Sunday, 8 August 2021

Easy Ways to Troubleshoot SIM Card Unreadable Problem on Smartphone

One of the important things that smartphones use to make calls, send messages, and access things online is the SIM card.

Without this object, the smartphone cannot be used to its full potential. Well, one of the problems that often occurs when using a SIM card is that it cannot be read or detected by the smartphone used.

The most common thing is that you accidentally drop your smartphone, causing the SIM card to fall out of place. However, there are also several things that can cause this to happen.

So, if this happens what should be done? Well, the following will be discussed in detail about the problem of an unreadable SIM card and how to solve it.

Causes of Unread SIM Card

It is not without reason that the SIM card you are using cannot be read or detected by a smartphone. Apart from being evicted from his position, there are several reasons why this could happen, including:

SIM Card That's Too Old aka It's Been Used For A Long Time

Everything you use has an age, including SIM cards. Usually within 3-5 years of use, the plastic and brass materials on the SIM card will be degraded so that they are not suitable for use. If this condition is allowed to get worse, it will cause the SIM card to be unreadable by the smartphone.

Broken SIM Card Brass

One of the important components on the SIM card so that it can be read by smartphones is brass. Where, brass serves as a store of user data in it. Therefore, the brass on the SIM card that is damaged due to too much friction can be the main cause of the SIM card not being read.

Hot SIM Card

The position of the SIM card inside the smartphone is indeed in a heat-prone area so that when your smartphone experiences heat it can cause the SIM card to be damaged and not read by the smartphone.

Steps to Solve Unreadable SIM Card

After understanding the reason why the SIM card cannot be read by the system on your smartphone, then you can understand how to fix it. Some of the steps in question are as follows:

Clean SIM Card

An easy way that you can do to solve this problem is to remove the SIM card, then start cleaning it. Clean the dust that sticks to the SIM card so that it interferes with its performance. You can use an eraser to gently rub the SIM card.

After cleaning, you can reinstall it and wait for the SIM card to respond to connect to the smartphone network.

Changing Another SIM Card

This method is done so that you find out the source of the damage from not reading the SIM card. If using another SIM card can be easily read, it can be ascertained that the SIM card is damaged. However, if the other SIM card doesn't work as well as the previous one, then the smartphone's SIM card slot is the problem.

Perform Network Reset

The next step you can do is make sure both SIM card slots are used, if you have two SIM card slots. This is done to find out the real problem caused by the mobile operator you are using.

You can also do the settings manually by going to the Settings menu, then selecting Network & Internet, selecting Mobile Network and Access Point Names.

Where, this method can be done to manually set the APN settings on the network and service provider used.

Performing a Smartphone Factory Reset

The last way manually that you can do if the previous methods have not worked is to do a factory reset. Where, this method will make the smartphone back from scratch like new.

It's just that you have to know that any settings that have been made previously will be deleted such as accounts or applications that are in it so you have to anticipate it by doing a backup first.

Consult Customer Service

If all these methods don't work, then the most effective way is to ask the customer service provider you are using. It could be that the SIM card you are using has been blocked for some reason.

Those are some ways that can be done when the SIM card cannot be read and the main causes. The SIM card is very important to use, especially for those of you who have two SIM card slots.

Of course this can support your work later. Well, in Eraspace there are many choices of smartphones that are equipped with dual SIM card slots, even up to a triple SIM card slot.