Easy Ways to Place Sponsored Ads on Facebook Marketplace

How to post sponsored ads on the facebook marketplace without any hassle, I wrote as a continuation of my previous article about how to easily post products on the facebook marketplace.

I say not complicated because you don't have to have a Facebook page to create sponsored ads in the Facebook marketplace.

You can place ads on the Facebook marketplace using your personal Facebook account. The settings when you want to create an ad are also very simple, easy to understand for those who are just trying to advertise on the Facebook marketplace

Advertising on the Facebook marketplace is just one way to make your product posts visible to as many people as possible within your promotional budget.

So, of course, reaching the closing or buying stage is also influenced by the image description, narration, price, location, and other factors.

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How to Place Ads on FB Marketplace

Here are the steps if you want to try paid promotions on the fb marketplace

  • 1. Open the marketplace on your facebook application.
  • 2. Choose your market account
  • 3. Choose your offer. A list of offers you made will appear, see 'Active' offers
  • 4. Select the product you want to promote. Click 'Promote Sales
  • 5. If you have recently promoted a product, a promotion guide will appear. Please read in detail if needed. If not necessary, just click 'Next'
  • 6. Choose your promotional budget, there are 3 price options offered. Choose one, then click 'Process payment'
  • 7. Add the payment method you will use to pay for the promotion. In this tutorial I use bank transfer. If you have clicked 'Promote Sales'
  • how to place ads on facebook marketplace
  • 8. Add money or balance to spend on advertising within your promotional budget.
  • 9. Please pay the existing bill according to the nominal and choice of payment method.
  • 10. After making payment, your ad will be reviewed first. If the ad is active, an insight or ad performance report will appear