Sunday, 8 August 2021

How to Solve a Damaged Memory Card

Many smartphone users today use additional memory cards as storage media.

The reason is, the memory card can store files such as photos and videos that might make the phone full.

Unfortunately, the use of memory cards is also often problematic. For example, a corrupted file or an unreadable memory card.

Don't throw away a damaged memory card just yet, here are 4 ways to fix a damaged memory card that you can try.

1. Trying Memory Cards On Other Devices

Don't panic when you find a faulty memory card. Try testing the memory card on another device. To do this, insert the memory card into another device. It can be with another smartphone, or with a card reader on a laptop.

In this way, the user can detect whether the memory card is really damaged or not. It could be that the damage did occur on the memory card or located on the connector on the phone.

2. Clean Memory Card

If the above methods to repair a corrupted memory card didn't work, maybe this method can help. Memory cards can be pre-cleaned without having to be formatted.

The trick is to remove the memory card from the device. Clean the yellowish plate on the memory card (copper).

The copper plate serves as a connector on the SD or memory card. Gently rub the area in the direction of the eraser until it is clean.

When it feels clean, reinsert the memory card into the device. Make sure whether the damaged memory card is back to normal or not.

3. Check Memory Card Via Laptop

If there are still errors, the memory card can also be checked through the laptop. This process can be done to see if the memory card is really the problem or not.

In addition, this method can also solve memory cards that cannot be formatted. The trick, make sure the memory card is already in the smart phone.

After that, connect the phone to the laptop using a data cable. Change the smartphone mode from Media transfer mode (MTP) to Mass storage mode (MSC).

Open Windows Explorer (you can use the Windows + E formula). Right-click on the memory card drive you want to repair. After that select the properties menu, click the tools - error checking option. Wait until the error checking process is complete.

When finished, Remove the memory card. Take a look or check if the memory card is reusable or still damaged.

4. Using the HP Drive Boot Utility Software

The next way to fix a damaged memory card is to use special software called HP Drive Boot Utility. This software is easily available on the internet.

Install the software on the laptop. Then, connect the faulty memory card to the laptop. Run the HP boot drive utility software, and then select the faulty memory card drive. Click the "create new" option or an interesting replica of the configuration.

After that, remove the memory card and check if the memory card can be detected or still damaged.

5. Format Memory Card With Smartphone

If the above still doesn't work, it could be that the memory card needs to be formatted. This method can be chosen if you are really desperate or no longer care about the data on the memory card.

How to make sure first whether the memory card is connected to the smartphone. Open the menu Settings - Storage - Portable storage on the smartphone.

Select the memory card drive, then select the storage settings menu. Click a format option, then click the delete format option again. Wait until this process is complete. The steps for formatting a memory card with a smartphone may vary by type and brand.

Here are five ways to fix a corrupted memory card that you can try.

If the above method still doesn't work, there may be other damage factors such as a damaged memory card on the inside or damage to the memory card slot on the smartphone. As much as possible take good care of the memory card because it is easily damaged or error.