pots can be a solution for gardening.

However, the selection of pots should not be done haphazardly. You need to adjust it to the type of plant and the area where it is placed.

Also make sure the pot you choose has drainage holes. Then, after the plant is moved into the pot, first fill the pot with soil or other planting medium to cover 1/3 of the pot. Only then enter the plant and fill the pot with soil or other planting media.

5. Seeds

Of course you need plant seeds to grow various plants at home. The good news is, nowadays getting plant seeds is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

In the past, you could only rely on markets or shops, now you can easily get plant seeds through various online stores. The types also vary, ranging from flower seeds to fruits.

6. pH meter

Soil has a level (pH) which indicates the level of fertility. Ideally, you should plant the plant in soil with a pH of 7 (neutral).

For information, soil with a pH of 0-6 reacts with acids, while soils with a pH of 8-14 react with bases. Well, to find out the pH level in the soil, you can use a tool called this pH meter.

So can't wait to garden at home, huh? Fortunately, you can easily get this tool online through various e-commerce sites.