How to install the correct granite countertop for beginners

How to install granite countertops can be used if you already have a kitchen table at home so you don't need to buy new granite countertops.

In addition to saving costs because you don't need to give a new granite table, you can also remodel an old kitchen table to make it look more attractive.

In addition, by making a few changes to the old kitchen table by adding granite to the surface, it will make your kitchen look different.

Don't worry because the granite material itself is a natural stone that has high durability so it is very durable when used as a kitchen table.

Steps and how to install granite countertop

Of course you want to use the correct way of installing granite for the kitchen table so that the results are more beautiful and perfect. Here are some steps to take:

1. Preparation of tools and materials

Of course, you must first prepare the equipment needed when carrying out the process of installing granite on the kitchen counter. It's a good idea to prepare everything in advance to make sure all the tools and materials are available so you don't get confused later.

The use of safety equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear is also quite important so that it needs to be considered.

2. Measuring the kitchen table

Of course you have to know what the size of the kitchen table at home is so that you can choose the right size granite material. Therefore, first measure the kitchen table at home correctly.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to some holes in the kitchen table. Existing holes such as stove holes or sink holes should also be measured. Later on, the granite material that you buy will also need to be perforated with the same size as the hole on the kitchen table.

To help you get the right hole size, we recommend using a large sheet of cement paper to create a life-size drawing of the kitchen countertop.

Cover all granite resistant countertops to the size you want. Keep in mind that the granite will be slightly larger than the countertop as the edges will protrude slightly, so allow some space on the cement paper.

Make a hole in the cement paper like a hole on the kitchen table, later this cement paper will really help you in cutting granite.

3. Cut the granite material

After knowing the right size for each existing hole, now is the time to cut the granite material. Use cement paper as a guide for the location and size of each hole on the granite countertop so that the results can fit.

The correct way to cut granite is to use a granite cutting machine so that the end result is just right. However, if you have difficulty cutting granite and are afraid of making a mistake, it is better to buy pre-cut granite.

You just give the desired size to the supplier and they will do the cutting process. Thus the results will be more fitting and more perfect.

4. Match with granite material

Once the granite is cut, you'll need to match it to the actual countertop to see if it's the right size.

The trick is to put the granite material on the kitchen table. If the size does not fit, it may be necessary to make further adjustments to the granite material. If the size is right, lower the granite material from the kitchen counter and start doing the next step.

5. Use adhesive liquid

To be able to attach granite to your kitchen counter, you will need granite adhesive glue, which is an adhesive liquid made from a special material. Prepare this adhesive liquid and apply it to the surface of the kitchen table using a curved rosette.

Pay attention to the thickness of the spread because you have to make sure the holes made using the rosette are not too deep but not too deep as they will touch the bottom of the table.

6. Install granite

As soon as the adhesive liquid is applied to the surface of the kitchen counter, it is time to install the black granite countertop. Lift the granite and place it on the kitchen counter, lower it slowly and make sure its position is right.

This is important so that the granite material does not shift when placed because it will make the adhesive liquid that has been applied to the kitchen counter surface also shift.

7. Add resin and give finishing

When you're done, fill the gap between the granite hole and the countertop with resin, then you can apply the finishing touches.

That's how to install granite kitchen countertops to help you add granite to the kitchen counter surface with the right steps.