Sunday, 8 August 2021

7 Quick Ways to Make a Minimalist Wooden Chair

Chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in interior design that can affect the design of a room.

In addition to its vital function, its shape can affect the aesthetics of the layout.

Basically a chair is a piece of furniture that has a backrest and four legs as a support, but there are several types of chairs that are modified, such as a three-legged chair.

Before making a chair, you should pay attention to the basic material that will be used.

Wood is the easiest option that is easy to shape and easy to get. We recommend using teak wood which is known for its strength and durability and choose wood with a flat surface without any cavities or holes at all.

This is because the presence of cavities in the wood indicates that the wood is fragile and easily broken and not durable. After determining the wood raw material, you can follow several ways to make a minimalist wooden chair.


1. Making the Chair Legs

The first thing you can do to make a wooden chair is make the legs. You can use teak wood to make chair legs. Teak wood is cut with a size of 3 cm x 6 cm.

When cutting, use a hand serkel saw because it makes the process of cutting wood easier. When finished cutting, trim the end of the wood with a slightly pointed shape. It serves to be used as a board placement.


2. Cutting Wood According to Its Thickness

The next step is to cut the wood according to the required thickness. Cut the wood that will be used as the front legs of the chair, about 45 cm long and the same thickness as the front legs, which is 3 cm x 6 cm.

Usually people who make wooden chairs use malls when cutting wood. The reason is, malls are able to adjust to their needs and prevent something from being cut off.

Therefore, before you cut the legs of the chair, you must first calculate the size to fit what you need.


3. Making the Chair Handle

The next step you have to do after cutting the wood according to its thickness is to make a chair handle. Make handrails with sides measuring 32 cm.

Next, you have to adjust the front and back. The length is also still the same, which is 32 cm including the straightener. However, the handle can be taken 1 cm for adjustment purposes using nails.


4. Finely Grated Wood Pieces

If all the material requirements are complete and there are sufficient quantities, you can enter the drawing stage. When making a minimalist wooden chair, you should use a shaving machine so that the results are even and smooth.

In addition, you also have to adjust to the size needed so that it can be finished quickly.


5. Measuring Pieces of Wood

After the teak shaving process is complete, you can proceed to the next step, which is measuring the wooden chair. You have to cut the teak wood.

We recommend using a sit-down saw to get this done quickly.

6. Sculpting Wood Pieces

The next step you need to do is to carve a piece of wood. At this stage, you have to make a hole by chiseling or chiseling it.

To carve a piece of wood, you must use an inlay knife. The reason is, by using a decorative knife, you can carve it easily and quickly.


7. Making the Chair Back

The last step how to make a wooden chair is to make another wooden chair. Not only a backrest, you also need to make a seat on a wooden chair. For that, you have to make a chair frame first.

The reason is, by making a chair frame, you can find out the size needed to make a backrest and seat base.

Wooden chairs are furniture that must be owned by everyone. Not only used at home, chairs are also available anywhere, such as schools, offices, and malls.

Minimalist wooden chair is one type of chair that is very widely sold and used. You can also make your own by following how to make a minimalist wooden chair above. By making it yourself, you can make it according to your taste and also your needs. Good luck!