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12 Interesting Facts About Beautiful Daylilies

Daylilies or also known as white lilies are often used on special occasions such as weddings, as well as formal and informal events.

As an ornamental plant, Daylilies  are always popular and are widely collected by plant lovers.

For some people, hearing the name of a lily may still feel foreign. Meanwhile, if it is called a lily flower, it feels much more familiar.

This flower is part of the genus Lilium of the family Liliaceae. The genus Lilium consists of 80 to 100 species scattered in various parts of the world.

As an ornamental plant, lilies are always popular and are widely collected by plant lovers.

The selling price of lilies also varies, some are cheap depending on the type and beauty. Want to know more about lilies?

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Here is a list of Interesting Facts about Beautiful Daylilies 

1. Get to know Daylilies 

1. Get to know Daylilies

Lily is an annual plant with a height between 60–180 cm. Lilies usually have sturdy stems, with most lilies forming the umbilical cord underground. In some North American tribes, the base of this tuber develops into a rhizome or rhizome. Rhizome is a modified plant stem that grows below the soil surface and can produce tuna and new roots from the segments.

Generally, large lilies have three petals with a distinctive aroma. The color of lilies is very diverse, there are white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, copper colors, to almost black, some are even speckled.

2. Tips for Planting and Caring for Daylilies 

2. Tips for Planting and Caring for Daylilies

The type of Daylilies  will affect the amount of sunlight they order. Different types of lilies will affect different amounts of sunlight than

Planting and caring for lilies can be an alternative to beautify the appearance of your home. Lilies are usually grown from tubers, but can also be grown from seed. The different types of lilies will affect the amount of sunlight they order. most species of lily prefer loamy, porous soil with good drainage.

most species of lily bloom in July or August. But there are also those that bloom at the end of March.

If you are interested in cultivating lilies, there are several steps that must be considered and practiced.

  • Flower Seeds

Daylilies  seeds can be obtained from the tubers that are ripe. To get quality seeds, you have to take old plants from quality parents.

  • Soak Bulbs

Before planting lily bulbs should be soaked in water for 24 hours. This soaking is so that the shoots on the tubers grow quickly.

  • Sowing Bulbs

In order for the growth process to run optimally, it must be done first. After the tuna seeds grow well, then they are transferred to planting media in the form of polybags or pots. After the seeds sown have started to grow tuna, then the seeds can be planted.

  • Growing media

To plant lilies can be directly in the ground or can use pots and polybags. For planting media that can be used use a mixture of soil, manure or compost, and sand with a mixture ratio of 1:1:1.

  • Moving Time

The transfer of seeds from the nursery to the planting medium must be done carefully so as not to damage the plant tubers. The transfer process is carried out in the morning or evening when the sun is not too hot.

  • Splash

do watering regularly in the morning and evening so that the lily plants do not wither. Watering to keep the soil moist, remember not to get too much air because it will cause the plant tubers to rot.

3. Interesting Facts about daylilies : Has Bulbs

3. Interesting Facts about daylilies : Has Bulbs

The base of the lotus bulb develops into a rhizome or rhizome. As mentioned above, lilies are unique in that they have bulbs. The base of this tuber develops into a rhizome or rhizome.

Rhizome is a modified plant stem that grows below the soil surface and can produce tuna and new roots from the segments. It is from here that bulbs, lilies can grow massively.

4. Interesting daylilies Facts: A Symbol of Purity

4. Interesting daylilies Facts: A Symbol of Purity

White daylilies are often used as hand buckets for brides. White lilies or white lilies are often interpreted as a symbol of purity, praise, glory, devotion as well as friendship.

Inevitably at precious moments such as weddings, lilies are often used as hand buckets for the bride and groom.

One of the interesting facts about these beautiful singing lilies is that they can enhance the look of your home.

5. Interesting daylilies Facts: Has Antimicrobial Properties

5. Interesting daylilies Facts: Has Antimicrobial Properties

daylilies have antimicrobial properties. Who would have thought, lilies also have antimicrobial properties obtained from the addition of lilies. Antimicrobials can be used for infection therapy and infection prevention.

6. Interesting daylilies Fact: Has Antioxidant Properties

6. Interesting daylilies Fact: Has Antioxidant Properties

daylilies have antioxidant properties. Another interesting fact about lilies is that plant extracts can be used as antioxidants, both in the bulbs, leaves, and flowers.

7. Interesting daylilies Facts: Antifungal

7. Interesting daylilies Facts: Antifungal

Lily bulbs have antifungal properties. In fact, lily bulbs contain glycoalkaloid steroids and furostanol saponins, which are components that can inhibit fungal growth activity, aka antifungal.

8. Interesting daylilies Flower Facts: More Than 100 Types

8. Interesting daylilies Flower Facts: More Than 100 Types

There are more than 100 types of lilies or lilies. There are more than 100 types of lilies recorded. Each type has its own characteristics ranging from color, stem pattern, and leaves. Types of lilies that are often found in Indonesia include bosnia lilies, orange lilies, tiger lilies, and red lilies.

9. Interesting daylilies Facts: Relieves Internal Heat

9. Interesting daylilies Facts: Relieves Internal Heat

Lily leaves can relieve heartburn. Located in the leaves, the anti-inflammatory content in lily leaves is believed to be able to relieve internal heat to excruciating pain. To consume it, lily leaves can be used as a mixture of vegetables or side dishes that are healthy and delicious.

10. Interesting daylilies Facts Overcome Insomnia

10. Interesting daylilies Facts Overcome Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping disorders such as insomnia can also be overcome with lily leaves. Still with lily leaves, sleep disorders such as insomnia can also be overcome. Treatment for insomnia usually consists of improving sleep habits, behavioral therapy, and resolution and medication.

Sleeping pills can also be used, but side effects must be monitored. instead of taking medicine, it never hurts to feel the efficacy of lilies to overcome your insomnia.

6 Gardening Supplies That You Must Provide At Home

Gardening supplies - Gardening at home can be a fun activity at the same time done on the sidelines of busyness.

6 Gardening Supplies That You Must Provide At Home

The many types of plants in various colors are very interesting to explore.

Moreover, this one activity can provide many benefits, ranging from improving coordination and hand strength, maintaining brain health, to helping reduce the risk of disease.

In order for gardening activities at home to run smoothly and optimally, you need to prepare a number of special equipment.

Given the many types of garden tools, it's natural for you who are beginners to feel confused about what to use.

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Here is a list of Gardening supplies that you must provide at home.

1. Hoe or Shovel

Both hoe and shovel have the same function, namely to dig soil or other media in a new container, then close it again after planting. For example, if you recently bought a plant and brought it home, you would either move the plant to another pot or plant it directly in the soil.

A hoe or shovel is a tool that can help you dig and cover soil or other growing media.

The difference is, usually it can be used to grow large plants, while shovels for plants tend to be small. When buying a hoe or shovel for home gardening, it's best to choose one with a sharp tip.

this feature can make it easier for you to pry up solid soil or plant roots. Also choose a material made of stainless steel to make it more durable.

2. Gloves

Gardening at home means that you have to be prepared to get dirty with soil. After gardening, you can immediately take a shower to clean yourself. However, dirt that enters the nail is usually difficult to clean.

Therefore, use gloves when gardening. Choose special gloves made of elastic and soft material. In addition, wearing gloves can also protect your hands from plant thorns and rough grass.

3. Water Hose or Sprinkler

Plants need to be watered regularly to grow healthy. To make the process easier, you'll need a water hose or plant sprinkler.

For those who choose air, you should choose a long one and is equipped with a special spray at the end. That way, the range of your spray can be further and even.

While the plant sprinkler usually resembles an air kettle. There are various sizes, you can choose according to your gardening needs.

4. Plant Pots

Who says gardening at home can only be done by those who have large land? For those whose land area in their house tends to be limited, the use of pots can be a solution for gardening.

However, the selection of pots should not be done haphazardly. You need to adjust it to the type of plant and the area where it is placed.

Also make sure the pot you choose has drainage holes. Then, after the plant is moved into the pot, first fill the pot with soil or other planting medium to cover 1/3 of the pot. Only then enter the plant and fill the pot with soil or other planting media.

5. Seeds

Of course you need plant seeds to grow various plants at home. The good news is, nowadays getting plant seeds is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

In the past, you could only rely on markets or shops, now you can easily get plant seeds through various online stores. The types also vary, ranging from flower seeds to fruits.

6. pH meter

Soil has a level (pH) which indicates the level of fertility. Ideally, you should plant the plant in soil with a pH of 7 (neutral).

For information, soil with a pH of 0-6 reacts with acids, while soils with a pH of 8-14 react with bases. Well, to find out the pH level in the soil, you can use a tool called this pH meter.

So can't wait to garden at home, huh? Fortunately, you can easily get this tool online through various e-commerce sites.

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15 List Fishing Spots Near Me Best In The World

Fishing spots near me - For most people, fishing is the most entertaining activity to do with friends, family, or even alone.

15 List Fishing Spots Near Me Best In The World

This is because, while fishing, you can play with nature and enjoy the places that are around it.

If you can visit the right fishing grounds, you can enjoy the beauty and the incredible experience – so you can go home with a big catch & some great memories.

There are many popular fishing spots in the world that are always visited by anglers, both professional and amateur. For more details.

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Here is a list fishing spots near me

1. Tusket River, Canada

The Tusket River is one of the best fishing spots in the world, located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Not only can you fish, you can also go camping or enjoy its extraordinary natural beauty.

Areas filled with forests and animals provide opportunities for nature to create life in every way. So that the rivers in this area are filled with several types of fish that you can catch easily.

2. Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii has stunning beaches and surroundings for any activity. But if you are an angler who wants to make the most of it, then you can visit Kona.

One of the best fishing locations in the world will introduce you to species like the Wahoo, Great Tuna and the famous Marlin.

However, it is the Pacific Bluefish that impress you the most. The reason, this type of fish can weigh up to 500 kilograms.

3. Iztapa, Guatemala

Iztapa in Guatemala has calm, free-flowing waters that allow fish species to breed. This area is perfect for fishing, especially if you are someone who likes to fight with the catch as Pacific Sailfish love this location.

4. Lake Jerome, Alaska

Lake Jerome is one of the best fishing locations in the world. Everyone who has ever fished in this place will tell about its natural beauty.

In addition, this lake is also known as the area with the largest and most trout numbers in the world, and its scenery is unique in every way.

5. Cairns, Australia

It is common knowledge that Cairns is famous for its fishing excursions, especially since the city has the largest and most beautiful Black Marlins in the world.

Nearby fishing farms can provide you with some of the most incredible fishing experiences in Australia.

6. Colorado River, Costa Rica

Did you know that the Tarpon is one of the few species in South America that wants to catch everyone. And of course, Costa Rica is the place to do it.

In particular, on the Colorado River, you can find the largest Tarpon in the world, as well as one of the most interesting places that will give you a fishing experience that you will never imagine in your lifetime.

7. South Stradbroke, Australia

South Stradbroke is a place known for its beauty. Everyone loves to be there for a few days to enjoy the white sand, clear water and beautiful sun.

However, the island is also known because you can catch big fish easily all year round.

Professional anglers know that this place offers the opportunity to fish for more than a hundred species of fish. And what's even better, you can also find large humpback whales on the island.

8. Martha's Vineyard, United States

Did you know, if Martha's Vineyard is known to have one of the best fishing spots since 70 years ago. This location is famous for having many species of adult Striped Bass, Bluefish, Boneto and False Albacore and is also known as one of the best locations in the world.

Experienced anglers and locals out there most often use casting poppers and parachute jigs for a great fishing experience.

9. Lizard Island, Australia

The island is very accessible to tourists as flights to this place are connected to all airports in Australia. This is the best fishing location especially from September to December and the type of fish found here is the Black Marlin.

The island is located on The Great Barrier Reef and is an unforgettable holiday destination due to its fishing location, beautiful surrounding landscape and many luxury resorts.

10. Ocracoke Island, United States of America

Ocracoke Island is one of the best fishing locations in the world and is sure to make you happy. This area is one of the best fishing spots to find fish that are very difficult to find, namely the Red Drum or Red Drum types.

Gendang Merah is a type of fish that is quite difficult to catch. This is why local fishermen out there mostly use 12 foot long fishing rods to catch this fish.

In addition, the island also provides cheap accommodation for anglers and many shops that provide the fishing equipment you need.

11. Betty Lake, Colorado

Betty Lake is one of the best fishing locations in the entire United States. Here you can find a wide variety of live trout species. The best time to fish in this lake is between June and July.

12. Umba River, Russia

This river is famous as a salmon fishing spot in Russia. This river is opened for fishing tourism, especially for foreign tourists.

The local government has also built accommodation in the form of huts for visiting tourists. In addition, the river surrounded by mountains makes this location even more beautiful.

13. Alphonse Island, Seychelles

If you want to experience saltwater fishing, then Alphonse Island is the right choice. The island has luxurious accommodation which includes a lounge and bar and the weather is always hot here.

The island is home to the Blue Water fish species. In addition, you can find Sailfish, Wahoo, Dogtooth, Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Dorado.

14. Hatteras Island, United States of America

Many tourists visit this place for other reasons such as having fun at the beach and shopping, but fishing is one of their main reasons.

This location is famous for its offshore fishing. This location is best visited during winter between November and December.

Hatteras Island itself is considered one of the best fishing spots on the Atlantic Coast and is famous for its Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi Mahi species.

15. Ascension Bay, Mexico

From February to June, you will find Bonefish, Tarpon and many other types of fish in this bay. Anglers will get the best fishing experience in this place.

Since you'll have to be a bit in the middle of the water, don't forget to bring a change of clothes to make your fishing experience even more comfortable.

How to Find places to fish and Boat near you

Fishing near me - Planning to go fishing in the river, you need to have the perfect plan for him and be armed with all the protection you need.

How to Find places to fish and Boat near you

It is important to collect some tips for river fishing to collect and study in advance, because the best fishermen not only jump in the best places, but also a systematic plan of action and accurate information to follow when fishing on a boat near you.

Fishing along the river mentioned here the application of rivers and streams, and more importantly, we need someone to do this task, namely patience. Your patience and frustration get the point.

As we know, different currents require different strategies, depending on the size and type of fish. It is the mistake of most beginners to overlook the importance of strategy.

Most of them are under the illusion that if you sit by the river or touch a fishing rod, it will catch everything they want.

But the best fishermen are those who have a plan and strategy and are followed. This is where many fishing tips will definitely help the river.

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Here's how to find places to fish and Boat near you

1. You must find the deepest part of the river for fishing.

You'll find bigger fish in deeper waters.

And it works best when the weather is warm. This is a very important tip if you don't know, most of the time wasted searching for small deep areas can end up being wasted.

There are many banks and rapids below the surface of the river, where most of the fish are.

2. It is more important to decide how long you want to fish.

Deciding on a very important time to be seen as a riverbed fisherman is almost everywhere. Remember, fish move and there is weather and the position of the moon determines their movement.

So make sure they are the best in the best places. This knowledge can be easily achieved by studying the nature of the habitat and fish in the river. It would be crazy to be in the water for hours where the fish are more likely to be anywhere else.

3. The next natural thing to note is the other part of the river.

While playing a key role in fish migration and the more you know, the better your chances of catching more game.

The riverbed is divided into small areas or sections according to the intensity of the current. And some or part of it can be used for the benefit of fishermen. You should acquire in-depth knowledge of these currents and get a good idea of ​​the best place for you.

4. It is the best choice for live bait for boat fishing near you.

Therefore, serving live bait is very important to determine fish response. Needless to say, the more realistic, the better your chances.

Multiple hooks are the best option for getting this lock, as this book adds very natural and realistic food. Make sure that reflects your sleep regularly eat the river to make a better impression.

5. You must learn to be careful when crossing rivers if necessary.

You all know that sound can travel a considerable distance beneath the surface of the water. And noise unless you can scare the fish.

Therefore, you should scan the entire scope first and make sure not to hit the many sticks and stones in the basin.

Do it step by step and always up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Simple things and you should definitely know.

All the fishing resources you need in one place

Fishing - is a fun activity because it is very easy to do regardless of age or physical ability.

All the fishing resources you need in one place

However, a good angler needs to prepare everything well, such as equipment, equipment, to technical things such as the type of hook, the durability of the rod, and so on.

If you intend to go on a fishing trip, complete preparation is mandatory.

The following are 4 things that need to be prepared before starting a fishing trip.

1. View the weather forecast

The first thing to do is decide when you will be traveling, then check the weather forecast for that period.

This will help you plan what to bring, what to wear, and even keep you out of harm's way.

Register an email Then, you need to know how many people will attract you.

Once you are sure of the numbers, you will be able to calculate how much the trip will cost.

2. Sleep well

We recommend that you get enough rest before leaving for a fishing expedition.

Resist the temptation to stay up late or drink coffee before fishing. Then, avoid consuming caffeine, drugs, or acidic drinks a few hours before boarding the ship.

3. Prepare the right equipment

When preparing for a fishing trip make sure you bring the items that are absolutely essential. Such as medicines, mouthwash, shampoo, and so on.

Be sure to prepare a list of tools and cross out some of them if they are considered less important.

If you are traveling to a cold climate, make sure you have waterproof clothing and rain gear that will allow you to fish comfortably, even during storms.

4. Don't forget to bring sunscreen.

Make sure to bring sunscreen and use it often.

Remember, you will be in the sun which can cause problems for your skin.

Sunscreen will protect you from sunburn, peeling, redness, and itching.

If you fish often, wearing sunscreen will protect you from skin disorders such as premature aging or even skin cancer.

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Definition of micro farming

Micro farming - Policy makers and economists are interested in the concept of competitiveness and try to apply it in economic development. Competitiveness has several perspectives, namely economic, business, and political perspectives.

Definition of micro farming

Competitiveness can also be seen from a micro perspective (enterprise level) and a macro perspective (national level). This paper examines the concept of competitiveness in micro and macro perspectives.

The micro perspective will be useful in agricultural development, especially in crop selection and in efforts to convert comparative advantage into competitive advantage.

The macro perspective must be beneficial for increasing national competitiveness through various fiscal policies in the real sector. The study revealed that some agricultural commodities have competitive and comparative advantages, but their competitiveness is vulnerable to external fluctuations.

The shift from comparative advantage to competitive advantage requires government intervention to control market distortions and to reduce economies with high transaction costs.

Meanwhile, the change from competitiveness at the enterprise level to competitiveness at the national level requires integrated macroeconomic policies and microeconomic activities.

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Here is the meaning of micro agriculture

Economists and policy makers pay great attention to the concept of competitiveness and try to operationalize it in economic development. The concept of competitiveness is interpreted from various perspectives, including economic, business, and political (policy) perspectives.

In addition, there are also those who interpret it from a micro (company) perspective and a macro (national) perspective. This paper tries to examine the concept of competitiveness from a micro and macro economic perspective.

This study from a micro perspective is expected to be useful in agricultural development, especially to determine commodity choices and efforts to realize comparative advantage into competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, macro studies are expected to be useful for building national competitiveness through various macro policies, particularly through fiscal policy in the real sector.

On a micro level, several Indonesian agricultural commodities have comparative and competitive advantages, but have advantages over external vulnerabilities.

For a comparative advantage, it is important to have government policies aimed at eliminating market distortions and high transaction costs.

Meanwhile, to realize competitiveness at the micro (business) level into competitiveness at the macro (national) level, it is necessary to integrate macro policies and micro economic activities.

For a comparative advantage, it is important to have government policies aimed at eliminating market distortions and high transaction costs.

Meanwhile, to realize competitiveness at the micro (business) level into competitiveness at the macro (national) level, it is necessary to integrate macro policies and micro economic activities.

For a comparative advantage, it is important to have government policies aimed at eliminating market distortions and high transaction costs.

Meanwhile, to realize competitiveness at the micro (business) level into competitiveness at the macro (national) level, it is necessary to integrate macro policies and micro economic activities.

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How to Successfully Cultivate Caterpillars For Beginners

Mealworm farming - caterpillars are easy to find in manure areas and are usually fermented in large quantities and dried.

How to Successfully Cultivate Caterpillars For Beginners

Many caterpillars will come out of their droppings and will appear in large numbers and will turn into caterpillars.

so the cultivation of caterpillar cages is not difficult and does not require a lot of capital

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Here is  13 ways to mealworm farming for beginners

1. Preparation of Cultivation Site

The right place for cultivation is to have a roof, both indoors and outdoors. Because this will protect the seeds from rain and direct sunlight.

A better place for cultivation should be 20% light or not dark. Turn on the light only when needed, for example while breastfeeding.

2. Box Preparation

For the seed container and the caterpillar parent container is the roof of the box. Where this place must be coated on the inside with melamine plywood so that the parent pile placed in the box cannot get out and propagate out.

The size of the box will determine the number of caterpillars that will be harvested, and these can actually be ordered according to taste.

3. Filter Selection

Filters used in caterpillar cultivation are divided into 3 types, namely as follows:

Sieve size: the sieve used to separate the corn cobs.

Medium size sieve: filter used to separate caterpillar broodstock.

Small size filter: filter used to separate the product from the cage.

4. Use of Cikrak or Plastic Spoons

To take the mother and seeds from the caterpillar cage, then you have to use several potential tools such as a dipper or this cikrak. This will be useful in taking seeds and broodstock en masse without having to fear that many will be scattered and left behind.

5. Plastic Brush or Brush

Potential tools that are usually used to clean media and caterpillar cages.

6. Feeding the Caterpillar Cage

The feed that will be given to the caterpillar cage is very easy to get, cheap and very simple. The caterpillar feeds are sweet potatoes, yam, raw papaya and other natural ingredients. You can add concentrate to caterpillar feed for better and optimal growth.

7. Use of Polar

Polar is a medium that will be used as a place for caterpillars and brooders to find food.

8. Prepare the Corn 

Corn cobs commonly used for seedling media containers or broodstock boxes are types of corn cobs that have been previously mashed, usually using a hammer and some farmers also use cotton.

9. Crop Farmer

Adjust the planting size to the number of brooders to be planted. However, before you plant broodstock you must prepare the following:

Prepare an empty container or box in advance that is moistened and cleaned first.

Polar media as necessary, this is because each breeder has its own number.

The troops that have been broken first, the more in number.

10. Parents Farewell

After planting for 9 days to 12 days, you can separate the broodstock. In the box, you will see several small cage caterpillars and how to separate them using the following technique:

Prepare a large sieve in advance.

Separate the media from the corncobs using a large sieve, transfer the corncobs back to another empty box.

Sift the brood using a medium or large sieve over the empty box seen earlier.

Replant new brooders in the maintenance box using corn cobs and new planting media

However, first separate the corn cobs that will be used and let stand.

11. Separation of Eggs with Parent Caterpillar Cage

After successfully cultivating cage caterpillars, the caterpillars will immediately lay eggs. There is an important point when you have to separate the eggs that have hatched from the mother.

Separate the caterpillar seeds that have hatched and those that are 10 days old, by separating them using a sieve. You can use a small sieve to separate the hatching eggs.

The caterpillar cage will lay eggs again when the chicks have been separated from the mother.

12. Enlargement of Cage Caterpillar Seeds

Caterpillars whose seeds have been separated from their mothers can be directly raised. Separate the caterpillars from the corncobs again after 15 days of planting by sifting again.

13. Do daily maintenance

The daily caterpillar care is usually by feeding the caterpillars 2 times a day, from morning to evening until the caterpillars can be harvested.

How to Plant Lavender Seeds For Beginners

Lavender seedling - You must have seen lavender flowers with their beautiful purple color right?

How to Plant Lavender Seeds For Beginners

Generally this flower is known as a mosquito repellent flower. In fact, some insect repellent products also use lavender flowers as a base.

The scent contains linalool and linalyl which mosquitoes don't like. 

Lavender is a fairly versatile flower. Can be planted outside or inside the house using a pot.

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Here are 5 Ways to Grow Lavender Seeds in Pots

1. Choosing lavender flower seeds

Many people think that lavender flowers only have purple color, but this flower has other colors, you know, such as blue, white, and yellow. There are 25 types of lavender flowers!

Well, before you choose seeds, it's a good idea to know in advance the color you want and also its suitability to the environment where you live.

If you have determined the type you want, buy it at the store to get quality seeds. Don't forget to choose the seeds first, Moms! Choose seeds that are free of insects and have not expired.

2.  Different growing medium.

Lavender planting media itself consists of a mixture of soil, compost or rice husks, and sand in a ratio of 1:1:1.

For the container, prepare a pot or polybag with a hole at the bottom, and 5 cm thick Styrofoam. Don't forget to adjust the diameter of the styrofoam with the diameter of your pot or polybag, Moms!

3. Sowing lavender seeds

Seeding is the process of growing seeds into sprouts. In planting lavender flowers, this process is very important, you know, Moms. Many fail to grow lavender because they fail at this stage.

Well, so that Mama's sprouts grow well, follow these steps:

Place the Styrofoam in the bottom of the pot or polybag. Styrofoam will absorb excess moisture. 

Enter the planting media that Mama has prepared,

Make a hole in the center, then add one lavender seed.

It is recommended that one pot be planted with only one seed so that the chances of success are higher.

If you have done the steps above, water the lavender flower seeds and place them in a place that is exposed to sunlight.

4. Transferring lavender seeds

Generally, lavender sprouts will reach a height of 15 cm after one month. Well, this is the right time to move it to a wider planting medium.

However, an hour before planting, water and let the lavender sprouts sit first.

Well, in the new planting medium, you need to leave a distance of 30-45 cm between the sprouts so that their growth does not interfere with each other.

5. Lavender flower care

As mentioned above, lavender flowers do not like moist soil. Therefore, does not need to water this plant too often. 

To grow well, place lavender flowers in a sunny place, apply organic fertilizer, and remove annoying weeds.

Lavender branches also need to be pruned once a year to keep them tidy and stimulate the growth of new shoots.

That's how to grow lavender flowers. Pretty easy to try right? Come on, plant this flower so that your house is free from mosquitoes.

The process of milking goats is good and right

Goat milking is the main product of dairy cows which is highly nutritious.

The process of milking goats is good and right

Goat milk protein is not inferior to cow's milk, goat's milk protein is 3.7% while cow's milk protein is 3.3%. Judging from the protein content is higher than cow's milk.

Etawa goat's milk contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, chemical elements, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are needed by our bodies. By not being too friendly with the stomach, goat's milk can be easily and quickly digested by the body.

The human digestive system takes 20 minutes to digest goat's milk and about 2-3 hours to digest cow's milk.

Goat's milk is obtained through milking goats, and the type of goat's milk that is commonly consumed is the type of Ettawa goat's milk.

A good milking process can produce good milk and vice versa if milking is done in a rough and unhygienic way it will endanger mastitis (goat inflammation) which can reduce the quality and quantity of goat milk production.

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The following is an explanation of the stages of good goat milking, from the preparation stage to the milking stage.



Workers wear clean clothes and are prohibited from using rings, bracelets, watches and other jewelry.

Before process

milking wash hands with soap until clean

clean the goat from dirt using a clean cloth that has been moistened with warm (lukewarm) water at a temperature of 370C

Dip the nipples in warm water

Apply the nipples using Vaseline or margarine so that the milk does not hurt or blister



do the initial milking by squeezing each nipple 3-4 jets (bursts) of milk

Stored in a black bowl or glass container

Pay attention to the state of the milk whether the milk is Normal or Cracked (milk color changes, the formation of fine granules or clots)

Throw away the milk



During milking, workers are prohibited from smoking, eating, drinking and sneezing into the milk.

Milking is attempted using all five fingers and should not be milked with a pulling massage because it can cause the nipple to feel hot for a long time.

Milking is done until the milk runs out, which aims to stimulate the mammary glands to actively produce milk again.

After finishing milking, the udder and nipples are rinsed using clean and warm water, then the nipples are dipped in warm water.

In addition to good milking techniques, another factor is personal hygiene that carries out the milking process, to prevent contamination of milk, the officers who influence must pay attention to the following things:

Things that must be done by the milking officer at the time of milking:

  • The milkman must be in good health
  • Wash hands with antiseptic soap before doing milking activities
  • Don't wear rings, bracelets, watches, happy milking
  • Wear clean clothes
  • No long nails
  • Cover the wound with a waterproof plaster
  • Don't smoke during milking
  • Don't cough/sneeze into the milk
  • Don't eat & drink safe milking process

Facts, Food, Habitat and Population of Llama

What do llama eat - Llamas have long been used as animal carriers for people in the Andes mountains of South America.

Facts, Food, Habitat and Population of Llama

They have a long history on American soil, even today. Although difficult to distinguish from alpacas, llamas also have their own charm.

Are you a llama at least you can't be forced to carry things that are too heavy? If they have to, they will get angry and kick you!

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Here's the Habitat, Facts, Food, Habitat and Population of Llama

1. Native to North America

According to the Thoughtco website, the ancestors of the llama lived in North America before moving to South America millions of years ago. As time passed, they evolved into the guanaco and vikuna, two species of lying mammals in the camel family. Only about 4000 to 5000 years ago llamas were domesticated in Peru from wild guanacos as carrier animals. Today, llamas are widely bred all over the world.

2. One family with camels, but no humps

Although at first glance they look like goats or sheep, llamas are still in the same family as camels. Along with alpaca, guanaco, and vikuna, llamas belong to the biological family Camelidae. They don't hump like camels, but they all share a common ancestor.

3. Bigger than an alpaca

One way to tell a llama from an alpaca is by looking at its size. Generally, llamas are taller and larger than alpacas. Reported by the Sea World page, llamas can weigh between 135-202.5 kilograms. The average adult llama can grow to a height of 150-180 centimeters.

4. Tough animal carrier through rough terrain

List of National and International Holidays September 2021

It turns out that our way of thinking will be different when lying down

15 Best Sky Phenomena September 2021, Remember the Time

Indigenous Andean peoples have used llamas as transportation animals for centuries.

According to National Geographic, this animal is able to carry a load of 22-34 kilograms as far as 32 kilometers in a day. They are widely relied on by the Andean people because they are very tough to pass through steep terrain.

5. Can survive with little water

The Britannica page says that llamas have a high tolerance for thirst. They can last longer than most animals with just a little air. They can also eat anything they can find around them. This makes them effective animal carriers in the moderately arid plains and mountains of the Andes.

6. At least it can't be forced

Llamas are kind and gentle social animals. However, don't force it. Llamas are known to be very sensitive. They will quickly sit still on the ground if forced to carry too much luggage or walk further than they can handle. In fact, not infrequently they will hiss, spit, even kick the owner, you know!

7. Animals that like to spit

Llamas often spit. They generally spit when they feel threatened, coerced by humans, or show dominance over others. Not infrequently they spit at each other to fight for food. Females also usually spit on males so as not to be disturbed.

You should be wary if you run into a llama who grabs his ear and starts making a spitting sound. This is a sign you have to prove it before you spit on it!

So, don't mess with this one animal, okay! We must also care for and use the animals we see without waiting for them to spit or attack us.

How to care for newly hatched baby quail

Baby quail - After 17 days of incubating quail eggs, it's time for the quail eggs to hatch. The newly hatched quail is still wet and its strength is still very weak.

How to care for newly hatched baby quail

Here's How To Take Care Of Newly Hatch Baby Quails

1. New quail hatch

Just walking still staggering, waiting for the feathers to dry and have enough strength to run before being transferred from the egg incubator to the cage. This waiting period can be between 12-24 hours after quail chicks hatch.

2, Quail Mother Cage

Before the quail eggs hatch, we must have prepared the parent cage. The brood cage can be an ordinary cage but must be tightly closed from cold air from outside the cage. Quail chicks aged 1-7 days can not stand cold temperatures.

3. The Quail Cage Must Be Closed

To keep the cage warm enough, a heating device such as an incandescent light bulb should be provided. It is better to use a 5 Watt incandescent lamp but the number is multiplied than a 40 watt incandescent lamp but only one.

Try to keep the quail under control because at the age of 1-4 days is a critical phase of , usually the cause of die due to lack of heating/cold so is collected and trampled, enters drinking water, is destroyed with food/drink.

In an overlapping condition, the lower quail will have difficulty breathing and also be unable to support the weight of its sibling above. At this time there will be mass death in quail chicks aged 1-4 days.

4. Parent Cage / Box Cage

Quail cage mats use 0.25 cm ram wire and must be given a base in the form of old newspapers that have previously been kneaded so that the surface is not slippery, or you can also use cloth for footwear until the age of 7 days, only after that the mat is discarded only the ram wire separate only.

5. Quail Baby Cage Sacks

But of the two types of mats, I prefer to use plastic sacks that are used as rice sacks, sugar sacks or so on. This type of plastic bag can quickly absorb water from quail droppings. To keep the of quail feathers dry and clean. In addition, plastic sacks are easier to obtain and cheaper.

While the base of the newspaper must be changed every day because the newspaper gets wet quickly. If the newspaper is not replaced immediately, quail reeds will get wet and dirty and can cause death.

6. Where to Eat and Drink Quail

Baby quail are quite small so it is difficult to find a special drinking place for quail. The place to drink can use chicken drinks.

However, the quail drinking water reservoir must be equipped with gravel or marble so that it does not splash or get wet.

7. Drinking containers must be given pebbles

Day-old quail were fed starter broilers. But it must be mashed first, it can be by using a smoothing machine, crushed with a bottle, or ground.

Feed is given little but often, to avoid uneaten feed (wasted). How to feed the quail first, enough feed is sprinkled on the bottom of the cage, this is for introduction.

After 4 days old, feed can use trays made of wood or plastic. Put the feed into the tray then cover it with trimin wire or ram with a 1 cm hole.

This ram wire is intended so that the feed is not scattered because the quail likes to eat while scavenging with its legs and beak like a chicken.

8. Care after Quail Age 7-25 days

After 7 days, baby quails don't need to be too hot anymore, just 30-33°c. Feed no longer needs to be mashed and drinking water doesn't need stones or marbles anymore. However, drinking water should be placed outside the cage, only given a small hole for the beak when drinking.

9. Baby Quail with Heating Lamp

Age 7-25 days that must be considered is the density in the room because the growth of quail is very fast. At the age of 7 days, the mother's feathers have begun to grow to cover the quail's body.

In order not to be claustrophobic, separate the quail into another cage. At this age quail chicks are very agile and the mortality rate is greatly reduced.

10. Quail a week old

At the age of 25 days, the beak of the quail should be cut off to prevent cannibals and pecking at the reeds of their relatives. The type of feed has begun to be gradually mixed with laying quail feed.

At the age of 42 days, there are usually quail that lay eggs, but the size of the eggs is still quite small.

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Indoor plant with white flowers

Indoor plant with white flowers - Of the many types of ornamental plants, one that you can choose is an ornamental plant with white flowers.

Indoor plant with white flowers

Decorating your own home can be done in various ways; starting from repainting the walls of the house, changing the curtains, to rearranging the furniture to create a new atmosphere.

If you are bored with the atmosphere that is just like that, you can add ornamental flower plants to beautify the house.

In addition to beautifying, the addition of flower ornamental plants can also make the house fresher.

The color white itself is synonymous with something sacred. In line with Eid al-Fitr which means returning to fitrah or holy and clean from all sins.

For those of you who are looking for references to white flower ornamental plants, the admin summarizes the information below.

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Here is a list Indoor plant with white flowers

1. Tuberose flower

Sedap Malam is one type of flower that is commonly used as a decoration for Eid. This plant, which has the scientific name Polianthes tuberosa, has white buds.

In addition, the aroma can be a natural air freshener.

You can place tuberose flowers on the terrace of the house or areas in the house that are exposed to the sun. This flower needs sunlight to grow and develop.

2. chrysanthemums

In addition to tuberose, chrysanthemum has also become one of the flowers that is quite popular. This flower is often used as a sweetener for a series or speech.

This flower which has the scientific name Chrysanthemum is very suitable to be used as a decoration during Eid. The reason is, the dense flower petals make this flower look beautiful.

However, keep in mind that this flower likes full sun. Therefore, place the chrysanthemum in an area of ​​the house that gets a lot of light.

3. Peace lilies

The next white flower ornamental plant is peace lilies. This plant is quite popular, because it is included in the list of anti-complicated plants. In addition, this ornamental plant also has lush leaves with white flowers that bloom in between.

As the name suggests, the white petals of this peace lily can redeem themselves.

As a bonus, this plant which has the Latin name Spathiphyllum is one of the best air purifiers. So, in addition to beautifying the room, this plant can also purify the air in your home.

4. Shasta Daisy

Although its charm is not as popular as roses, the beauty of daisy flowers is able to captivate anyone who sees it. Shasta daisy can be an ornamental plant choice for Eid decorations.

White flower petals with a yellow center can make the atmosphere of the house more pleasant to welcome Eid al-Fitr.

Make sure you place this plant in an area that gets full sun.

5. White lilies

Lilies or commonly called Narcissus flowers are flowers that usually grow and are often found in spring. This flower has a center that looks like a small trumpet.

Generally this flower has a yellow color, but some types of lilies also have a white color.

Lilies are very suitable for decoration during Eid. Because this flower is a symbol of a new origin, rebirth, creativity, inspiration, passion, to forgiveness, as quoted from the Meaning of Flowers.

Place this flower in the center of the house so that the atmosphere is brighter.

Best indoor plants for health

Best indoor plants for health - Some types of ornamental plants do have various health benefits, such as absorbing toxins to relaxation.

Best indoor plants for health

Health is the thing to use if you really care about a good quality of life. For that, it is very important to keep the body fit so that it is not susceptible to disease.

In addition to exercising, displaying plants indoors for health is also good for maintaining fitness.

Not only that, the stunning display of ornamental plants is also very suitable to be used as a living decoration in the house.

Can't wait for the discussion? 

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Here is a list Best indoor plants for health

1. Kebo Rubber Plant

Known by many names, from rubber plant to rubber bush, this plant can be used as a natural air purifier.

The characteristics of this plant are glossy leaf surface, soft texture, and drought resistance.

In addition to not requiring a lot of light, maintenance is also very easy because you only need to water it when the soil looks dry.

2. Aloe Vera Plant

This plant is very famous in the world of skin care which is known to have many benefits.

This indoor plant for health is useful as a room air purifier.


In fact, according to a study, 1 aloe vera plant is equivalent to 9 biological air purifiers.

This ornamental plant can easily absorb formaldehyde monoxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide indoors.

3. English Plant Ivy Plants

This indoor plant for health filters 90% of mold in the air that can trigger allergies.

In addition, English ivy helps asthmatics breathe better at night so they can sleep better.

For the record, keep away from small children and pets because this ornamental plant if eaten.

4. Rosemary Plant

This one plant is known to have benefits for improving concentration and memory.

In addition, rosemary also has good properties in relieving muscle pain and boosting the immune system.

In addition, you can also use the leaves of the plant as a kitchen spice, you know.

5. Mother-in-law's Tongue Plant

Mother-in-law's tongue plant is very suitable to be stored in the bedroom because it is very useful for improving the air quality in the room.

Some of the toxins absorbed by this plant include:




benzene, and


For maximum results, you need more than 1 mother-in-law's tongue plant in the bedroom.

In addition, this plant is very easy to care for because it does not require direct sunlight.

6. Lili Paris

Paris lilies or chlorophytum are ornamental plants that can photosynthesize under weak light and absorb air with harmful substances.

According to research, one pot of Paris lilies can absorb formaldehyde and styrene and release oxygen in a 200-square-foot room.

The advantage, this plant can also break down benzene and nicotine contained in tobacco.

7. Bromeliad Plant

Blessed with red that blends beautifully with green, this plant is perfect for decorating the interior of a house.

In addition, bromeliad plants absorb 90% of harmful substances in the air such as benzene, one of them.

This plant requires light and a well-lit area to grow healthily.

8. Monstera Plants

Despite its scary name, this plant appears to have little health benefit.

The reason is, Monstera can absorb CO2 well at night and release oxygen.

That way, the air in the room will feel fresher in the morning.

In addition to CO2, these indoor plants for health can absorb other harmful substances, such as formaldehyde.

9. Cactus Plants

Having a look that seems fierce, who would have thought this plant has many benefits that not many people know about.

Plants that are very easy to care for can actually reduce the effects of radiation on computer screens and electronic devices around them.

Its small size is perfect for placing on a work desk or as decoration for a small residence in the middle of the city.

If you often sit in front of a screen all day and live in a small apartment, the cactus plant is an option to consider.

10. Suplir Plants

Spiral plants are seen with a muted green color that provides a visual relaxation effect for anyone who sees it.

In addition to providing a refreshing effect for the eyes, this ornamental plant also provides a relaxing effect for breathing.

Most importantly, this plant also has benefits that are almost the same as cacti, namely reducing the effects of radiation from computers and electronic devices in the vicinity.

Best indoor plants for clean air

Best indoor plants for clean air - Ornamental plants are one of the home decoration options that can be used to present a more beautiful home appearance.

Best indoor plants for clean air

Besides being known for its beauty, there are types of plants that can make the home environment healthier, namely air purification ornamental plants.

The variants offered can be stored both indoors and outdoors so that these plants can protect the overall air quality in the house.

Can't wait to see the full review?

Here is a list 10 Best indoor plants for clean air

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera is a plant that is already familiar to the people of Indonesia.

Having a unique appearance and easy to care for, this plant can absorb benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals in the surrounding air.

In addition, this plant is also efficacious to treat wounds caused by sunburn.

2. Chrysanthemum Flower

This Japanese flower is suitable for those of you who want to bring bright colors such as pink, red, and yellow in the room.

However, these air purifying houseplants should be planted outdoors first until they bloom and then you can display them indoors.

Dangerous pollutants that can be overcome by this plant include benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and xylene.

3. fern

Although ferns actually come from America, Mexico, and Africa, these poison-absorbing plants have been able to thrive in Indonesia since they were brought here.

Since this plant cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, place the fern in a pot and use it as an indoor decoration only.

Its presence that is able to absorb air pollution will make the room cleaner and fresher.

4. Leaf Ivi or English Ivy

Suitable for use as a hanging ornamental plant, this ivi leaf from Europe and West Asia is known to have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde.

The thing to pay attention to is make sure this plant does not spread to the wall because it can become a pest if left unchecked.

5. Suplir

One type of modern fern is very effective in cleaning the air in the room.

Even so, the care of this plant is quite inconvenient because it must be removed every 3 times a day to get sufficient light intake.

6. Hebrew

Not only can it clean trichlorethylene in the air optimally, this one plant is also endowed with a very attractive appearance.

This plant can be kept indoors, but you should still dry it outside every now and then.

7. Peace Lily

The presence of peace lilies in the room will give a graceful impression because the highlighted white color presents an elegant atmosphere.

Some chemical compounds that can be cleaned by this plant include formaldehyde, benzane, and VOCS.

8. In-law's Tongue

Plants with this unique name can be used to clean the air of carbon monoxide, nicotine, benzene, dioxins, formaldehyde, and many more.

Even more amazing, 5-6 leaves of an adult mother-in-law's tongue can clean the air in a room with a size of up to 100 cubic meters.

9. Betel Ivory

Having a dangling stem, ivory betel is usually suitable for use as a hanging plant.

In terms of cleaning the air, ivory betel is best for cleaning the formaldehyde content in the surrounding air.

10. Sri Fortune

Not only can clean the air, this plant also has a beautiful appearance so it is suitable for indoor decoration.

Its presence can clean benzene and formaldehyde in the air around the room.

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How to get followers on Instagram without following

How to get followers on Instagram without following - Having a large number of Instagram followers is the dream of the average Instagram social media user.

How to get followers on Instagram without following

If you want to add a lot of Instagram followers, of course you have to follow a lot of people too so that they follow you, then your number of followers will automatically increase, and you don't want to have a lot of followers. .

Then how to add Instagram followers without adding followers?

How to add Instagram followers without adding a following is actually quite easy.

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Here is a how to get followers on Instagram without following

1. The first step you have to do for how

adding Instagram followers without adding followers is having to follow the sultanfollowers2 account first. Please look for the sultanfollowers2 account first.

2. Click "follow" sultanfollowers2 account.

3. Click follow all accounts followed by sultanfollowers2 or follow accounts. But remember, don't be too fast, because you can block your account later. You can give a pause of 2-3 seconds.

4. After you follow all sultanfollowers2 accounts, don't forget to follow all of these accounts again.

5. After waiting for about 30 minutes, it's time for you to repeat the method above, which is to follow all sultanfollowers2 accounts, then stop following again.

this way as often as possible, and your follower count increases, and followers don't grow.

Well, how does it turn out to be very easy and easy, how to add Instagram followers without adding followers.

But it should also be noted, don't be too quick to follow and unfollow the celebrity accounts above. Don't get your Instagram account blocked.

If your account has been blocked, your account can't follow and unfollow again for a while, some even up to 3-6 days the account can't follow and unfollow like my own experience which is very fast doing this trick.

Wait a few seconds to follow and unfollow again, at least give a 2-3 second break.

In addition to how to add Instagram followers without increasing following, there are still many other tips and tricks that you should try and pay attention to so that the number of followers on your Instagram account is large, and of course there are few followers.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to add Instagram followers without adding other followers:

1. Username

In order for the number of followers of your account to increase, the username or username deserves attention. Use a username that is easy for people to type and memorize, not a username that is difficult for people to spell and write. It's better if you just write your real name so it doesn't matter.

2. Create a neat ig profile

So that people want to follow you and increase your followers, don't carelessly write words in your bio, like the words alay and lebay. Write in your bio things that describe you, such as your hobbies, what you do, what department you're in, and a contact number you can call.

3. Profile photo

Now this is very important, if your profile photo is good and attractive, people will be interested in opening your profile. Don't forget to post a photo that clearly shows your face.

4. Content

You do not carelessly upload content on your Instagram account if it is not a news account. If your personal account uploads it according to your passions and hobbies, and doesn't interfere with things you don't like. If you like nature, you can upload photos of mountains, rice fields and other beautiful natural scenery.

5. Add Following with Description

Never upload a photo without writing a description, as this will confuse your followers. Write a clear description that describes the photo you're uploading, even if it's brief.

6. Hashtags

It is very important to add hashtags or hashtags to the photos you upload. Who knows, someone will like your photo and then follow you. If the photo you uploaded is a photo of rendang, you can add the hashtag #rendang #food #traditionalfood #masakanpadang and others.

7. Upload schedule

Don't upload photos in the middle of the night because people are sleeping, and don't upload them during business hours because no one will see your photos automatically, and there will be fewer likes. Upload when people are not working, such as during breaks and after dinner.

8. Diligently update

So that the number of your followers increases, you must be diligent in uploading. But don't upload carelessly, you have to upload good and interesting content.

9. Create viral content

The way to increase Instagram followers quickly is to create viral content. With viral content, people will like your content, they will automatically repost and refer their friends to see it too.

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram - Many people today want to have a lot of followers, one of them is by using the current IG caption.

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram

With a lot of followers, of course you will get the title of a busy celebrity.

Well, this time Jaka is also a surefire solution to get 1000 Instagram followers for free and humanely, not bots. Do not believe?

Just follow some of the instructions.

Curious how? Here's a cheat to add Instagram followers that you can do for free. Listen carefully, yes!

How to Add Instagram Followers with Applications

Here, Jaka will use an IG follower increase application called Get 1,000 Followers which was made specifically as a way to add IG followers for free.

By linking your Instagram account with this app, you can see detailed insights, from interactions, post likes ratings, and more.

Curious how? Here are the complete steps!

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Here is a how to get 1000 followers on Instagram

Download and install the Get 1,000 Followers application, and for those who don't have it, you can directly download it from the link below.

Download the Get 1000 Followers App here!

Open the Get 1,000 Followers app and go to my menu to login.

Enter your Instagram username Select the Login without password option

To add followers go to main menu and select Get Followers icon, from here you can add followers using this app coins.

To get free coins, select the coin menu, then enter the Free coins menu.

Choose a task to get free coins. 

You can do this method to collect free followers permanently gradually. 

Followers without an application for add followers Instagram 

Not only through the application, there is also a way to get 1000 followers for free without adding followers that you can do through the website.

Curious how to do it all? It's good to read carefully some of the easy steps below to get lots of followers.

Go to the Hublaagram site at the URL ( Jaka recommends that you open this site from Google Chrome PC to make it faster and more effective.

After you have synced between your Hublaagram and Instagram accounts, select Open Hublaagram

After logging in, select the InstaFollower menu.

Next you just need to Send Followers.

Instagram followers increase.

Unfortunately, how to add free Instagram followers through this website sometimes doesn't work. Some alternative websites are no longer operational.

With Instagram's current strict regulations, it's only natural that sites like this start to shut down one by one.

In addition, you also have to be careful because either through the application or the website, you must enter your Instagram password.

The final word

To get organic followers fast, the best way is to add quality posts regularly and periodically.

How to get followers on Instagram fast

How to get followers on Instagram fast - It turns out that there is a special trick to add followers, it's easy and free and fast. Interested to try?

How to get followers on Instagram fast

Instagram aka IG is one of the most widely used photo and video sharing applications in the world.

It is recorded that more than 1 billion people are active users of this application.

In addition to how to create an Instagram account is not difficult, how to use this application is also easy.

Just upload the desired photo or video and then add a description or description.

Many IG users want their accounts to have a lot of followers aka followers, God willing, they have a lot of followers on Instagram, it's quite difficult.

What if the Instagram account is used for online business or other promotional purposes.

So, how to add followers on Instagram quickly and easily?

To help you out, take a look at some ways to grow your following on Instagram.

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Here is a how to get followers on Instagram fast

1. Don't Lock Instagram Account

The first step you can do is not lock your Instagram account.

The reason is, a personal account will make your content unreachable and seen by many people.

This will make it difficult for you to get new likes, comments or even followers

2. Create Interesting & Positive Content

Instagram users will be attracted to follow Instagram accounts if your content attracts attention.

For that, you should discuss what concept you want to appear on Instagram.

Don't forget to check the quality of the photos and videos you upload.

upload insufficient content.

Also make sure your post is positive, does not contain SARA that can cause division.

3. Create Interesting Captions

In addition to the quality of photos and videos, captions or photo descriptions must also be displayed.

Interesting funny words in the caption can help you add followers.

No need to be lengthy, just make one or two interesting sentences that match the photos you upload.

4. Uploading Photos Regularly

The next step is to upload photos or videos regularly.

If you rarely or don't upload photos or videos for a long time, your followers may feel you are inactive and then unfollow you.

Another note, you have to upload photos or videos at the right prime time.

To find out when it's prime time, you can see it in the insights feature available on your Instagram account.

5. How to Add IG Followers with Hashtags

The use of hashtags or hashtags is also important to do.

The more hashtags you use, the easier it will be for Instagram users to see your content.


However, too many hashtags are visually distracting, so overuse them!

6. How to Add IG Followers by Interacting

As Instagram users, we also have to interact with other users.

You can also follow the Instagram accounts you like, give likes and comments.

7. Follow & Comment on Celebrity/Influencer Accounts

Here's how to get followers quickly, namely the follow and comment strategy on the IG account of an influencer, celebrity, or celebrity that is on the rise.

Usually, other Instagram accounts that follow artist accounts will follow your IG account because they feel they share the same interest through or commenting on your content.

Although this method is quite outdated, it never hurts to try.

8. Share Instagram Posts

After uploading the latest photo or video, don't forget to share it on your social media, like

  • Facebook,
  • WhatsApp, and
  • Line.

By sharing it, the number of people who see your post increases and the chances of new followers to follow will increase.

9. Using the Follow-Unfollow Trick

If you do not want to use the application, then this one trick can be an option.

You do this by following the number of accounts as much as possible.

Among the accounts that you follow, there must be those who follow back so that your followers will increase.

After that, a few days later you can unfollow accounts you don't want.

How to Add IG Followers With Applications

Another way to increase Instagram followers quickly and in large numbers is to use an application that you can download for free.

Unfortunately, most of the followers gained from the app are not real people.

However, if you're interested, here are some apps you can try:

  • Followers + for Instagram
  • Royal Likes For Instagram
  • Get Followers
  • GetFly Followers+
  • Fast Follower Increase
  • Real Followers and Increase Likes
  • IG Followers Pro For Instagram
  • Boom Fame for Real Followers Likes
  • Meteor+
  • Neutrinos+
  • Instagram Followers
  • Real Followers & Get photo likes
  • Followers Insights for Instagram

How to get a free Instagram account 2021

How to get a free Instagram account 2021 - On this occasion the admin wants to share a free IG account to many followers who are now unused but still active and can be used.

How to get a free Instagram account 2021

Especially now on IG there is a new policy if the old Instagram account is not used it will be automatically blocked from the center, maybe this is what makes some smartphone users prefer to look for free accounts that are ready to use.

Well, we will explain first, because the free Instagram account logins that we will share are limited in number, so we hope that readers can comply with some of the terms and conditions that we have made.

For that, before entering your IG account login data for free, ready to use and still active, please read the article below:

Make sure one visitor only takes one Instagram account

If you have successfully logged in, please immediately change the latest password so that it really belongs to you.

You can get an Instagram account that we share for free

Once obtained, it cannot be exchanged in any form

After you already know about the terms and conditions that we have described above. 

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Here is a list free Instagram account 2021

Email :

Password : TohaKRW

Email :

Password: OPknuckle

Email :

Password: SwiperKey

Email :

Password: pastibisa234

Email :

Password: Limited prohibited


Password: Currently

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Friday, 24 September 2021

Unable to create account your advertising access is restricted

Can't get your ad access account restricted - This time I'm going to cover one topic that hurts me the most and most people.

Unable to create account your advertising access is restricted

The topic is about Disabled Account or most people say AME (Ads Manager Error). why for me? Because recently I got a call from the Singapore Facebook team stating that my Business Manager is one of the Business Managers with the highest number of Disabled Revenues. Simply put, my BM happens a lot AME.

This is one of the naughty players that got into my BM and my mistake is, I didn't know that in the last 1 month this kind of players flooded my BM, a very drastic occurrence.

As an outlet for my feelings, now I will write a multipurpose account, after I hope that similar incidents will no longer grow and develop in Indonesia. You destroy the community. You destroy your own business and the business of others. Please understand that.

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What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media service. I don't need to explain further, you understand. This is Facebook's mission.

I created this summary of Facebook's Terms of Service. There are 9 core things they serve. here's the text:

FB service to us

  • Provide a personalized experience
  • Connects you with friends and organizations you care about
  • Gives you the ability to express and voice what's important to you
  • help you find content or things you like
  • Combat things that are troubling society and make you comfortable interacting
  • Always using the latest technology for added security and better service
  • Always doing research to improve service to you
  • Providing unlimited experiences between fellow FB products (IG, WA, etc.)
  • Make FB accessible to everyone everywhere
  • Your commitment on Facebook

Based on the service, you will agree to the following:

Your Commitment to Facebook and Community

Your obligations

Using real and correct identity

Provide accurate personal information

Only have 1 FB account and use it for personal use

Not sharing Facebook account (sharing with other parties), providing passwords and transferring Facebook accounts

Your social obligations

You must not do:

  • Violation of community rules and standards
  • Create and share content that:
  • Breaking the law
  • Discriminatory
  • deceive (mislead)
  • Cheating (fraud)
  • Hijacking mistakes other people's copyright infringement
  • Don't upload viruses, scripts or code that can prevent Facebook from working properly
  • Do not attempt to access, collect or attempt to collect data from Facebook without permission
  • Pay close attention to the above.

This is why your account cannot access ads or is restricted

Things in Community Standards

Combating Crime and Violence

Facebook will detect violence/crime, and remove posts and content from Facebook

track personal/organizational accounts involved in violent acts, or linked to violent activities such as

Remove content that encourages hate and other criminals

Remove Content that regulates violence against others (humans, animals, the environment)

The issuance of goods related to goods regulated by law, such as drugs, firearms, sharp weapons.

Pay Attention to Security

Removing self-killing and self-destructing things

Eliminate child pornography and sexual exploitation

Remove exploits.