How to Sell Online on Facebook for Beginners

Nowadays starting a business is much easier than it used to be, you only need to know how to sell online on Facebook, your business is running, selling well, even though you are a beginner, even with almost no capital.

The problem is that most people fail to sell on Facebook because they only know how to post a sale and then hope the sale will sell.

That's a total mistake, to be able to sell online best-selling on Facebook there is a way, there is a step by step that you have to do at the beginning and I will give you the good news.

Please read this post sequentially, be patient and understand then practice. There is no need to read and pause to understand each point better.

After practicing it well, God willing, selling online on Facebook is increasingly in demand.

There are only two things you need to understand about buying and selling online on Facebook, namely what is the Facebook algorithm (edgerank) and Engagement.

These two things will then help launch your next strategy so that online sales sell quickly or sell well using this channel.

I will explain everything in this post, please read carefully and understand in order.

Let's get started

What is the facebook algorithm (edgerank)? Simply put, EdgeRank is a collection of Facebook matrices with various variables.

This determines which posts or content will appear in the newsfeed or homepage of your Facebook friends or followers, whether it's a personal Facebook or fan page.

As you know, private facebook only has 5000 friends and not all your posts can be read by your 5000 friends.

Likewise with fanpages, although your fans are not limited in number, not all of them can see posts from your selling content.

How Does This Facebook (Edgerank) Algorithm Work?

As said earlier, Facebook has metrics to account for all of your content.

So what affects the matrix?

Facebook considers your posts relevant based on proximity such as close family, friends, and fan pages that you visit frequently.

Content Type: Facebook weighs posts based on the quality of the content, whether it's useful and liked by many people or just trash. That content includes text, videos, and images.

Interactions: Facebook will show each post more often on the homepage if it has a lot of interactions, those interactions such as the number of shares, comments, likes and reactions on your posts.

Actual: New posts will be prioritized, it's important to know the posting hours on Facebook, but remember don't exceed 5 posts in a day, you will be penalized, seriously.

Post Variations: People will get bored if they post the same thing, try to make a variety of posts in a day, whether it's just text, images and posts, videos or your website link url.

Now you know what Facebook considers to make your posts visible.

Facebook engagements are actions performed on your Facebook profile and page. both in the form of shares, comments and likes and reactions. and also click on each of your posts.

The higher your Facebook engagement, the more often people will see your online sales posts. Of course this will increase the sales of your online business.

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

Maybe you ask then how to increase Facebook engagement to increase your brand's online presence.

Publish useful and interesting original content to get people to like and pay attention to your posts.

Create content with your target audience in mind, not yours.

Every interaction response that comes from each of your posts, even if it's just a reaction or like, reply to a meaningful comment.

Pay attention to image size and video length every time you upload content

Pay attention to what time they tend to be online.

Build your brand, make sure each of your posts is embedded with your brand logo.

Grab the attention of your customers, have a personal approach with them and don't be stiff, keep the interaction going