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How to Make Salted Eggs with Salt Water

Salted eggs are suitable as a side dish for other dishes. In fact, with the nature of salted eggs that are durable and long-lasting, making them an alternative food that can be consumed anytime and anywhere.

How to make salted eggs is quite simple, even the necessary ingredients are easy to find. After preparing materials such as salt, rubbing ash, to bricks, you can easily apply the steps at home.

How to Make Salted Eggs with Salt Water

The first way to make salted eggs can be applied using salt water. This is of course very easy. You just need to prepare the ingredients and follow the steps as follows:


- 1 liter of water

- 12 duck eggs

- 1 jar that can be tightly closed

- 500 grams of salt

How to make salted eggs:

1. Soak eggs in water for 2 minutes. If any eggs float, throw them away. This indicates the eggs are not tasty.

2. Then, clean the eggs until clean. Be careful when cleaning so that the eggshells don't break or crack. After that, immediately dry the eggs.

3. Then sand the egg so that the egg pores are open and the salt is more easily absorbed.

4. Dissolve salt in water. Stir until completely dissolved. Put it in a jar that can be tightly closed.

5. Slowly add the eggs. Make sure the eggs are all submerged. Leave a distance of 2 cm from the surface.

6. Soak for 10-12 days. If you want a saltier taste, soak for a maximum of 42 days or 6 weeks. During the soaking process, keep it away from direct sunlight.

7. After the soaking process is complete. Boil eggs on low heat. Do not let the water boil so as not to damage the eggs. Boil for 1 hour.

8. Can also be steamed at once.

9. Salted eggs are ready to be served.

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Sweet and Sour Shrimp Recipe, Tempting!

Seafood dishes are indeed a food choice that you cannot refuse. Its distinctive and savory taste will arouse your taste buds.

One of the most popular seafood dishes is shrimp. With a soft texture, this food is suitable for various processed foods such as dimsum, tempura, and sweet and sour shrimp.

Sweet and Sour Shrimp Recipe

Sweet and sour shrimp is the most widely available menu in various seafood restaurants. Well, this one favorite food is easy to make, you know, Toppers! If you don't believe me, check out the sweet and sour shrimp recipe below:

1. Savory Sweet and Sour Shrimp Recipe

Sweet and sour shrimp will be more delicious if added to the savory taste of the seasoning. One of the secrets of this condiment is the use of butter in the stir fry. Check out the savory sweet and sour shrimp recipe below.

Sweet and Sour Shrimp Recipe Ingredients:

  • 250 gr prawns
  • 1 lime, squeeze
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1 scallion, finely sliced
  • 3 tbsp butter or margarine, for frying

Recipe for Sweet and Sour Shrimp Seasoning:

  • 2 tbsp tomato sauce
  • 1 tbsp chili sauce
  • 2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp broth powder

Steps / Ways of Savory Sweet and Sour Shrimp:

1. Remove the head of the shrimp, peel the skin, and remove the dirt on the back.

2. Wash the prawns under running water and drain the remaining water.

3. Put the prawns into the container then add the salt and lime juice.

4. While waiting for the salt and lime to absorb, mix all the seasoning ingredients in another bowl and mix well.

5. Saute the prawns until half cooked using 1 tbsp butter and set aside.

6. Fry the onions with 2 tablespoons of butter until fragrant.

7. Put the ground spices in a bowl and cook until the spices thicken.

8. Finally, add the prawns and scallions and stir briefly.

9. Serve while warm

2. Sweet and Sour Crispy Shrimp Recipe

Crispy shrimp will be very delicious combined with sweet and sour sauce. The crunchy texture on the outside will add to the flavor of this sweet and sour shrimp recipe. Don't forget to try this recipe, Toppers!

Main Ingredients Sweet and Sour Crispy Shrimp:

  • 250 grams of fresh prawns
  • tsp lime juice
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 clove of garlic, puree
  • The right amount of oil

Crunchy Shrimp Sweet and Sour Seasoning Ingredients:

  • 1 carrot, cut lengthwise
  • 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 spring onion, sliced
  • 1 large red chili, thinly sliced
  • 2 red tomatoes, mashed
  • 1 tbsp spicy chili sauce
  • 1 tsp sweet soy sauce
  • tsp chicken stock powder
  • tsp salt
  • tsp sugar
  • tsp tapioca flour
  • tsp vinegar or lime juice

Fried Shrimp Sauce Ingredients:

  • 100 gr medium protein flour
  • 1 tbsp rice flour
  • 1 tbsp tapioca flour
  • 150 ml of water
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper for taste

Steps / How to Make Sweet Sour Crispy Shrimp:

1. Sauté the garlic, shallots, onions, and red chilies in a fairly hot oil.

2. Add all other sweet and sour seasoning ingredients except tapioca flour, mix well.

3. Dissolve the tapioca flour with a little water then add the other sweet and sour seasoning ingredients and stir all the spices until smooth.

4. Discard the spices after mixing well and thickening, then set aside.

5. Next, season the cleaned prawns with garlic, lime juice, and salt, set aside.

6. While waiting for the spices to infuse, prepare a bowl and mix all the dipping ingredients and stir until evenly distributed.

7. Heat enough oil to fry the prawns.

8. Dip the seasoned prawns in the sauce and fry in hot oil.

9. After the shrimp is cooked and browned, remove and drain the oil.

10. You can serve the shrimp and sauce separately or mix them in the pan before serving.

3. Spicy Sweet and Sour Shrimp Recipe

For spicy lovers, the combination of sweet and sour taste may feel less appetizing. If you are one of the spicy lovers, this spicy sweet and sour shrimp recipe is for you.

Spicy Sweet Sour Shrimp Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of prawns
  • 1 onion (thinly sliced)
  • 1 tomato (diced)
  • 5 tbsp tomato sauce
  • 5 tbsp chili sauce
  • The right amount of oil

Ground spices:

  • 5 cloves of red onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 5 chilies
  • Pepper powder to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Sufficient seasoning

Steps / How to Make Spicy Sweet Sour Shrimp:

1. Peel the skin and head of the shrimp and wash thoroughly.

2. Fry the prawns until cooked and set aside.

3. Puree all seasoning ingredients.

4. Thinly slice the onion and dice the tomatoes.

5. Saute onions until fragrant with oil

How to make spicy sweet and sour mutton for beginners

Sweet taste is best enjoyed with a spicy taste.

Sweet and sour goat meat Goat ribs cooked with spicy and sour spices in this spicy and sour goat recipe are perfect for you lovers of spicy and sour dishes.

 Then add Bango Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce and soy sauce, tamarind water, cook over low heat until the ribs are tender.

Precisely this spicy sweet and sour squid dish is one of the easiest, simplest and practical ways to process squid meat. How to make it is not difficult, my friend can serve spicy sweet tamarind using only 19 ingredients and 4 steps.

Here are the ingredients and how to make it, let's make spicy sweet tamarind!

Sweet and Spicy Goat Sour Ingredients

  • Use 1/2 kg of mutton and reinforcement.
  • Seasonings needed:.
  • Required 3 segments of ginger (grated).
  • Use 5 bay leaves.
  • Use 2 stalks of lemongrass in the geprek.
  • Prepare 2 onions.
  • Prepare 1 piece of garlic.
  • Prepare stir-fry ingredients:.
  • Prepare 1 onion (sliced ​​long).
  • Prepare 2 of crushed garlic.
  • It takes 3 tablespoons of hot sauce.
  • You need 1 tbsp of tomato sauce.
  • Prepare 1/2 tsp salt.
  • It takes 1 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce.
  • You need 1/2 tsp of soy sauce.
  • It takes a pinch of pepper.
  • It takes 1 tomato (seeded, cut lengthwise).
  • Prepare 3 pieces of cayenne pepper.
  • You need 1/2 pineapple cut into squares.

So when cooking spicy sweet and sour squid recipe, you should cook the spices first and then put the squid in it.

Recipe for Processed Goat Meat:

Goat soup. Main Ingredients Various recipes for mutton dishes with a spicy or non-spicy taste, such as beef rendang. Even mothers can also make stir fry and add sour water, sweet soy sauce, and sugar.

How to cook spicy sweet and sour goat meat

  • Prepare a pressure cooker, add all the marinade ingredients. Cook 30 minutes..
  • After the meat is tender. Clean again. In flowing water..
  • Prepare the stir fry ingredients.

Add 2 tablespoons of oil to the skillet. Add onions and garlic. Until fragrant. Tomatoes, chilies, then meat and bones.

Add salt, sugar, soy sauce, tomato sauce and chili sauce. Sweet and salty soy sauce. Give some water. Cook until wilted and fragrant. Don't forget to taste it. Then pineapple. Cook until wilted.

Then also add lemongrass and lime leaves. The most tested 'sweet and sour meat' recipe.

Beef, Potato, Broccoli, Carrot, Onion, Garlic, Hot Sauce, Tomato Sauce. There are different types of spicy and spicy.

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Easy Ways to Place Sponsored Ads on Facebook Marketplace

How to post sponsored ads on the facebook marketplace without any hassle, I wrote as a continuation of my previous article about how to easily post products on the facebook marketplace.

I say not complicated because you don't have to have a Facebook page to create sponsored ads in the Facebook marketplace.

You can place ads on the Facebook marketplace using your personal Facebook account. The settings when you want to create an ad are also very simple, easy to understand for those who are just trying to advertise on the Facebook marketplace

Advertising on the Facebook marketplace is just one way to make your product posts visible to as many people as possible within your promotional budget.

So, of course, reaching the closing or buying stage is also influenced by the image description, narration, price, location, and other factors.

Before going into the tutorial, for those of you who want to learn how to optimize the Facebook marketplace, you can join MP Winner or Ecourse Mentoring Facebook Marketplace.

In this E course you will be taught optimization strategies on the facebook marketplace, strategies for controlling the facebook marketplace, anti-quiet strategies on the facebook marketplace, strategies for posting sales recommendations to many groups on the facebook marketplace and other cool material. .

In addition, if you need a tool that will facilitate all selling activities on Facebook Marketplace.

Starting from research, posting (uploading), to product execution and optimization can be automated, practical and make sales more in demand. You can use FB Marketplace Robot.

How to Place Ads on FB Marketplace

Here are the steps if you want to try paid promotions on the fb marketplace

  • 1. Open the marketplace on your facebook application.
  • 2. Choose your market account
  • 3. Choose your offer. A list of offers you made will appear, see 'Active' offers
  • 4. Select the product you want to promote. Click 'Promote Sales
  • 5. If you have recently promoted a product, a promotion guide will appear. Please read in detail if needed. If not necessary, just click 'Next'
  • 6. Choose your promotional budget, there are 3 price options offered. Choose one, then click 'Process payment'
  • 7. Add the payment method you will use to pay for the promotion. In this tutorial I use bank transfer. If you have clicked 'Promote Sales'
  • how to place ads on facebook marketplace
  • 8. Add money or balance to spend on advertising within your promotional budget.
  • 9. Please pay the existing bill according to the nominal and choice of payment method.
  • 10. After making payment, your ad will be reviewed first. If the ad is active, an insight or ad performance report will appear

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How to Advertise on Facebook With Free Method

Today, many businesses are switching from offline marketing to online marketing. Most business people do online marketing on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and so on.

Of the many social media, currently the one that is widely used to promote business is Facebook. Facebook is one of the social media that has millions of active users every day. To advertise using Facebook, you can do it in two ways, namely paid and free.

How To Advertise On Facebook For Free

In this article, we will discuss how to place ads on Facebook for free and easily. You can try it to increase business profits. Here are some easy ways:

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click the Application menu at the bottom left of your Facebook, then click find more in the top right.
  • Type marketplace in the box at the top right of the page, then press ENTER.
  • Click on the marketplace application on the search application results view.
  • Click Go To Application (position on the right of the page).

Define Your Target Market. The trick, click Location Settings, select Indonesia if only selling for the Indonesian market.

In the top menu specify your ad options:

  • Sell ​​it: If you are going to sell your goods or services
  • Selling for a reason : Sell something and donate (donate)
  • Give it Away: Giving something you don't use and want to give as a gift to a customer
  • Ask: ask your friends to help you find something.

For example, you choose the sell for a cause menu, then enter the type of goods or services you want to sell and then click Post.

Fill in the details of the product you are going to sell such as the reason you are selling it, how much it costs, choose a category, location, product description, and you can also upload product images.

After everything is filled in, put a check on the Term of Use, then press the Submit button if a notification appears from Facebook that your listing is pending or verified, just press the Continue button and write something that will be displayed on your friend's account. House.

Next, hit Publish. Now your free ad on Facebook has been posted and is visible to all visitors.


  • 1. If you have used this application before, the marketplace will appear in the application menu in the lower left corner of the Facebook page.
  • 2. To see all the ads you've ever made, click the My Listing menu on your marketplace page.
  • 3. On the My Listing page, you can edit or close the ad, if the item has been sold or is no longer on sale.

That's how to put ads on Facebook for free. In addition to advertising on Facebook, you also have to create your own online store to support business success.

How to Sell Online on Facebook for Beginners

Nowadays starting a business is much easier than it used to be, you only need to know how to sell online on Facebook, your business is running, selling well, even though you are a beginner, even with almost no capital.

The problem is that most people fail to sell on Facebook because they only know how to post a sale and then hope the sale will sell.

That's a total mistake, to be able to sell online best-selling on Facebook there is a way, there is a step by step that you have to do at the beginning and I will give you the good news.

Please read this post sequentially, be patient and understand then practice. There is no need to read and pause to understand each point better.

After practicing it well, God willing, selling online on Facebook is increasingly in demand.

There are only two things you need to understand about buying and selling online on Facebook, namely what is the Facebook algorithm (edgerank) and Engagement.

These two things will then help launch your next strategy so that online sales sell quickly or sell well using this channel.

I will explain everything in this post, please read carefully and understand in order.

Let's get started

What is the facebook algorithm (edgerank)? Simply put, EdgeRank is a collection of Facebook matrices with various variables.

This determines which posts or content will appear in the newsfeed or homepage of your Facebook friends or followers, whether it's a personal Facebook or fan page.

As you know, private facebook only has 5000 friends and not all your posts can be read by your 5000 friends.

Likewise with fanpages, although your fans are not limited in number, not all of them can see posts from your selling content.

How Does This Facebook (Edgerank) Algorithm Work?

As said earlier, Facebook has metrics to account for all of your content.

So what affects the matrix?

Facebook considers your posts relevant based on proximity such as close family, friends, and fan pages that you visit frequently.

Content Type: Facebook weighs posts based on the quality of the content, whether it's useful and liked by many people or just trash. That content includes text, videos, and images.

Interactions: Facebook will show each post more often on the homepage if it has a lot of interactions, those interactions such as the number of shares, comments, likes and reactions on your posts.

Actual: New posts will be prioritized, it's important to know the posting hours on Facebook, but remember don't exceed 5 posts in a day, you will be penalized, seriously.

Post Variations: People will get bored if they post the same thing, try to make a variety of posts in a day, whether it's just text, images and posts, videos or your website link url.

Now you know what Facebook considers to make your posts visible.

Facebook engagements are actions performed on your Facebook profile and page. both in the form of shares, comments and likes and reactions. and also click on each of your posts.

The higher your Facebook engagement, the more often people will see your online sales posts. Of course this will increase the sales of your online business.

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

Maybe you ask then how to increase Facebook engagement to increase your brand's online presence.

Publish useful and interesting original content to get people to like and pay attention to your posts.

Create content with your target audience in mind, not yours.

Every interaction response that comes from each of your posts, even if it's just a reaction or like, reply to a meaningful comment.

Pay attention to image size and video length every time you upload content

Pay attention to what time they tend to be online.

Build your brand, make sure each of your posts is embedded with your brand logo.

Grab the attention of your customers, have a personal approach with them and don't be stiff, keep the interaction going

How to install the correct granite countertop for beginners

How to install granite countertops can be used if you already have a kitchen table at home so you don't need to buy new granite countertops.

In addition to saving costs because you don't need to give a new granite table, you can also remodel an old kitchen table to make it look more attractive.

In addition, by making a few changes to the old kitchen table by adding granite to the surface, it will make your kitchen look different.

Don't worry because the granite material itself is a natural stone that has high durability so it is very durable when used as a kitchen table.

Steps and how to install granite countertop

Of course you want to use the correct way of installing granite for the kitchen table so that the results are more beautiful and perfect. Here are some steps to take:

1. Preparation of tools and materials

Of course, you must first prepare the equipment needed when carrying out the process of installing granite on the kitchen counter. It's a good idea to prepare everything in advance to make sure all the tools and materials are available so you don't get confused later.

The use of safety equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear is also quite important so that it needs to be considered.

2. Measuring the kitchen table

Of course you have to know what the size of the kitchen table at home is so that you can choose the right size granite material. Therefore, first measure the kitchen table at home correctly.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to some holes in the kitchen table. Existing holes such as stove holes or sink holes should also be measured. Later on, the granite material that you buy will also need to be perforated with the same size as the hole on the kitchen table.

To help you get the right hole size, we recommend using a large sheet of cement paper to create a life-size drawing of the kitchen countertop.

Cover all granite resistant countertops to the size you want. Keep in mind that the granite will be slightly larger than the countertop as the edges will protrude slightly, so allow some space on the cement paper.

Make a hole in the cement paper like a hole on the kitchen table, later this cement paper will really help you in cutting granite.

3. Cut the granite material

After knowing the right size for each existing hole, now is the time to cut the granite material. Use cement paper as a guide for the location and size of each hole on the granite countertop so that the results can fit.

The correct way to cut granite is to use a granite cutting machine so that the end result is just right. However, if you have difficulty cutting granite and are afraid of making a mistake, it is better to buy pre-cut granite.

You just give the desired size to the supplier and they will do the cutting process. Thus the results will be more fitting and more perfect.

4. Match with granite material

Once the granite is cut, you'll need to match it to the actual countertop to see if it's the right size.

The trick is to put the granite material on the kitchen table. If the size does not fit, it may be necessary to make further adjustments to the granite material. If the size is right, lower the granite material from the kitchen counter and start doing the next step.

5. Use adhesive liquid

To be able to attach granite to your kitchen counter, you will need granite adhesive glue, which is an adhesive liquid made from a special material. Prepare this adhesive liquid and apply it to the surface of the kitchen table using a curved rosette.

Pay attention to the thickness of the spread because you have to make sure the holes made using the rosette are not too deep but not too deep as they will touch the bottom of the table.

6. Install granite

As soon as the adhesive liquid is applied to the surface of the kitchen counter, it is time to install the black granite countertop. Lift the granite and place it on the kitchen counter, lower it slowly and make sure its position is right.

This is important so that the granite material does not shift when placed because it will make the adhesive liquid that has been applied to the kitchen counter surface also shift.

7. Add resin and give finishing

When you're done, fill the gap between the granite hole and the countertop with resin, then you can apply the finishing touches.

That's how to install granite kitchen countertops to help you add granite to the kitchen counter surface with the right steps.

5 Easy Ways to Make a Kitchen Table out of Wood

Have you ever followed how to make a kitchen table out of wood?

The kitchen table is a major necessity in the house because with its existence, you can put food and some other kitchen utensils there.

That way, the kitchen will look more neat and organized. Then, how to make it? See the summary with Klopmart below.

It is not easy to make a kitchen table alone. But with the wood used, the process can be easier. From the side of measurement, cutting, installation, to finishing with wood varnish. There are several steps you can take so that the manufacturing process runs smoothly and the kitchen table functions optimally.


Choosing the Best Material

The first step you should take is to choose the best material. Since you want to use wood, try to choose the strongest and most suitable material for you.

Actually you can just use old wood. But if you really feel that used wood is not suitable for your home, you should just use the latest materials to make it look much better in terms of appearance.

Start Measuring Tables As Needed

The size of the table is very important because it affects not only the legs, but also the area of ​​the table itself. For measurements, don't just look at the wood material.

You should also look at the available space in the kitchen. If it can be bigger, then don't hesitate to make a wooden kitchen table with a wide size. These measurements allow you to get a kitchen table according to the needs of the family and the size of the kitchen space as well.


Make a cut

If the measurement process is right as needed, now is the time to cut. You can use a chainsaw or a manual to cut the wood. Do not forget to cut it carefully and neatly.

When each part of the wood workbench has been cut, you can sand it down so that there are no sharp wood chips. Of course this part is very dangerous for the family if left on the kitchen table.

Do the Solution

Now it's time to do the finishing. Give wood varnish on each part to make it more shiny. If you need to paint, you also do the painting. However, it is undeniable that the color of natural wood is much more attractive and fresh compared to providing other colors.


Pair Each Part

After making sure all the pieces of wood are the right size and have been sanded perfectly, it's time to glue the individual pieces together. Each of these sections starts from the legs and of course the top plane. When you install all the parts, check to see if they are strong enough.

This installation should use nails as needed to provide a stronger result. If necessary, also add wood glue in several parts so that the results are stronger for daily use.

Is it easy to make a kitchen table out of wood? Hopefully the information provided is useful for you and can be put into practice soon.

The existence of a wooden kitchen table also gives a different color to the center of your house. There is a natural impression and a return to nature in the house. This kitchen table function is very useful also for activities at home.

7 Quick Ways to Make a Minimalist Wooden Chair

Chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in interior design that can affect the design of a room.

In addition to its vital function, its shape can affect the aesthetics of the layout.

Basically a chair is a piece of furniture that has a backrest and four legs as a support, but there are several types of chairs that are modified, such as a three-legged chair.

Before making a chair, you should pay attention to the basic material that will be used.

Wood is the easiest option that is easy to shape and easy to get. We recommend using teak wood which is known for its strength and durability and choose wood with a flat surface without any cavities or holes at all.

This is because the presence of cavities in the wood indicates that the wood is fragile and easily broken and not durable. After determining the wood raw material, you can follow several ways to make a minimalist wooden chair.


1. Making the Chair Legs

The first thing you can do to make a wooden chair is make the legs. You can use teak wood to make chair legs. Teak wood is cut with a size of 3 cm x 6 cm.

When cutting, use a hand serkel saw because it makes the process of cutting wood easier. When finished cutting, trim the end of the wood with a slightly pointed shape. It serves to be used as a board placement.


2. Cutting Wood According to Its Thickness

The next step is to cut the wood according to the required thickness. Cut the wood that will be used as the front legs of the chair, about 45 cm long and the same thickness as the front legs, which is 3 cm x 6 cm.

Usually people who make wooden chairs use malls when cutting wood. The reason is, malls are able to adjust to their needs and prevent something from being cut off.

Therefore, before you cut the legs of the chair, you must first calculate the size to fit what you need.


3. Making the Chair Handle

The next step you have to do after cutting the wood according to its thickness is to make a chair handle. Make handrails with sides measuring 32 cm.

Next, you have to adjust the front and back. The length is also still the same, which is 32 cm including the straightener. However, the handle can be taken 1 cm for adjustment purposes using nails.


4. Finely Grated Wood Pieces

If all the material requirements are complete and there are sufficient quantities, you can enter the drawing stage. When making a minimalist wooden chair, you should use a shaving machine so that the results are even and smooth.

In addition, you also have to adjust to the size needed so that it can be finished quickly.


5. Measuring Pieces of Wood

After the teak shaving process is complete, you can proceed to the next step, which is measuring the wooden chair. You have to cut the teak wood.

We recommend using a sit-down saw to get this done quickly.

6. Sculpting Wood Pieces

The next step you need to do is to carve a piece of wood. At this stage, you have to make a hole by chiseling or chiseling it.

To carve a piece of wood, you must use an inlay knife. The reason is, by using a decorative knife, you can carve it easily and quickly.


7. Making the Chair Back

The last step how to make a wooden chair is to make another wooden chair. Not only a backrest, you also need to make a seat on a wooden chair. For that, you have to make a chair frame first.

The reason is, by making a chair frame, you can find out the size needed to make a backrest and seat base.

Wooden chairs are furniture that must be owned by everyone. Not only used at home, chairs are also available anywhere, such as schools, offices, and malls.

Minimalist wooden chair is one type of chair that is very widely sold and used. You can also make your own by following how to make a minimalist wooden chair above. By making it yourself, you can make it according to your taste and also your needs. Good luck!

5 Ways to Overcome the Unreadable SIM Card Slot

 The SIM card is one of the most important things nowadays.

It is not legal to have a smartphone if there is no card in it. The SIM card itself functions as an intermediary for communication tools. But some of them have a lot of problems between SIM and phone.

Unreadable SIM card is one of the most common problems experienced by mobile users.

This is certainly very disturbing especially if you have important business.  The following is how to solve the unreadable sim card on your smartphone.

Before going into the main discussion, we must first understand the cause of the SIM error or not being recorded or not being read. Even though all the steps we took were also correct.

For this problem, it is usually related to two things, namely the second SIMCARD card is the cellphone itself. Maybe this card error is not directly caused because the card is damaged or cannot be detected.

Sometimes the phone itself does not have the ability to detect the network. In other words, your smartphone is broken. As for how to find out and the cause. We will review through the complete way of overcoming this unreadable sim. Please refer to below steps:

How to Solve an Unreadable SIM Card Slot

1. Clean SIM Card

Turn off your smartphone first

Open and remove the unread SIM card from your smartphone

Next clean the SIM card from dirt and dust using a clean cotton swab or brush.

After clean enough, reinstall the SIM card in your smartphone.

Turn on your smartphone and wait a while until the sim card reconnects with the cellular network.

2. Turn off Smartphone and Use another SIM Card

The next way to solve an unreadable SIM card is to try using another SIM card.

If another SIM card can be read in the same slot as the faulty SIM card, then you can confirm that your SIM card has been damaged. However, if the SIM card remains undetected, there may be damage to the SIM slot.

3. Reset Network Settings

The next way to solve an unreadable card slot is to do a reset on the cellular network. To do this, you can look at the following methods.

  • Enter the settings menu of your smartphone.
  • Select Network & Internet
  • Select Mobile network and set the network access point name
  • Then you can fill in the APN according to the cellular network you are using.
  • Save the settings, and your mobile card will be legible if it isn't corrupted.

4. Perform Android Factory Reset

The next way to solve a SIM card that is not detected on your smartphone is to do a factory reset. This method aims to restore the function of your smartphone to its original alias new.

However, you should be careful using this method. We recommend that you first backup important data on your smartphone. This is because during the factory reset process, all settings, apps, data and more will be deleted.

Therefore, this method should only be used if other methods have not worked for the unread SIM card.

5. Call the Call Center

The last way you can do to solve an unreadable SIM card is to contact the call center of the card.

You can consult the condition of the SIM card you have. Usually the provider will check the SIM card.

However, if the SIM card is damaged, you can request to create a new SIM card. To get a new SIM card with the same number, you have to follow various steps first.

In general, creating a new SIM card can take a long time. However, if you don't want to wait too long, you can buy a new SIM card.

Easy Ways to Troubleshoot SIM Card Unreadable Problem on Smartphone

One of the important things that smartphones use to make calls, send messages, and access things online is the SIM card.

Without this object, the smartphone cannot be used to its full potential. Well, one of the problems that often occurs when using a SIM card is that it cannot be read or detected by the smartphone used.

The most common thing is that you accidentally drop your smartphone, causing the SIM card to fall out of place. However, there are also several things that can cause this to happen.

So, if this happens what should be done? Well, the following will be discussed in detail about the problem of an unreadable SIM card and how to solve it.

Causes of Unread SIM Card

It is not without reason that the SIM card you are using cannot be read or detected by a smartphone. Apart from being evicted from his position, there are several reasons why this could happen, including:

SIM Card That's Too Old aka It's Been Used For A Long Time

Everything you use has an age, including SIM cards. Usually within 3-5 years of use, the plastic and brass materials on the SIM card will be degraded so that they are not suitable for use. If this condition is allowed to get worse, it will cause the SIM card to be unreadable by the smartphone.

Broken SIM Card Brass

One of the important components on the SIM card so that it can be read by smartphones is brass. Where, brass serves as a store of user data in it. Therefore, the brass on the SIM card that is damaged due to too much friction can be the main cause of the SIM card not being read.

Hot SIM Card

The position of the SIM card inside the smartphone is indeed in a heat-prone area so that when your smartphone experiences heat it can cause the SIM card to be damaged and not read by the smartphone.

Steps to Solve Unreadable SIM Card

After understanding the reason why the SIM card cannot be read by the system on your smartphone, then you can understand how to fix it. Some of the steps in question are as follows:

Clean SIM Card

An easy way that you can do to solve this problem is to remove the SIM card, then start cleaning it. Clean the dust that sticks to the SIM card so that it interferes with its performance. You can use an eraser to gently rub the SIM card.

After cleaning, you can reinstall it and wait for the SIM card to respond to connect to the smartphone network.

Changing Another SIM Card

This method is done so that you find out the source of the damage from not reading the SIM card. If using another SIM card can be easily read, it can be ascertained that the SIM card is damaged. However, if the other SIM card doesn't work as well as the previous one, then the smartphone's SIM card slot is the problem.

Perform Network Reset

The next step you can do is make sure both SIM card slots are used, if you have two SIM card slots. This is done to find out the real problem caused by the mobile operator you are using.

You can also do the settings manually by going to the Settings menu, then selecting Network & Internet, selecting Mobile Network and Access Point Names.

Where, this method can be done to manually set the APN settings on the network and service provider used.

Performing a Smartphone Factory Reset

The last way manually that you can do if the previous methods have not worked is to do a factory reset. Where, this method will make the smartphone back from scratch like new.

It's just that you have to know that any settings that have been made previously will be deleted such as accounts or applications that are in it so you have to anticipate it by doing a backup first.

Consult Customer Service

If all these methods don't work, then the most effective way is to ask the customer service provider you are using. It could be that the SIM card you are using has been blocked for some reason.

Those are some ways that can be done when the SIM card cannot be read and the main causes. The SIM card is very important to use, especially for those of you who have two SIM card slots.

Of course this can support your work later. Well, in Eraspace there are many choices of smartphones that are equipped with dual SIM card slots, even up to a triple SIM card slot.

How to Solve a Damaged Memory Card

Many smartphone users today use additional memory cards as storage media.

The reason is, the memory card can store files such as photos and videos that might make the phone full.

Unfortunately, the use of memory cards is also often problematic. For example, a corrupted file or an unreadable memory card.

Don't throw away a damaged memory card just yet, here are 4 ways to fix a damaged memory card that you can try.

1. Trying Memory Cards On Other Devices

Don't panic when you find a faulty memory card. Try testing the memory card on another device. To do this, insert the memory card into another device. It can be with another smartphone, or with a card reader on a laptop.

In this way, the user can detect whether the memory card is really damaged or not. It could be that the damage did occur on the memory card or located on the connector on the phone.

2. Clean Memory Card

If the above methods to repair a corrupted memory card didn't work, maybe this method can help. Memory cards can be pre-cleaned without having to be formatted.

The trick is to remove the memory card from the device. Clean the yellowish plate on the memory card (copper).

The copper plate serves as a connector on the SD or memory card. Gently rub the area in the direction of the eraser until it is clean.

When it feels clean, reinsert the memory card into the device. Make sure whether the damaged memory card is back to normal or not.

3. Check Memory Card Via Laptop

If there are still errors, the memory card can also be checked through the laptop. This process can be done to see if the memory card is really the problem or not.

In addition, this method can also solve memory cards that cannot be formatted. The trick, make sure the memory card is already in the smart phone.

After that, connect the phone to the laptop using a data cable. Change the smartphone mode from Media transfer mode (MTP) to Mass storage mode (MSC).

Open Windows Explorer (you can use the Windows + E formula). Right-click on the memory card drive you want to repair. After that select the properties menu, click the tools - error checking option. Wait until the error checking process is complete.

When finished, Remove the memory card. Take a look or check if the memory card is reusable or still damaged.

4. Using the HP Drive Boot Utility Software

The next way to fix a damaged memory card is to use special software called HP Drive Boot Utility. This software is easily available on the internet.

Install the software on the laptop. Then, connect the faulty memory card to the laptop. Run the HP boot drive utility software, and then select the faulty memory card drive. Click the "create new" option or an interesting replica of the configuration.

After that, remove the memory card and check if the memory card can be detected or still damaged.

5. Format Memory Card With Smartphone

If the above still doesn't work, it could be that the memory card needs to be formatted. This method can be chosen if you are really desperate or no longer care about the data on the memory card.

How to make sure first whether the memory card is connected to the smartphone. Open the menu Settings - Storage - Portable storage on the smartphone.

Select the memory card drive, then select the storage settings menu. Click a format option, then click the delete format option again. Wait until this process is complete. The steps for formatting a memory card with a smartphone may vary by type and brand.

Here are five ways to fix a corrupted memory card that you can try.

If the above method still doesn't work, there may be other damage factors such as a damaged memory card on the inside or damage to the memory card slot on the smartphone. As much as possible take good care of the memory card because it is easily damaged or error.

How to Fix a Corrupt SD Card

One of the important components needed in a cellphone is an SD card.

This card will be a file storage area that can be very helpful for HP owners because it can provide more storage space.

However, when the SD card gets corrupted it will become quite a serious problem for the users. Especially if many files such as photos, videos, and documents are stored there.

With a damaged memory card, it is not impossible that the stored files will simply disappear and cannot be recovered.

Signs of a Corrupt SD Card

When an SD card is damaged, there will usually be a few signs indicating that the card has a problem. Some of these signs include:

The photos in the gallery previously saved on the SD card are gone

A notification appears that the SD card cannot be accessed or the memory card is corrupted.

The SD card does not appear when the gadget owner opens it through the system

The gadget owner cannot copy, add or delete files from the SD card.

When such a sign appears, you can confirm if the memory card you have is faulty. If it's like this, users don't need to worry, because there is a possibility that the SD card can return to its original state or at least the files on it can be saved.

But keep in mind, that this does not apply to memory cards that are physically damaged, such as damaged. Rather it only applies to internally damaged SD cards.

How to Fix a Corrupt SD Card

Damage to the SD card is often a disaster for HP owners. Especially if all important data is stored there.

Well, the following tips can be done for SD card owners who are having problems or experiencing damage.

1. Restart the Gadget

The SD card may not be read because there is a slight problem in the smartphone system. Usually this happens when the user charges his phone overnight with the phone off, and the next morning when it is turned on some of the photos in the gallery are gone and the SD card becomes unreadable.

The solution, please turn off the cellphone, and please remove the memory card from the cellphone. Wait a few moments, then plug in and turn the phone back on. If indeed there is no problem with the memory card, usually the SD card will be read again.

Cases like this can also happen to users who take out the SD card too often, or cellphones that often download applications or access unsafe websites. It can also be an indication that your phone is being attacked by malware or viruses.

2. Trying SD Card on Another Phone

If it turns out that the first method doesn't work, please try the second method, namely by moving the SD card to another cellphone. If on another cellphone the user's memory card can be detected, and the files on it can be opened, then it's most likely not the damaged SD Card but the SD Card slot on your cellphone.

3. Connecting to PC or Laptop

The next way that can be done is to connect the cellphone to a PC or laptop. First, connect the phone to the laptop using a USB cable or remove the memory card and connect it using a card reader. Then two possibilities arise:

SD card drive appears or SD card drive is not detected

If the possibility (1) occurs, then certainly the memory card still has a chance to be overcome. And when opened, there will be two possibilities, namely the file can be opened, or the file cannot be opened and must be formatted.

If the SD card can be read on the PC, the files can be opened, don't waste time and immediately copy-paste all the files to the PC. After all the files have been copied and pasted, then format the SD card.

Then scan using AntiVirus to find out if there is a virus that causes the memory card to be unreadable on the smartphone. If so, please copy-paste all files back to SD card. After that, install and check again on the smartphone.

Meanwhile, if the file cannot be opened and a command to format it appears, it means that the user must delete all the files in it until there is nothing left. Because most likely the cause is from the file itself, so the SD card needs to be formatted in order to recover.

4. Disable SD Card

Before deciding to format the SD card, users can try the trick of disabling the SD card. The trick is to connect the SD card to the computer, then open Device Manager, right-click on the USB Mass Storage Device, and select Disable. Please wait a moment, then right-click on the USB Mass Storage Device, select Enable.